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Top Farkle Strategies for Winning the Game

How to Win at Farkle – Rolling for Optimal Scoring Opportunities

Top Farkle Strategies for Winning the Game

Every veteran Farkle player knows the rush of rolling a high-scoring combination out of the gate. The excitement of a 1-6 Straight, the exhilaration of two trips or a trio of pairs; the thrill of a perfect 6 of a Kind. These are the kinds of rolls Farkle players dream about. There’s no strategic way to roll them. They just happen. But when they don’t happen, it’s up to you to decide the best route for generating the highest possible score.

Farkle is a lot like a game of blackjack. The luck of the draw – or in this case, the luck of the roll – has a great influence over the outcome of each game. However, the most advanced players understand the odds and probabilities of Farkle. They use this knowledge to their advantage, taking into account mathematical and statistical values to make the correct decisions at each interval in the game. These are the players that will win more often, over the long term.

The good news is, you don’t have to know stats and intricate math calculations to be a good Farkle player. All you really need to know is when to roll ’em, and when to pass ’em. The tips below should help tremendously in achieving that knowledge.

Top 10 Tips: How to Win Farkle Strategy Guide

The concepts below will give you a better chance to win Farkle against average players, and put you on equal ground with fellow strategists. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a math whiz to win at Farkle. Strategies are easy to develop based on various situations. So long as you know the rules of Farkle, you should have no trouble adapting to the top 10 winning tips below.

#1 – The 500 Opener

Rolling the required opening score of 500 points can be rough. It’s often easier to slow-roll and score on all 6 dice (with triplets, 1s and/or 5s), then roll them all again to reach the necessary 500 points. Do whatever it takes to get past that point so you can move ahead with the game.

#2 – Frivolous Fives

If you roll a pair of 5s, what have you really got? It could be 100 points, or it could be a chance to roll for a lot more. Don’t settle for the 100. Keep one 5 and roll again. With five dice rolling, odds are you will at least roll a 1, another 5, or both – if not something far better – matching or increasing the original point value.

#3 – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Expanding on the previous tip, when a roll is worth 200 points or less, so long as you’ve got 3 or more dice left to throw, roll ’em! Unless there’s a triple Farkle at stake, it’s often worth risking the small points for a chance at a big point play.

#4 – Bank any 4-Figure Score

It’s not easy to roll any score worth 1,000 points or more. If you land a 4-figure score, stop. Bank the points and pass the dice.

#5 – Avoid a Triple Farkle

Never take even the slightest risk that could result in a triple Farkle. If you’ve already Farkled twice, on your next turn, take any score your first throw begets. The last thing you want is a 1,000 point deduction for a third consecutive Farkle. (See Farkle Tip #10 for an exception.)

#6 – Small 3 of a Kind

Anytime you roll a high-scoring 3 of a Kind in 4s, 5s or 6s, bank it immediately. However, lower triples in 1s, 2s or 3s aren’t always worth scoring alone. If these fall on the second or third roll, bank the points and pass your turn. If, however, they come on the first roll, with no other points attached, set them aside and roll the other three dice. You’ll have at least a 50% chance of rolling a better score.

#7 – Hot Dice

Be very careful about rolling for Hot Dice (scoring on all 6 dice, worth a chance to roll all 6 dice again). Only do this if you’re running behind or having a hard time achieving the 500 point opener, and your previous two rolls weren’t Farkles.

#8 – Maintain the Upper Hand

Never take a risk when you’re already in the lead. This should require no further explanation.

#9 – Less Dice = More Farkles

Another no-brainer – the less dice you have to roll, the more likely you are to Farkle by rolling them. If you manage to score on the first two or three rolls (unless you’re way behind or need more points to open), stop and bank those points.

#10 – The 10k Threshold – Roll For Broke!

Once another player has reached the 10,000 point threshold, signifying the final round of play, you’ve got nothing left to lose. Take whatever risks are necessary to get the highest score. This is the only exception to Tip #5 above.

For more intricate strategies, visit this section to learn the true scoring probabilities in Farkle.

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