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9-5-2 Strategy: Tips for Winning Canadian Sergeant Major

Canadian Sergeant Major Rules – How to Play 9-5-2 in Canada9-5-2, or the Canadian version of Sergeant Major (known as 8-5-3 in Europe), is an extremely popular, 3-handed card game. It’s played by gamers of all ages, from the western reaches of the Yukon Territory, to the eastern shores of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Those who grew up playing the game – which accounts for most Canadian fans of the game – don’t have much need for a 9-5-2 strategy. They know that instinctual skills and tactful insight come, primarily, from experience.

This is very true, and something you should bear in mind if you’re a new player looking to master the game; especially if you have thoughts of playing 9-5-2 for real money online, in a friendly social setting, or in tournament play. The hours upon hours you put into the game will benefit your overall skill and win percentage monumentally.

Tips for Winning Canadian Sergeant Major

The following is some sound advice and tips for winning at 9-5-2. Most are situational, and should be taken with a grain of salt. There is no bidding for trump. The dealer takes the lead every time. This far reduces the amount of strategy that can be invoked.

Rule #1 – Experience Matters

I said this before, and I’m saying it again (because it’s that important). You can read as many books as you want on the subject (good luck finding them), but only through experience will you develop a truly effective mentality for the game. If you don’t have players at home to build experience against, there are plenty of websites where you can play 9-5-2 online for free. Utilize them to gain as much experience as possible.

Rule #2 – Conservatism vs Aggression

This applies in several areas, foremost being your player position. As the dealer, you must play aggressive enough to catch 9 tricks. As the last player, you can be more conservative. So long as you catch 2, you’re safe, although more is a big plus. As the middle player, you’ll need the perfect meld of the two. Be aggressive enough to catch your 5, but don’t risk all your best cards before achieving the goal.

Secondly, pay very close attention to your opponents. Are they using a similar player-position strategy? Or are they playing with a specific mindset – conservative or aggressive – all of the time? Knowing your opponents and their tendencies can help you exploit any weaknesses.

When you’re up against an aggressive player, use it to your advantage. Playing conservatively can help you beat these players, as you should have no trouble drawing out their best cards early.

Playing against a conservative player, however, can have the same effect on you. Be careful not to play your best cards too early, while still being aggressive enough to take advantage of their conservatism.

If that doesn’t make sense, refer to Rule #1. You need more experience.

Rule #3 – Commit Exchanges to Memory

Whether your score is up or down, do not forget what cards are exchanged at the start of a hand. What did you give each opponent, and what did they give you in return. Were those cards played yet? Knowing what your opponents have left can be crucial towards the end of a hand.

Rule #4 – Don’t Panic!

When you’re down in the count, and everyone’s passing you their worst cards, don’t give up. It’s a rough spot to be in, but you can climb out of it. Do your best in 9-5 positions (dealer and second player), biding your time until you’re the last player. With only 2 tricks required, you can make a strong comeback here. Remember, you MUST catch those 2 tricks, or the next hand, as dealer, just might be your last.

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