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Loaded Dice Drinking Game Rules & Review

How to play Loaded Dice, the best drinking dice game around!

How to play Loaded Dice, the unofficial drinking game of beer-loving couch potatoes everywhere!

Most drinking games don’t require anything but a few people and some alcoholic beverages to play. Loaded Dice isn’t like most drinking games. You’ll actually need to purchase this game to play. Or, if you consider yourself crafty and have entirely too much time on your hands (or are too stingy to spend the $5 on it), you can make one yourself by crafting the four unique dice necessary to play.

Obviously, I recommend dropping that little bit of cash to enjoy the game in all its inebriating glory. But to each his own…

The Loaded Dice Drinking Game

This is a super simple game to play. All you’ll need is a group of willing players, a stockpile of drinks – beer is always a great choice – and a set of Loaded Dice. You can snag these in a lot of stores that sell novelty games, or search the web.

Update Note: For some reason, these are really hard to find in Canada! If you can’t locate one for a reasonable price (under $15), there are similar games worth looking into on Amazon. Be careful not to order a set of trick “loaded dice” that are weighted to roll 7s!

How to Play Loaded Dice

This is a game for as many players as you have enough alcohol to intoxicate – no limits! Being able to sit everyone in a basic circle (or oval) helps too, so you can keep up with order of play. Decide who will roll first, and hand them the dice. This player will roll all four dice at the same time. Play rotates clockwise from there.

You’ll notice the dice come in four different colors – all different shades of brown. Each die has a set of incomplete instructions printed on it. After rolling the dice, you’ll get one complete set of instructions by reading each one in order from darkest to lightest.

I won’t give away any more of the details than I have to, but the box alone gives you a good idea of how it works. The first, darkest die tells you who will drink; the second die tells how much to drink; the third die what to do while drinking; the fourth die how to finish the play. For instance, the sample dice instructions state:

Player of your choice…
Take a drink…
While spinning in a circle…
Then tell a joke.

That’s pretty much it. Follow the instructions, drink if required, in the amount required, and have a good laugh while doing it. Cheers!

Best Drinking Dice Game?

I’ve tried a few dice games of this nature, and this one really is the best in my book. What sets Loaded Dice apart from all the other drinking dice games is the number of dice involved. With 4 dice (instead of the usual 1 or 2) to be rolled, the combination of plays far exceeds the variable results and ensuing hilarity of any other game I’ve seen.

There are more than 1,250 different ways to combine the instructions on those four dice. Then again, with only six instructions per dice, you’ll get used to them fast enough. So while I do think it beats games like Kegger and Drunk Dice, it’s probably not going to be a game-night favorite forever.

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