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Ideas How to Make a DIY Cribbage Board

How DIY lovers can build your own Cribbage Board.

How to Make a DIY Cribbage BoardDo you absolutely love the game of Cribbage? Did you break or misplace your board, and need a new one fast? Maybe you just want a simple woodworking project to tweak your building skills. Whatever the reason, building a cribbage board couldn’t be easier.

The first thing you’ll need is a Cribbage template (see below). Next, you’ll need the materials to form the base, and some pegs to run on the game. You can be as frugal and/or creative in this department as you like.

Cribbage Templates

How DIY lovers can build your own Cribbage Board.To the right is a very basic Cribbage Template that you can click and save or print out. Note that the template has room for three peggers, accommodating 2, 3, 4 or 6 players. For a 2 or 4 player (pair of partners) game, simply don’t use the middle line on the track. For a 3 or 6 player (two teams with three partners, or three teams with two partners, depending on your variant rules of choice), use all three lines on the track.

If you prefer a template designed specifically for 2 and 4 player games only (no middle track), use this Doubles Cribbage Template instead. I don’t recommend it, since you won’t have the option of inviting additional players to join in, but the choice is yours.

And of course, you can also scour the web for more interesting or intricately detailed Cribbage board templates.

Quick and Easy Cribbage Board Ideas

Are you in a hurry to set up a Cribbage board fast? There are lots of materials you can use. Most of them are things you should have on hand. Styrofoam is excellent. Tape the template over it and you’re ready to go! Your pegs will push right in with no further prep.

A shoe box works great, too. If you don’t have one, look in your food pantry for any box that fits the size requirements. Crackers or cereal boxes will work. Long spaghetti or lasagna pasta boxes are perfect! If the box is too wide or deep, consider stuffing it with something like paper towels, newspaper or old (not dirty/stinky) socks to keep it from caving when you push a peg in.

If you need pegs, turn to your junk drawer first (everyone has a junk drawer, right?) Odds are you’ll find some interesting pointy pieces to make do. You could use golf tees if you have them on hand. A match stick or tooth pick works good too, coloring the ends with a marker to designate players/teams.

Long Lasting DIY Cribbage Board

If you want something a bit more permanent, all you need is an appropriately sized block of wood, approximately 2 to 5 centimeters deep, a drill and a 1/8” bit. (Note: 1/8” is the standard peg size.)

Place the template over the board. Secure with tape, and use a sharp pencil to mark all the peg hole points in the wood. Press down hard enough with the pencil to pierce the paper and leave a mark. Then remove the template and use the drill to carefully put all the holes in place.

If you’re artistic enough, you can use a wood burning kit, or paint and a fine-tip brush, to make the rest of the marks. If not, a fine-line permanent marker will do the trick. Paint or markers are also recommended if you’d like to color the individual tracks.

Custom Cribbage Boards

If you’re truly dedicated to the game – or a hard core woodworking fan – get creative. A Cribbage board can be made out of just about anything. Search the web for “custom Cribbage boards” for inspiration. You’ll be amazed just how innovatory some people can be!

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