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Debit Card Casino is a gambling site, but it’s one that does not offer a product or a service. All of the information contained within the Debit Card Casino website is there for informational purposes only. It is published with the goal of educating the reader so that they can improve their performance on the virtual tables and sports books.

For further information on the purpose of this site, as well as information on its partners, its privacy and more, refer to the terms and conditions contained herein. Please also note that by using this site you are agreeing to what is described herein.

Where used, the terms “Our” and “We” refer to the owners and operators of Debit Card Casino; while the terms “your” and “you” refer to its readers.

Basic Information

Debit Card Casino is a content website that provides information, tips and opinions on the world of online gambling and specialist betting in Canada. The site, its owners and its writers are based in Canada and are therefore well versed in Canadian law and customs. We research everything we write and aim to provide accurate and up to date information. But with so many articles being produced and with laws changing all of the time, this is not always possible and we can not be held responsible for any mistakes made in these articles.


Debit Card Casino was created to inform and educate and it does not sell a product or a service. As a result, there are very few occasions in which Debit Card Casino will request any information from you. These include, but are not limited to, the use of contact forms. If you use one of these forms to send us a question, a comment or a suggestion, then we ask that you supply your name and email address so that we know who to direct our reply to and where to send that reply.

We may also request your details for use with newsletters and competitions, but at no point will we request financial information or sensitive personal information, and in all cases we will endeavor to keep your information safe and secure.

To learn more about our policies regarding your privacy please read our Privacy Policy.

Copyrights and Trademarks

All of the material contained within the Debit Card Casino website was either created exclusively for Debit Card Casino, or was taken from the public domain and other royalty-free services. Most of the content on this site is original, and we take our ownership of that content very seriously. As a result, the use of part or all of this content is strictly prohibited and may result in us taking legal action. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Written Content

We employ researchers, writers and editors. They work very hard to ensure that you get content that is well researched, well written and well presented. This content doesn’t come cheap, and is 100% exclusive to Debit Card Casino. As a result, it may not be used on any other website. That includes full use, rewrites, edits and partial use. We are happy for sites to use single sentences providing that they link to Debit Card Casino and attribute the ownership to us. But under no circumstances can anyone use more than 5% of a single article.


The images on Debit Card Casino were created exclusively for Debit Card Casino. This includes the logos, templates and layouts. Our designers worked hard on these and we will not take the plagiarism of this content lightly. Under no circumstances can you use these images, whether they are reused in full or part.


Our opinions are our own and we have arrived at them after performing the necessary research. Readers are entitled to read these opinions and to use them to arrive at their own. But any reuse of them will be seen as copyright infringement and will result in legal action.

If you would like to use some of the content on the Debit Card Casino website for your own website, then please contact us in advance. We can’t make any guarantees, but if contacted and informed beforehand, and if the situation is beneficial to Debit Card Casino, its owners and/or readers, then we may allow a partial reuse. However, without this prior permission no such use is permitted.

Amending These Terms

Should we wish to make amendments to the terms at anytime then we will do so without prior announcement. Debit Card Casino is not a membership site. It has no way to contact even regular readers, so no such attempts will be made. However, an announcement will be made on the main page following any substantial edits to these terms.

If you continue to use the Debit Card Casino website after changes have been made then you are automatically giving your consent to them. Should that not be the case then you are invited to close this website down.


Debit Card Casino is an informal website, one that aims to provide readers with greater knowledge. However, as the information contained within is about gambling—a subject on which there is no guarantee or assurances—this information should not be seen as a tip for a certain bet or an endorsement for a certain website. There is a degree of risk associated with all bets and no website/company is problem free, so we can not be held responsible for lost bets or problems with gambling companies.

Debit Card Casino was created to help you make your own decision, not to make the decision for you. This is a website for responsible gamblers who are of a legal age and are legally allowed to gamble. We mainly cover Canadian gambling laws. But because the laws differ from region to region, there may be some inaccuracies regarding the legalities. As a result, all readers are advised to double check with their local laws before joining the sites we recommend.

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