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Welcome to, your trusted resource for all things iGaming, at home and online. Whether you live in Manitoba or New Brunswick, and whether you intend to play board games or gamble for real money, we have you covered ! We teach you to deposit safely and wisely. All the sites listed are vetted to accept Canadian debit cards.

Here at, on top of giving you a crash course in online casino financing, we offer a highly comprehensive gaming how-to guide , we deep dive into regional gambling laws, we review the best gaming brands, and study variations of the most popular Canadian card games. We strive to be the premier choice for discerning Canadians who wish to enjoy a great gaming experience. Play safe, play smart, and play profitable !

Our website was created by dedicated, life-long gamblers living in Canada. We know the rules, we know the customs—we know what you want to read about. Our trusted resource provides the ABC of gaming with information on the entire gaming ecosystem. For us “ABC” stands for everything from Arcades to Blackjack “21” for money , and we even recently launched a Canadian eSports section. And as an iGaming “how-to guide” with an emphasis on banking, we study the compatibility of your debit cards with the various casino brands. You can check here if your bank/debit card is accepted. After all, if you can’t deposit, you can’t play, it’s as simple as that. And we’re happy to announce that we launched a cryptocurrency gaming section at the end of December 2020. Bitcoin is an exciting new development in gaming that we want to closely follow.

As our second act, we help you find good games to play. To achieve this, we scout out and list every variation of Canada’s most popular games, all the while studying their respective histories and offering strategy advice and tips. If this wasn’t enough, we also specialize in unique and unusual betting, popular board and card games, as well as the best Canadian deposit options for prospective Canadian iGamers. We recently added a page about the best live dealer options for Canadians. Call us “all-in-one” if you wish.

Online Gambling in Canada – Never a Recession

Gambling is one of the biggest industries in the world, but it’s also one of the most unique. This is an industry that enjoys just as much success during times of prosperity as it does during financial downturns. It is an industry that offers the consumer the chance to win big money, but always profits nonetheless. In Canada, the gambling industry is in even more of a unique position, because it exists to the north of a country that tightly regulates the industry, yet it is heavily influenced by the regulations of countries like the United Kingdom, which have some of the most relaxed laws in the world.

Outside of Canada, there are many people who assume that gambling is as restricted here as it is in the US. But that’s not true. Far from it in fact. Because while the laws aren’t as relaxed as they are in the UK, gambling—and online gambling—is legal and widely available. There have been suggestions that this might change, and those rumors have formed an ominous cold that has hung over the industry. But they have existed for many years and nothing has changed yet, nor will it likely change in the future.

That’s because gambling is a huge business in Canada. It is true that online gambling tends to draw money out of a country and into tax havens. But Canada is a little different. There are authorities that regulate and control the industry in certain regions, making sure all of the money goes through them. And when you consider that the biggest online gambling company in the world (Amaya) is Canadian, this industry will always benefit the country’s coffers in one way or another.

What To Expect From

If you’re still a little confused about the status of online gambling, then you won’t be for long. On we make it our goal to clarify these complicated online gambling laws. Far too many Canadians don’t understand the gambling laws in their own country, and we don’t think that’s right. We also clearly show you which Canadian banks allow online gambling. We also have a handy directory of great resources for Canadian gamblers.

Gamers are fed conflicting information from their peers and even from government officials. They are fed confusing information from casinos and affiliate sites only interested in their bank balance. And when they try to read up on the gambling laws, the only information they can find relates to the US and not to Canada.

This is a Canadian site for Canadian gamblers. The laws we discuss all relate to this country and the casinos and sports books mentioned all accept players from here. It is our hope that this will make life easier for Canadian gamblers.

As well as providing a little clarity in regards to gambling laws, we also offer the following:

  • Specialty Betting: Sports books don’t just offer bets on sports. There are many other bets out there. These range from the common, such as betting on award shows like the Academy Awards; to the obscure, such as betting on certain things to happen in the world of music and TV.
  • Political Betting: If you’d rather watch a political debate than a game of football, then we’ll show you how you can bet on politics and how you can profit from them. In the last few years political betting has grown considerably, with bets on the US elections, UK elections and even the elections here in Canada. We’ll introduce you to these markets and show you how you can bet on them.
  • Deposit Options: As you might expect, we’re big on debit cards here at But that’s not the only deposit option we cover. We have information on all kinds of betting options, from instant banking to Canadian eChecks, web wallets, the secure interac deposit method, prepaid cards, and more. If you have a question, if you’re looking for a new method that suits you better, then we’ll help you pick one out.
  • Casino Reviews: There are countless casinos out there, all using similar software and providing similar banking options. There is very little to separate one casino from another, but we’ve played on most of them, we have reviewed many of them and we know which ones are worth your time and which ones are not.
  • Sports Specials: Although we specialize in non-sports related bets, we also cover some novelty bets on the world’s biggest sports. We’ll show you how you can bet on everything from the length of the national anthem during the Super Bowl, to controversies in soccer, fights in hockey and more.
  • Province Legality (new) We will be updating this section with our studies of the individual provinces as they become available:
  • Manitoba gaming laws (2017/11/13/)
  • British Columbia casino legality (2017/11/10/)
  • Alberta online gaming laws  (2017/11/07/)
  • New Brunswick gambling laws (2017/11/17)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Current Laws (2017/11/30)
  • Quebec Legal Situation (2017/12/18)
  • Saskatchewan (2017/12/20)
  • Northwest Territories Laws (2017/12/26)
  • Nunavut Terr. Casino Laws (2017/12/27)
  • Yukon Gaming Laws (2017/12/31)
  • New: USA makes a comeback on our site. Although we specialize in everything Canadian, our neighbors down south recently legalized their market in a number of states. One of these states is Pennsylvania and we are very happy to cover the full Pennsylvania legal gaming ecosystem . I think studying the pros and cons of the US approach to legalized gaming can also inspire us in Canada. On November 3rd 2020, we made the legalized Colorado section live.

Exciting new editorial additions for 2020,2021 & beyond

We are pleased to present our readers with a new Canadian games section . Here we mean ‘games’ in the broadest sense, as we will review everything from classic board games, to dice games, to popular card games such as Texas holdem. Examples of games covered so far are : Euchre, Cribbage and Canadian Sergeant Major. We even teach you how to play the modern game of coup and our writer is building a very interesting section on everything about cribbage in Canada ! Stay tuned for updates as our games section expands ! We recently added a comprehensive page about playing dice games for money – with no less than 7 gambling variations studied !

Texas Holdem for money makes a come-back on our site

After much debate within our editorial team, we finally decided to augment our content with poker-specific and Canadian centric articles. Sure, the market is already saturated with poker bios, reviews of the big gaming sites and a profusion of news, but we decided to pursue our own angle and offer an honest and authentic user-guide to this vertical. Dave Lester argued to Seb Anderson that the new wave of online pros and the diffusion of new poker technologies in the Canadian market, such as live dealer software, warranted exposure and deeper study on our website. Eventually a decision was taken after 4 out 5 staff members voted to launch a Canadian Hold’em section . In this section you will find highly researched and unique poker biographies, industry level articles, and plenty of strategy and tips. Happy reading ! And we now have a French-language poker section too !

Navigate, Canadian Guide to Financial Finesse.

There are all kinds of reviews, guides and more here on The dedicated sports gambler and casino gambler can find the advice they need to succeed. They can also find directions to the best casinos, sports books and more. To browse our collection of articles, just use the links provided. You can also use the search function to focus on a specific market, casino or sports book. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the Contact Page. You can also checkout our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions. This will help you to gain a better understanding of how we operate; what we do with your information; whether we use cookies or not; and much more. If you are French reader, please read our francophone section. We offer details for Quebec based players, discuss laws, deposit options and relevant laws. In February of 2019, we introduced an exciting new Canadian-French section on card gaming , everything from board games to popular card games such as Canadian salad or Euchre .

And that’s it. So, take a look around. And be sure to bookmark us and check back regularly to discover new specialty bets, new bonuses codes and different deposit options.

#1 Canadian-Friendly Casino for 2021

Royal Vegas is our editorial pick for safe Canadian gaming. Currently offering an entire suite of live dealer games, as well as a good range of Canadian deposit options in 2021. RV truly offers a world-class gaming experience, with countless table games. Shoot craps in real time and see the result through multiple camera angles. Or ask the beautiful live dealer to “hit me”. Why not join the fun ?


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