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Yes, These Cards Will Get You Drunk!

How to play These Cards Will Get You Drunk, the ultimate drinking party game for large groups.

How to play These Cards Will Get You Drunk review

There is no question the purpose of a game with a title so bold as ‘These Cards Will Get You Drunk‘. That’s exactly what they aim to do, and they are extremely good at their job! So that answers the first question – is there truth in advertising? – but what about the level of entertainment therein?

We’ll start with a basic rundown of the rules to this popular drinking party game. Then we’ll get down to the underlining questions – is it as fun as they make it out to be, does the entertainment last more than one game, and is it worth the price?

How to Play These Card Will Get You Drunk

If you think this is just a game where you pick up a card and follow the instructions and/or take a drink, well… you’re right. But there’s more to it! There are different types of cards, and they can make you, or someone else, do all kinds of wacky things – including getting blissfully lit with your closest friends.

These Cards is recommended for up to 8 players; usually the more the better. Here in Canada, it retails for about $25 on Amazon.

To play the game, shuffle up the cards and set the deck face down in the middle of your group. Make sure everyone has a beverage ready for consumption. Beer, wine, shots, whatever! Pick a player to go first and have them draw a card, following the instructions. The player to their left goes next, and so forth.

Types of Cards

These Cards Will Get You Drunk Sample Cards

Some cards will tell a specific player(s) to drink, based on what they’re wearing, where they’re sitting, etc. Then there are special cards that work differently. They include Compete cards, Vote cards and Screw Your Friends Over cards.

Compete: A compete card will require you, another player, or all players, to do something, such as guessing the color of another players underwear, or imitating another player. Guess correctly, and you pick a player to take a drink. Refuse or get it wrong, and you take a drink.

Vote: Vote cards are often the funniest. Everyone will vote on who is most likely to (insert crazy act here), and the winner of the vote drinks. Or, the player might pick two or more people to do some crazy stunt on the card, like singing or dancing, then everyone votes who did it better. Loser drinks.

Screw Your Friends Over: These cards can be kept and used whenever you want. They include things like a Free Pass that will get out of taking a drink, a Double Attack that forces a losing player to take two drinks, a Swap Attack to make someone else take your drink, or a Misery Love Company card that forces another player to share in your punishment.

One Hit Wonder or Perpetual Loads of Laughter?

Now for the important stuff – the review of These Cards Will Get You Drunk. There are a few problems with this game worth noting before you choose to buy it.

For one thing, most players tend to agree there are far too many free-pass type of cards in the deck. Many resort to turning most of them into their own inventive cards by scratching/whiting out the words and writing in new ones. This is a great idea, as it keeps the drinks pouring, the game more interesting, and increases the longevity of its enjoyment.

The cards are pretty thick, making them difficult to shuffle, but I like to think the manufacturer did this on purpose, since spilling on drink on a card doesn’t ruin it instantly. They’re not waterproof, but if you dry them off quickly they’ll last a nice long time.

Overall, I don’t think TCWGYD, the company that made them, put nearly enough time into creating this game. A lot of cards have misspelled words on them, and they could have put a lot more ideas on their cards. It seems like they stopped at 100 then threw in far too many free-pass cards to avoid thinking of more.

Is this game worth playing more than once? Only if you’re playing with a different group of friends. For that reason, I feel the price is too high for what you get. Borrow them off a friend or buy it half-price on eBay. Otherwise, I can’t really recommend it.

I should point out there is an expansion called (you guessed it) These Cards Will Get You Drunk Too. It retails for the same price, though.

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