Canadian Card Games for Real Money or Simply for Fun!

Like most nationalities, Canadians love to play skill-based card games, board games, dice games and more. We may be in the digital age, but this doesn’t mean PC and video games are the only option. Traditional card games, board games, dice games and others are still enjoyed just as much as they were in generations past.

Canadian Card Games for Real Money

However, the digital age does provide these types of games in an electronic format. You’re probably familiar with online poker and casino games, but the variety goes well beyond that. Everything from Rummy and Cribbage, to Chess and Checkers, to Dominoes, Euchre, Bridge, and Coup; they’re all available for desktop and mobile play.

This section of our website is devoted to all of the games you know and love, and a whole lot more. We cover dozens of popular card games all across Canada, including regional favorites and lesser known varieties. And they can all be accessed from home or pretty much anywhere else in the world.

Canadian Card Games for Real Money

You may have grown up playing these games around the kitchen table with family and friends, but did you know you can compete with real players, from all over the world, for real money? It could be low-stakes, betting amounts equivalent to the change you find beneath your sofa cushions. Or, if you trust in your skills and have the means to afford it, you can compete in high-stakes games and tournaments worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Just about any game you can imagine is available at iGaming websites. Choosing a reputable website is crucial, but don’t worry. We’ll cover that, too. Our purpose is to connect you with the real games that you love, so you can play against other players with similar interests.

Play Canadian Card Games for Fun

Throughout history, every game was devised for the sole purpose of entertainment. Having action on a game might elevate the thrill, but there’s no need to risk your hard earned cash. Canada’s favorite card games and board games can always be played for the sheer enjoyment of it all.

In fact, more people choose to play free card games online than the real-money variety. It’s a great way to spend an evening, a lunch break, or the work-day commute (so long as you’re not the one driving, of course).

Playing card games for fun is also a great way to advance your skillsets. A lot of players use this risk-free forum to practice advanced strategies. Our website has plenty of those, as well. Once you think you’ve got what it takes to compete against an experienced crowd, you can switch to real money card games any time.

Advance Your Card Gaming Education

Please use the links below and to the left to advance your education in card gaming. We provide everything you need to know about each game on this website. This includes history and origins, complete game rules (often with variations), winning strategies and more.

This website is updated no less than twice a week, so our game variety and content is constantly increasing. If you don’t find the game you’re looking for on our list, check back soon or leave us a message in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

Most Popular Card Games in Canada 2018

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive catalog of all popular Canadian card games and board games, focusing on rules, variations, strategies and a historical overview of each. Among the most popular card games in Canada in 2018, Euchre, Cribbage and 9-5-2 top the list. Continue reading to learn more about each of these fan-favorite past-times.


Euchre is an insatiably entertaining, trick-catching card game. Designed for team-play with 4 participants, it’s popular in most regions of Canada, where local, provincial, and national tournaments take place on a regular basis. More recently, Canadian Euchre rules tournaments have become widely available in the online gaming space. Players can compete in single matches and tournament online, just for fun or for real money.

Euchre Rules – Learn how to play Euchre by Canadian rules.

Euchre Strategy – Increase your skills with some strategic advice on how to win Euchre.

Euchre History – Dating back to the 18th century, learn where Euchre originated, how it spread from Europe to Canada, and how it led to the rise of the ‘Joker‘.


Canada is the foremost location for Doubles Cribbage, or Team Cribbage (4 players w/ partners). It is by far the most popular card and board game in the Great White North. Developed by an English poet in the 17th century, this points-based game has clearly lasted the test of time. Tournaments are commonly played all across the country. Fans will find an abundance of online Cribbage games as well, where single matches and tournaments are played for fun or real money every day.

Cribbage Rules – Learn how to play Cribbage by Canadian Doubles Cribbage rules.

Cribbage Strategy – While experience is the foremost way to master Cribbage, these helpful tips will increase your skills along the way.

Cribbage History – Discover the ancestral origins of Cribbage, who invented the game, and what led him to do so in the early 1600’s.

9-5-2 (Canadian Sergeant Major)

9-5-2 is the Canadian variation of Sergeant Major, a supremely popular trick-catching card game from Great Britain that is believed to have gotten its name by originating in the British Royal Air Force. Overseas, it earned the nickname 8-5-3, wherein each player (dependent upon position) must catch 8, 5 or 3 tricks. Here in Canada, it’s a bit more competitive, requiring the dealer to catch 9 tricks; hence the name 9-5-2. Fans of the game can play in local tournaments, or take their game play online for fun or real money.

9-5-2 Rules – Learn how to play 9-5-2 in our complete Canadian Sergeant Major rules guide.

9-5-2 Strategy – With no partners and no bidding on trump, this game requires an in-depth knowledge of the rules and countless hours of experience to master. Our strategy guide for 9-5-2 offers some great tips to help you along the way.

9-5-2 History – There isn’t too much known about the origins of 9-5-2, or how it managed to spread across the ocean to North America. Check out this portion of our 9-5-2 segment as we theorize the history of Sergeant Major.

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