11 Jun

Fun Drinking Games that Prompt Socialization

Get to know your friends a whole lot better with these three fun and easy social drinking games.

Fun Drinking Games that Prompt Socialization

If you haven’t tried to many already, you may not realize that there are different types of drinking games. Some are designed with the sole purpose of getting 2+ people really drunk, really fast. Others get people up and moving about – which isn’t nearly so easy (but a lot more funny) when you’re totally hammered. Then there are what we like to call social drinking games.

These types of games prompt deep socialization within groups of people. You’ll get to know your existing friends far better than you do now. They are fantastic ice breakers for building new friendships, too. Best of all, you won’t need anything extra to play. Just a few people and some tasty alcoholic beverages will do.

Easy Drinking Games for Socializing

The three games we’ll be describing today are known most commonly as Never Have I Ever, Most Likely, and True or False Storytime.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

This is probably the most popular drinking game of the modern age. It is a simple turn-based game in which the person whose turn it is must say, “Never have I ever…”, then complete the sentence with a true statement.

For example, a player might say, “Never have I ever seen a neighbor naked”. Anyone in the room who has seen a neighbor naked must immediately take a drink or a shot.

This tends to incite storytelling from those guilty of the action. Be as creative as possible if you really want to get to know your friends, but no cheating! If you did it, you must drink up.

Most Likely

Most Likely Drinking Game

This is a great drinking game for people who already know each other fairly well. The idea is to predict who is most likely to do something. Again, you’ll take turns going around the room with each player choosing one action and saying it out loud.

For instance, “Who is most likely to reenact the famous scene from When Harry Met Sally in a public restaurant?”

the player then counts to three, after which everyone must immediately point a finger at someone in the room – presumably the person they believe is most likely to fake an orgasm during lunch.

The person who has the most fingers pointed at the must either take a shot, or take as many drinks of a beer as the fingers turned in their direction.

Note: Requiring the same number of shots as pointing fingers could result in a quick game of passed out friends, so I don’t recommend it!

True or False Storytime

True or False Storytime Drinking Game

Another turn-based social drinking game, this one requires a bit of imagination and either a coin, dice or some other way to choose a random outcome. Assuming someone has a coin handy, we’ll use that in our example. An odd or even roll of the dice works just as well.

In this game, you’ll give everyone a few small pieces of paper and pen or pencil. Each person writes down some random nouns on their sheets. Take all the papers, fold them up and put them in a pile, in a hat, in a cup, whatever. The first player will draw one piece of paper and a flip a coin, but don’t let anyone else see it.

If the coin is heads, the player must tell a true story involving the word on the paper. If it’s tails, the player must make up a tall tale using the same subject matter. For example, if the word is seafood, you could tell a true story about the blue marlin you hooked on a deep sea fishing trip last year, or a real whopper about the time you ate bad clams and threw up all over the mayor.

Next, everyone has to guess whether your story is true or made up. Everyone who guesses wrong must take a drink. To make it more interesting, if more people guess correctly than incorrectly, the storyteller takes two drinks.

More Fun Drinking Games

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