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Boku Direct Carrier Billing for Online Gambling in Canada 2023

Pay & Play on Mobile with Boku Prepaid Gambling Deposits in CAD

Pay & Play on Mobile with Boku Prepaid Gambling Deposits in CADMost of you will remember the uprising of the phrase, “there’s an app for that!” Today, we don’t question what can be done on a smartphone. We question what can’t be done. We keep our phones with us at all times, because should we find ourselves in need of anything – quite literally, anything at all – our phone will help us get it, find it, buy it, or achieve it.

Boku has been a catalyst to that end for more than a decade now. Boku is a mobile payment solution that caters to anyone and everyone that pays for carrier service. Whether it’s a pre-funded pay-as-you-go phone, or a post-pay monthly plan, Boku lets users charge payments to their phone bill. Not just ordinary payments, like your gym membership or Spotify subscription, but everyday entertainment, like mobile casino deposits. So long as the cost doesn’t exceed $30, you can use Boku’s Pay By Phone direct carrier billing service to pay for it.

If you read that right, you may have already realized the biggest problem with using Boku for casino deposits. You are limited to a maximum purchase of $30 at a time. Mobile billing is not for high rollers, that’s for sure. But for a casual iGamer looking to spin the penny slots, or get in a few low-limit hands of blackjack, Boku has a lot to offer. It’s free, it’s fast, and it gives players the ability to pay and play right on their smartphone.

The following review of Boku’s pay by mobile phone bill service will help you decide if it’s the right option for you. Use the table of contents to jump right to the information you’re looking for.

Table of Contents

  • Just the FAQs – A series of common questions and answers.
  • Pros – All the best features of a Boku Mobile Billing.
  • Cons – The negative stuff you need to know.
  • Play Now, Pay Later – A harsh warning about gambling on credit.
  • Access – Who can and cannot use mobile billing (and some who really shouldn’t!)
  • Fees – The cost of using Boku to pay for mobile casino deposits. (Hint: It’s free!)
  • Casino Deposits – How to deposit at online casinos with Boku Pay by Phone.
  • Casino Withdrawals – Boku withdrawals aren’t supported (and APMs that are).

Boku Prepaid Gambling Deposits – Just the FAQs

If you’ve landed on this page, I’m sure you’ve got a lot of questions. This section aims to answer them all with quick and concise responses. Below the FAQ is a handy Pros/Cons section to give you even more insight into Boku’s direct carrier billing services for Canadian iGamers. By the time you read this segment, you should have a good idea whether Boku is right for you.

Can I use Boku prepaid mobile billing in Canada?

It depends on what company provides your mobile wireless service. Most smartphone users are able to use Boku for online gambling payments. Unfortunately, Canada’s largest mobile carrier, Rogers Communications, which accounts for approximately 33% of all mobile plans in Canada, places heavy restrictions on Boku payments.

If you are a Rogers customer, your Boku payments are limited to Facebook, Sony, and Wargaming; no online gambling sites.

All other major Canadian wireless providers, including Bell Canada and TELUS, support direct carrier billing with all authorized merchants.

How do I know I can trust Boku?

Boku has been around for more than a decade now. It launched in 2009 as an official partner of Apple, providing a mobile billing service for iOS users making purchases in the Apple Store. Since then, Boku has secured more major partners in Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Spotify, Facebook, Epic Games, Netflix, PayPal and more. If those billion-dollars brands trust Boku to secure payments from their customers, I think we can too. 

Do a lot of online casinos accept mobile billing payments?

Yes and no, depending on your perspective. About 200 online gambling sites accept Boku/Mobile Billing/Pay by Phone deposits. That’s a large number in and of itself. However, less than half of those (about 70) accept Canadian players. What’s less impressive is the whole picture.

There are over 4,400 gambling sites online today, with about 1,000 Canadian-facing operators among them. From a percentile point of view, that puts Boku at 4.5% global acceptance, and 1.6% Canadian acceptance; (7.1% among Canadian-facing operators only).

The more important question is whether this payment method appears on the deposit list of your favorite online casino(s).

Can I use Boku with a Pay-As-You-Go mobile line?

Yes. Boku is available for both types of phone bills; post-paid monthly plans and pre-paid pay-as-you-go plans. The difference is that a pay-as-you-go phone will require you to pre-fund your mobile account, whereas monthly plans amend the cost to your next bill.

Why are deposits limited to $30?

Boku puts limitations in place to protect its users from fraudulent purchases, and also to protect mobile carriers from overzealous customers. With a postpaid phone plan, especially, it’s easy to charge purchases now, and worry about paying later. Thus, low limits are in place to protect all parties.

How long does it take Boku casino deposits to hit my account?

Mobile billing is instantaneous. Your deposit should appear in your online casino within a matter of seconds.

Is it really free to pay by mobile phone?

Yes! Surprising as it may seem, Boku does not charge customers any additional fees to use its Pay By Phone Bill service. It is the merchants that choose to accept this payment method that foot the bill. It is possible for a merchant or online casino to pass the buck on to customers by charging a fee to pay with Boku, but we know of no Canadian online casinos that do. 

Do I have to sign up for Boku?

No. Your mobile carrier either supports carrier billing, or it doesn’t. There’s no need to sign up for a Boku account to use its Pay by Phone services.

My carrier doesn’t support Boku. What should I do?

You only have two options here. On the one hand, you could switch mobile carriers. Unless you’re unhappy with your mobile service to begin with, I wouldn’t recommend that route. The other option is to explore alternative payment methods (APMs). There are lots to choose from, including a wide range of prepaid options like Vanilla Gift Cards, Neosurf, and Flexepin.

My carrier supports mobile billing, but it’s not working. What should I do?

It’s possible that you need to enable direct carrier billing through your mobile phone service. You may be able to do this in the Settings section of your mobile carrier app. If not, or if you’re not sure how to do it, call your carrier and ask.

If you are on a monthly phone plan and do not use Auto-Pay to automatically pay your bill each month, you may need to enable it. You can set up Auto-Pay from a debit card, credit card or bank account. Again, you can contact your mobile carrier to make arrangements. Have your bank account info or credit/debit card ready.  

Can I cash out casino winnings with Boku?

No. Mobile billing is for outgoing payments only.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use Boku (even if they can)?

Yes. Boku was developed as a supremely easy payment option for mobile phone users. Sad to say, the security of this service has a lot to do with the security of the user. If you don’t secure your mobile device with a PIN code, fingerprint, or facial recognition, you probably shouldn’t use Boku. [Learn More]

Is there a way to review my Boku transaction history?

Yes. If you have a mobile phone number and you’ve used Boku before, you already have a customer care account. Here’s how:

Go to this link, Boku Customer Care. Select your country, enter your mobile phone number, and input your PIN Code. If you don’t have a PIN Code yet, tap ‘Need a PIN Code?‘, then ‘Send me a PIN Code‘. The PIN arrives via text message to the mobile number provided. Now enter the PIN and press Log In. You will be able to review your last 6 months’ worth of Boku Pay by Phone transactions.

Something’s not right. Can I contact Boku Customer Support?

Yes. The Boku website provides a detailed FAQ Page and an Online Support Form, where you’ll have the option to describe the problem and upload screenshots to support your issue.

PROs – The Good Stuff
No bank account or credit card required
Works with monthly plans and pay-as-you-go phones
Boku is the world’s largest mobile payments network
Accepted by 120+ online casinos
Doesn’t share personal details, monetary transaction only
Play and pay all on your mobile device
As a prepaid service, there’s no fear of overdrafts
10+ years experience in mobile carrier billing
Payments are instant
Deposit now, pay later (w/ monthly phone plan)
It just works, even when your bank/credit card company declines iGaming deposits 
Partnered with world-renowned Google, Facebook, Spotify, Microsoft, Netflix and more 
CONs – The Bad Stuff
Some wireless carriers don’t support it (e.g. Rogers Wireless)
Deposits have low limits; $30 is usually the max
Not a viable option for casinos withdrawals
An insecure phone makes for an insecure account


Play Now, Pay Later: A Harsh Warning

We do not encourage or endorse the act of “gambling on credit”. The option to play now, and pay later, should not be undertaken without great caution. Many of today’s most reputable online casinos no longer allow credit card deposits. This is largely due to recent regulatory updates prohibiting gambling on credit in the world’s strictest iGaming jurisdictions.

The fact that it’s still possible through Boku’s Pay By Phone service means that if you use it, you need to be aware of the potential harm. When a gambler bets on credit, they are statistically more likely to spend above what they can afford, especially in an effort to chase losses. There are no sure things in gambling. No one is ‘due‘ for a win, no matter how many times they’ve lost.

With that said, here’s what you need to know about Boku’s payment service, as it relates to this topic.

Using Boku with a Monthly Phone Plan

Only users with a monthly phone plan (not pay-as-you-go) are capable of gambling on credit. All purchases made with Boku, including casino deposits, are amended to your next monthly bill. You’ll have to pay this bill when it comes up. If you use Auto-Pay from your bank, the bill will be charged to your account, whether you’re prepared to pay it or not.

Using Boku with Pay-As-You-Go Phones

Pay-as-you-go phones are prepaid phone plans. You pay for the service each month before you use it. There are no contracts, no obligations to pay for the following month. This type of phone bill is entirely prepaid. Any Boku payments you make must also be prepaid. Thus, you cannot gamble on credit with a pay-as-you-go phone. This is the safer method


Who Can, Can’t, or Shouldn’t Use Boku

Not everyone in Canada is able to use Boku’s mobile billing service for online gambling. The most notable group excluded is Rogers Wireless customers. If your phone’s service is supplied by Rogers – as is about 33% of Canadian smartphones – you can’t use it. Rogers only permits Boku payments to select companies, including Facebook, Sony and Wargames. Everything else is off-limits.

All other Canadian mobile carriers, including major providers Bell Canada and TELUS Mobility, are capable. The same goes for all major prepaid phone services.

If your device is compatible, but you’re having trouble using the service, either contact Boku, or contact your mobile carrier. One of them will be able to figure out why.

Who Shouldn’t Use Boku? Potential Security Risk

I’m all for ease of payments and minimal use of personal information, but if you don’t secure your smartphone, you should not use Boku direct billing. All you need to make a payment is the phone number, and access to the phone itself. If someone else has your phone, they can make a payment with Boku as easy as you can. It’s a matter of mobile security, as well as how much you trust the people closest to you.

First and foremost, your phone needs to be secure. You can use Touch ID, Face ID, fingerprint, or select a PIN or Pattern no one else knows or can guess. This way, if you lose your phone, or it’s stolen, no one can access it.

If you lend your phone to someone, they have the same level of access as you do. With enough time and lack of observation, anyone who uses your phone could make a quick mobile payment without you knowing it. So ask yourself this – how much do you trust the people who have access to your phone? If the answer isn’t 100%, Boku isn’t for you.


The Cost of Pay by Mobile Phone Bill (Psst… It’s Free!)

Boku is a free service for any customer that wishes to use it. The amount you choose to pay or deposit, is the exact same amount charged to your phone bill. There aren’t too many APMs you can say that about; certainly not ones that are this fast, safe and convenient to use.

Boku manages to keep its service free by charging merchants to accept its payments. For example, Boku’s first big contract was with Apple; a major deal that saw Boku facilitating mobile purchases for iOS uses in the Apple Store. Boku has since secured contracts with other big brands, including major subscription companies like Microsoft, Netflix and Spotify.

Why am I being charged a fee? (It can happen)

Even though Boku is free, it is possible for merchants to pass the cost on to customers by charging them a small fee to pay by mobile billing. Most merchants do not charge a fee. We have yet to come across a single Canadian online casino that charges customers to use Boku. But it can happen, so watch out for it. Just remember, most places won’t charge you. If a merchant or gambling site wants to charge a fee, you may want to consider buying or betting elsewhere.


Making Casino Deposits with Mobile Billing in 2023

You only need two things to make a deposit with Boku mobile billing. First, you need an online casino that accepts direct carrier billing payments. Second, you need a mobile phone with a prepaid or postpaid wireless service (not Rogers Wireless).

To see if your online casino accepts these payments, go to the Deposit section, under Banking. Boku (and similar services) go by a wide variety of names. You just have to know what to look for. You will be able to make Boku prepaid gambling deposits in CAD at any online casino that boasts any of the following payment methods:

  • Boku
  • Boku Direct
  • Direct Carrier Billing
  • Pay by Phone
  • Pay by Mobile
  • Pay by SMS
  • Mobile Billing
Boku Pay by Mobile Casino Deposits – Step by Step
  1. Log into your online casino account and go to the Banking > Deposits section.
  2. Choose Boku / Pay by Phone (or any of the alternative names listed above) from the list of available methods.
  3. Enter your mobile phone number and the amount you wish to deposit (up to $30).
    • You may also be asked to enter the name of your mobile carrier. If so, you will be redirected to your carrier’s website to log in and confirm the purchase. This is an additional security measure in place to ensure no one who has access to your phone is able to make mobile billing payments without your consent.
  4. In a few seconds, you’ll get a text message on your mobile phone asking if you want to confirm the purchase. Follow the instructions, replying with the appropriate response to confirm the purchase.
  5. Within a few moments, you should receive another text message confirming that your payment was successful. The money will be instantly applied to your casino balance.

If you’re experiencing problems depositing with Boku gambling deposits, try one of these solutions…

  • Does your mobile carrier support Boku or mobile billing payments for online gambling? If your carrier is Rogers Communication, the answer is no. You won’t be able to use this deposit method.
  • Are you spending more than $30 on your deposit? The maximum payment is $30. If you are trying to deposit more, or if there is a foreign currency exchange rate involved, try reducing the size of the deposit.
  • Did you exceed daily/monthly limits for mobile billing? Every carrier service imposes a maximum limit on daily and monthly purchases. If you’ve reached the limit, you should get a message stating so. You’ll need to wait until the appropriate amount of time before making another deposit.


Why Can’t I use Boku for Casino Withdrawals?

At present, Boku’s direct mobile billing service is only available for making payments and deposits. It is not like an eWallet, where users would need to register an account and verify their identity to send and receive money for a multitude of purposes.

In order to truly appreciate the fact that mobile billing is so private, we must also accept that it’s only viable for sending money; not for receiving it.



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