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Coup Player’s Guide to Alternate Editions & Expansion Packs

Guide to the evolution of Coup, alternate editions and expansion packs.

Coup Player's Guide to Alternate Editions & Expansion PacksDespite the game of Coup still being relatively new, as far as card/board games go, there have been multiple revisions and expansion packs launched since its official release in 2012. At that time, the game was known as “Coup: City State”. In subsequent years, it evolved into Coup: The Resistance (a.k.a. The Resistance: Coup), followed by Coup: Dystopian Universe.

Die-hard fans who’ve followed the game’s evolution understand how it’s matured over the years. Those who more recently took up the game have a tendency to ponder the subject. For those of you paddling the latter of those two boats, we’ll excogitate the progression and expansion of Coup since its initial release.

Note that this is not meant to be a regurgitation of our previous History of Coup, but rather a continuation, if you will. Where that memorandum covered the events leading up to Coup’s creation, today’s documentation will explain how its name changed—not once, but three times—and the differences between various Coup editions and expansion packs on the market.

No Resistance to Coup Name Changes

We’ll start by answering the big question:

What is the difference between Coup Resistance and Coup Dystopian Resistance?

Aside from artwork, there isn’t one. When first released by La Mame Games, it was titled Coup: City State (but commonly just called Coup by players). When that company teamed up with Indie Boards and Cards to better market it, a complete graphic makeover and rebranding ensued. The medieval European design was scrapped for the sophisticated visuals used today. As part of the rebranding, the name was changed to The Resistance: Coup.

Shortly thereafter, due to a legal issue regarding the title (see the Important Note below), the publishing company altered the name once more. For a brief time it was named Coup: Resistance Universe, then they dropped the ‘Resistance’ term altogether in favor of its current name, Coup: Dystopian Universe. Very slight adjustments were made to the packaging, as well, including altering the color of the sky background behind the face of Contessa from orange to grey.

Coup Expansion Packs

There have been several expansion packs released in recent years. The following is a brief overview of each, and an opine of their worthiness in the collection.

IMPORTANT NOTE: “Coup” games and “The Resistance” games are not the same. If the word “Coup” does not appear in the title, (aka The Resistance, The Resistance: Avalon, One Night Resistance, etc.) they are not interchangeable with original Coup games or any of their expansion packs.

Coup Reformation Expansion PackCoup: Reformation

Reformation is perfect for avid fans of the game. It follows the original rules of Coup, with a smooth transition into the additional role of Inquisitor (replaces the Ambassador when in use). It also provides the necessary tools for team-play via Factions (Loyalists vs Reformists), and enough cards to support up to 10 players.

Honestly, I don’t recommend a 10-player game, as it can drag on a lot longer than is enjoyable. The original 2-6 player action is more appropriate and entertaining, in my opinion. And unless you’re a hard-core fan who doesn’t mind dropping $10 for a few extra game pieces, you could simply pretend the Ambassador is an Inquisitor card.

Coup: Rebellion G54

Coup Rebellion Expansion PackThis version is much more convoluted. It comes with an assortment of additional roles, encouraging players to swap out characters often. Some of them include Lawyer, Writer, Speculator, Judge, Priest, Banker, Crime Boss, Protester, Reporter, Jester and Bureaucrat—plus all of the original characters and roles. The idea was to give players new ways to enjoy the game, with unending replay value.

While it was a nice thought, I find it brings far too many roles to the table, so that every time you play, it’s like learning to play all over again. I especially enjoy the Jester role, but alas, I only recommend this edition for true fans of the original game who need a lot of additional spice to make it fun again.

Coup Anarchy Expansion PackCoup: Anarchy

This is an expansion of the already expanded Coup: Rebellion G54 edition. In the Anarchy expansion, another 7 roles are added, based on the La Mame Games Guatemala 1954 artwork (2015). Additional roles include Anarchists, Paramilitary, Arms Dealers, Freedom of Press, World Bank, Plantation Owners, and Socialists.

Coup: Socialist

Coup Socialist Card

A miniature expansion that comes only with 6x Socialist cards. The Socialist replaces the Ambassador, and has the ability of Sharing with all Targets (other players); take one coin from all Targets, or take one card from all Targets, keep one card and give the rest back.

Coup Deluxe: Mobile Edition

Coup Deluxe Mobile EditionThis edition is not for mobile phones or tablets. The name comes from the artwork, which mimics the real mobile (Android and iOS) editions. Coup Deluxe comes with the additional Inquisitor role and Factions team play cards, for 2-6 players.

Coup Mobile for iOS and Android

Mobile Coup Card Game for Android Smartphones and TabletsA mobile adaptation of the original game, featuring only the standard characters with updated artwork. Read our complete reviews of Coup for Android and Coup for iOS to learn more.

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