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Picolo Drinking Game App for Android & iOS

How to play the world’s best drinking game app!

Download and play the world's best drinking game app!

You’ve invited a group of friends over. You have a fully stocked fridge of beer. They’re all about to arrive, the music is pumping, and it finally occurs to you that, aside from guzzling alcohol and singing along to Alexisonfire, you have absolutely nothing for these people to do!

If you have a deck of cards or a few dice lying around, that could solve the problem, but who needs those? I have a far better idea. Whip out your Android or iOS smartphone and download the best mobile drinking game ever!

Picolo Drinking Game App for Android & iOS

The Picolo Drinking Game is a free (with option to purchase) app developed for iOS and Android by Marmelapp, the makers of Truth or Dare and the ‘Never Have I Ever’ style gaming app, Never Mind. This is absolutely an app for mature audiences only – well, at least adult-age ones.

Google rates the app for 17+, but that’s only because they don’t have an 18+ or 21+ rating system. Suffice to say, if you’re not old enough to drink, don’t play it! Otherwise, grab your closest friends, whatever drinks you prefer, and prepare to get hilariously lit.

How to Play Picolo Drinking Games

Once you’ve downloaded the game, open the app and enter the names of all the people in your group. You’ll need at least three, but there’s no limit to the number of people you can add. Just press the + button and enter a name for each.

When ready, start the game by pressing “Let’s get drunk”. From here, you’ll have a number of game modes to choose from.

  • Getting Started – Perfect way to start your evening of drinking.
  • Getting Crazy – Best to have a buzz on already.
  • Bar – Down and dirty version, not for the easily-offended!
  • Caliente – XXX-rated version.
  • War – For truly competitive drinkers.
Picolo Drinking Game App for iOS and Android

Getting Started mode is 100% free to play. All other modes are locked, and require a basic purchase ($5.49 per game mode) or premium purchase ($11.99 to unlock all game modes) to play. Don’t worry, you can still have plenty of fun in the original mode without ever making a purchase. If you love it and want to expand, be my guest.

Each play is represented by a card. The game will choose a player or a group of players to do whatever the card says. If anyone disobeys the card, they drink the number of penalty drinks listed. It’s that simple – but so much fun. You can even create your own cards and game rules to liven things up!

There are all sorts of questions, commands and requirements to ensure everyone gets good and drunk. The group as a whole might have to answer an opinion question, and the group with the fewest nods drinks. Other may suddenly forbid a specific act, like pointing or smoking a cigarette – the player must drink to break the law.

Or here’s a fun one – guys drink as many sips as there are hot girls in the room! That should get some oooo’s and ahhh’s going. And surely Joe will enjoy chugging his entire drink while Sue spanks him!

Best Drinking Game App for iOS, Android

I’m not the only one who rates this game far above any others I’ve tried. More than 25,500 Android users gave it a collective rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google Play. Similarly, 24,500 iOS users rated the Picolo Drinking Game 4.8 out of 5 stars on the Apple Store.

50,000 people can’t be wrong. Although it is worth noting some of those 5-star reviews are from players who were ordered to rate the app 5 stars or take 4 drinks! Ha-ha, good one Marmelapp.

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