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Deposit with Confidence at iDebit Casinos Canada 2022

iDebit Online Casinos – Canada’s Instant Banking Method that Just Works

iDebit Online Casinos - Canada's Instant Banking Method that Just WorksiDebit is among the fastest and cheapest payment options available to Canadian gamblers. Online since 2003, the brand continues to develop trusting relationships with consumers and merchants alike. For the online casino community, iDebit’s most enticing features include its ability to move money instantly, domestically or internationally, direct from the user’s bank account.

No credit cards or debit cards. No bank account or routing numbers. All you need is an account with any iDebit-supporting bank. Your deposits are safely secured, and your account information shielded. It’s easy to use, fees are low, and payments are instant. Plus, you’ll find a lot of today’s most reputable Canadian-facing casinos offer it, not just for deposits, but for withdrawals as well.

If you want to know more, just keep reading. This page will teach you all you need to know about iDebit casinos in Canada.

iDebit Casinos Canada

  1. Who can Deposit with iDebit at Online Casinos?
  2. What are the Benefits of iDebit Casino Deposits?
  3. How do iDebit Deposits Work?
  4. Can I Withdraw with iDebit?
  5. What are the iDebit Fees and Limitations?
  6. Are iDebit Casinos Readily Available?
  7. Other Payment Methods Similar to iDebit.

Who can Deposit with iDebit Online Casinos?

The only requirement to use iDebit at online casinos is that you have a bank account with a participating bank. You must have online banking access to that account, as well. All iDebit Supported Banks offer online banking.

If you have an account with a supporting bank, but do not have online banking access, simply contact your bank and ask about it. They’ll happily walk you through the set-up process. I assure you, it’s quick and painless. For additional convenience, you may also wish to ask about their mobile banking app.

Once you have online banking access through 0one of these banks, you can make iDebit [payments. There are no further requirements on your part. It just works.

iDebit Banks Canada

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What are the Benefits of  iDebit Casino Deposits?

iDebit essentially serves as a link between your bank account and the online casino. It helps to push the payment through quickly and it ensures that the process is secure.

So, what makes that different from depositing with a debit card or a bank transfer? A couple of things. First and foremost, iDebit payments always work. Even if your bank has strict policies against international online gambling payments, you will still be able to move money through iDebit.

Furthermore, iDebit payments are both faster and cheaper than bank transfers. Your bank could charge as much as $30-$50 for a wire transfer – incoming or outgoing. iDebit only charges a flat fee of $1.50 to send money (deposit). Receiving money in your iDebit account is free, with a $2.00 fee to move it to your bank.

You may be thinking debit card deposits are just as fast, and are typically free. This is true, but iDebit provides an extra layer of security by shielding your financial info from the casino. This isn’t really a problem in this day and age, not with so many security protocols in place. However, there are still a number of players worried about it and, for those players, iDebit will help to take the worry and the doubt out of the equation. Plus – as stated above – iDebit deposits always work, even when your bank rejects debit cards gambling payments.

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How do iDebit Deposits Work?

You don’t need to signup for an account deposit with iDebit. You don’t need to go through a lengthy registration or identity verification process. However, these are optional features that have their benefits. If you choose to sign up, verifying your ID and bank account information, you will be able to move a larger amount of money, more frequently. It will also provide you with an iDebit eWallet account, which opens the door to iDebit casino withdrawals. But again – an account is optional, and absolutely not necessary.

Below is a quick run-down of what you can expect, depending on whether you do or do not wish to register an iDebit account. Either way, it really is as simple as choosing the option, choosing the amount, and then completing the transaction.

With an iDebit Account…

From the online casino’s cashier page, choose iDebit as your method of purchase. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and confirm the payment. You’ll be redirected to the iDebitPayments website. Here, you’ll log in to your iDebit account, then follow the prompts to finalize the deposit. 

Without an iDebit Account…

If you do not wish to open an iDebit account, that’s perfectly fine. From the online casino’s cashier page, choose iDebit as your method of purchase. Enter the amount you wish to deposit, then confirm the payment. You’ll be redirected to the iDebitPayments website. Here, you’ll select the option to “Checkout as Guest“. Next, you’ll be asked to choose your bank from a list of supported financial institutions. find your bank’s name and select it.

You’ll be redirected once more, this time to your bank’s website. Enter your online banking credentials to log in. Follow the prompts to finalize the deposit.

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Can I Withdrawal with iDebit?

Yes, but you must register an account with iDebitPayments to use this feature. Registering an account gives you access to a virtual wallet. When you request an iDebit casino withdrawal, that money is instantly transferred (once the casino processes the payment) into this wallet. From there, you can send the money on to your bank (for a $2.00 fee).

Note: You cannot move funds from your bank into your iDebit eWallet. Only funds you receive from another source will go into the wallet. You may spend that money at online casinos and other websites that accept iDebit payments, or transfer the money to your bank.

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What are the iDebit Fees and Limitations?

Every transaction made from your iDebit wallet balance will be free, but this requires an iDebitPayments account, and a pre-funded wallet. As noted above, the only way to put funds in your wallet is to receive them as a payment (or withdrawal) from another source. you cannot upload funds from your bank to your iDebit web wallet.

Most payments are going to transfer directly from your bank to the casino. Each payment will cost you a flat fee of $2.00 per transfer. There may also be limits on how much you can deposit through this method, especially if you’re depositing for the first time, and/or you do not have a registered iDebit account. The more you use iDebit, the higher your limits become.

On most online casinos, the min/max limits might range anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. On sportsbooks, the average can be as low as $3,000. In most cases, these limits do not apply specifically to iDebit, but rather to the website you’re doing business with. If they have a limit on deposits in general, then this is what will apply to your iDebit deposits and withdrawals.

iDebit can be used to send any currency, not just Canadian dollars. However, you may be required to pay an extra processing fee if you’re dealing with a currency other than the one used for your bank account balance.

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Are iDebit Casinos Readily Available?

iDebit casinos are in plentiful supply. Any casinos that accept Canadian players are likely to offer iDebit as an option. Such is the case with casinos like Royal Vegas, Jackpot City, and others. Below, we have listed some sportsbooks that accept it, and some of these also have casinos built into their iGaming framework, which means you can use it there as well.

Just bear in mind that very few casinos are based here in Canada, so the ones that will accept it are often based in Europe and Central America. These casinos are less likely to cater to the Canadian market and therefore may not bother adding iDebit to their payments menu. But there are a select few that do.

Royal Vegas accepts iDebit because it has a large Canadian following. The same applies to many other sites that appeal to a large Canadian audience.

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Other Payment Methods Similar to iDebit

Canada is big on digital instant banking. iDebit is just one among a handful of similar payment methods. EFTs and e-Checks are similar in that they’re extremely low cost, if not free. However, you’ll need to share your bank details with the casino to use them.

A few methods that are more closely aligned with iDebit include Interac and InstaDebit. All three are Canadian exclusives, which is an exceptional quality in and of itself. They all three serve the same purpose; to provide a link between the sending and receiving banks, while shielding the sender’s financial details from the recipient. Interac is different because it works with at least 90% of Canadian banks, and you’ll never be asked to register an account. InstaDebit, on the other hand, requires account registration, without exception.

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