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Kings Cup: The Drinking Game

How to play the quick-fix drinking card game, Kings Cup.

Kings Cup Rules Drinking Game

Got friends? Got drinks? Grab a deck of cards and you’ll have an uproariously good time with this quick and easy drinking game. It’s called Kings Cup, because once all the kings are played, someone is going to get very tipsy!

While this is an officially ruled game, a lot of people choose to make up house rules, either changing them entirely or just altering a few to suit their situation. For example, if you have all ladies playing, you might want to change Jack and Queen from “guys drink” and “girls drink”, to something like Jack = all A-cup bra sizes drink, and Queen = B+ cups drink.

How to Play Kings Cup Drinking Game

All you’ll need is at least three people – the more the merrier, of course – a deck of cards, booze and cups. I nice domestic beer is recommended, but you can do shots if everyone has a high tolerance and you don’t mind having to refill shot glasses pretty often. Finally, place an empty cup in the center of the table. This is the King’s Cup.

Getting Started

Get your drinks ready first. One person is randomly chosen to shuffle the cards, then splay them out in a circle, face down, around the King’s Cup, as shown (see image right). Each player, starting left of the dealer, will select one card from the circle and turn it over, performing the following action based on that card:

Card Action King’s Cup Rules
Ace Waterfall Everyone drinks on Waterfall. The catch is that each player must start drinking at the moment that the player to their left drinks, and no player may stop drinking until the player to their left stops. In essence, it’s up to the player who draws the Ace (first to drink) to decide when it’s over.
2 Give 2 Point at two people. Those two people each have to take a drink. Alternatively, you can point both fingers at one person, forcing them to take two drinks.
3 3 for Me The person who draws the card must take 3 drinks.
4 Give 2, Take 2 Choose two people to take a drink (or one person to take two drinks), then take two drinks yourself.
5 Ruler Make up some silly rule for everyone to follow for the rest of the game. Something like, “only call people by their initials”, “touch your cup to your nose before drinking”, or “make animal noises after drinking”. Anyone caught breaking the rule must take a drink.
6 Thumb Master Without drawing attention, put your thumb on the table. As other players notice, they must also put their thumb on the table. The last player to put their thumb on the table must take a drink.
7 Hands 2 Heaven Everyone must put their hand in the air. The last player to raise their hand must drink.
8 My Mate When an 8 is drawn, the player must pick one other player to be their “mate”. The mate must take a drink every time the player who chose them drinks. Despite societal faux-pas, it is possible to have more than one mate!
9 Bust’a Rhyme Say a word. The player to your left must say a word that rhymes with it. The next player to the left does the same. This continues around the table until someone takes too long (house rules, but usually 5-10 seconds). The person who breaks the rhyme chain takes one drink.
10 Categories Select a random category, such as breeds of dogs, brands of cars, or casinos in Vegas. Everyone goes around the table naming something that fits the category. When a player is stumped or names something that doesn’t fit, that person drinks.
Jack Guys Drink All the men at the table take a drink.
Queen Gals Drink All the ladies at the table take a drink.
King King’s Cup And finally, the coup de gras… The first three times a king is drawn, the player will pour some of their own drink into the King’s Cup in the center of the table. When the fourth and final king is drawn, the player who drew it is named King and must drink all the contents of the King’s Cup!

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