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Depositing at Canada Casinos that Accept Prepaid Gift Cards

Prepaid & Visa Gift Card Casinos to Deposit Safely in 2023


Prepaid gift cards are nothing new to the online gambling community. Canadians have been choosing this payment method for more than two decades now. Whether it’s a Vanilla Visa from your local Wal-Mart, a Paysafecard from the Daisy Mart, or a Neosurf virtual voucher, these nifty funding options give iGamers the peace of mind that their deposits are safe, secure, and most importantly, protective of their private information.

In the following text, I’ll answer any questions you may have in regards to depositing at Canada casinos that accept prepaid gift cards. I’ll start with some basic info and pros/cons, then move into more interesting topics; how to deposit with a prepaid card, why you can’t withdraw to them, and what brands are best for online gambling.

Gift Card Casinos Canada – Table of Contents

The Rise of Gift Cards for Online Gambling

Gift cards aren’t just on the market for big brand stores. They aren’t just convenient options for last-minute gift buyers who lack time or imagination. Today, gift cards are feature-rich and multi-functional. They’re often the choice of online shoppers who don’t have a debit or credit card, or don’t want to share their financial info over the web.

The same perquisite is what makes them so popular among online gamblers. Not only are players able to protect their banking information, with the right online casinos, they may be able to gamble online anonymously. With so many casinos adhering to KYC/AML regulations, that kind of privacy is rare these days. But it does exist, and physical gift cards are one of very few payment options you can use to achieve it.

Pros & Cons of Gift Card Casino Deposits

PrivacyWhen you pay cash for a physical gift card, your identity is never associated with your gift card purchase or deposit.
SecurityGift card payments are ultra safe, because they’re not linked to you or any of your financial accounts.
ConvenienceYou can purchase a prepaid card or voucher online or in most retail shops.
Ease of UsePrepaid deposits require nothing more than inputting the info displayed on the card or voucher. You don’t need any special accounts. It’s a one-and-done deposit method.
AvailabilityMost online casinos accept at least one form of prepaid card, if not many.
VersatilityGift cards are extremely versatile. You can use them online or at retail shops. Some let you make multiple purchases, and/or reload the balance. Others are single-use cards, where you to use the full amount at once, then toss it. Whatever you need, there’s a card or voucher to match.
SpeedLike all prepaid methods, deposits are instant.
ExpenseMost prepaid cards will cost you, and the fees can be high, especially if you’re buying a low-value card.
Low ValuesSome prepaid methods can only be bought in smaller increments.
LimitationsA lot of physical gift cards sold at retail stores can only be used in Canada. Look for “domestic use only” or “international use” on the card’s packaging.

Security and Privacy – Prepaid for Peace of Mind

The most common reason people use prepaid card, gift cards, and virtual vouchers, is to have peace of mind. The level of security in prepaid payments is superior to so many other options. The card/voucher details are as safe as any other payment method you might use online. Data encryption technologies ensure that much. But the fact that your identity isn’t tied to the funding method – that’s a rare quality, indeed.

The privacy of prepaid methods can vary, depending on two factors. First is the private manner in which you buy the card. Second is the privacy of the casino you’re depositing with. Achieving total anonymity isn’t easy, but it is possible.

Privacy of Your Financial Information

The way you buy your prepaid card/voucher matters. If you use a debit or credit card, you’re linking your identity back to ownership of the card. The same goes for buying it online. In doing so, you’re almost certainly using a payment method that can be linked back to your identity.

If there’s any link in the purchase process, you cannot expect 100% anonymity when using the card. Financial details are private when using the card or voucher, but if someone with the right knowledge and skill set really wants to know who bought the card, they’ll find out. The identity of the buyer is not 100% private.

Is it Possible to Achieve 100% Anonymity?

Yes. The only way to achieve total anonymity is to purchase a physical card in person in a retail shop, and pay with cash. This eliminates any possibility of tracing the card or voucher back to you. As for anonymous casino deposits, that really depends on the casino you do business with.

If the casino is regulated by one of the world’s most trusted iGaming regulators (UK, Isle of Man, Malta, any Province of Canadian, etc.), the operator must adhere to strict guidelines. Thee include verifying the identity of each and every member. It’s a policy they call Know Your Customer, or KYC for short. It ties directly into anti-money laundering (AML) mandates.

Long story short – if a casino requires KYC verification due to AML regulations, you’re not going to have a 100% anonymous online gambling experience. If, however, the casino is licensed in a place like, it’s possible to find a casino that doesn’t require full account registration. If you can sign up, deposit and gamble with nothing more than a username and password, and maybe an email address, you may find anonymity in gift card deposits.

Types of Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards and Virtual Vouchers

There are three main categories for prepaid payments – Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards, and Virtual Vouchers. I’ll define each briefly below.

Gift Cards

Gift CardA gift card is a physical prepaid card you might buy to give someone as a birthday or holiday gift. They can be bought in various amounts; $10, $25, $50, $100, or more. These cards are often limited to ‘domestic purchases only’, so be sure to read the fine print on the packaging first. They should bare the Visa or MasterCard logo, are useful for single or multiple purchases, but are rarely re-loadable.

Prepaid Cards

PaysafecardPrepaid cards can be purchased in person as a physical card, or online as virtual card or voucher (see below). Their features will vary from one card to the next, so be sure to read the rules before you buy. It may be a one-time-use card, or a multi-use card, and may or may not be re-loadable. Sometimes, it’s not even a physical card, but rather a paper voucher, printed out just like a receipt. The most common prepaid cards available for online casino deposits in Canada are Paysafecard and Neosurf.

Virtual Vouchers

Virtual Online eVoucherA virtual voucher is the same as a prepaid card, except that you purchase it online. You do not receive a physical card or voucher print-out. Instead, the details for the voucher are delivered digitally to your email, or via SMS text message. You are responsible for keeping them safe and private (just like you would a physical card). Popular virtual vouchers include CashtoCode and FlexeVoucher.

Below is a list of popular prepaid cards, gift cards and virtual vouchers available for online gambling from Canada. All of these are accepted by banks and hence allow for immediate play, however keep in mind that non-prepaid cards may be rejected as per our list of supported Canadian banks page.

Vanilla Visa / Vanilla MasterCard

Vanilla Visa and Vanilla MasterCard prepaid cards are perfect for lots of occasions. They’re accepted by online gambling websites all over the world. Just be sure the card you buy is eligible for international use. Some are – some aren’t. You’ll find this information available on the packaging of physical gift cards, and in the terms of virtual vouchers and eGift cards; (i.e. “domestic use only”, “not eligible for international use”, “use anywhere in the world you see the Visa/MasterCard logo”, etc.)

When buying a Visa or MC Vanilla prepaid card, pay close attention to the activation fees. Unless you’re buying low-value prepaid cards, you may be better off buying a card that lets you choose the amount you want to put on it. You can load $20-$500 for a flat fee of $5.95. Buying gift cards with a preset amount can cost anywhere form $3.95  to $9.95. I’ve listed a few of the more common options below for reference.

Where to Buy?Available online or in most retail shops.
What You GetDigital Delivery (if you buy online)
Physical Card (if you buy in person)
Payment OptionsCash (at retail), credit/debit, other methods vary by merchant.
Globally Redeemable?Varies – check card packaging for details.
Prepaid ValueActivation FeeTotal Cost
(buyer choice)


Neosurf Voucher

Neosurf vouchers have been on the market since 2004, giving Canadians a safe and effective means of making online payments. A Neosurf voucher is just like a gift card, except that you don’t get a physical piece of plastic. Inst4ead, the information is printed on a receipt. This receipt is your voucher, so don’t lose it! It contains the 10-digit numerical code you’ll need to deposit at online casinos.

Note that Neosurf Vouchers can only be bought in person at a retail location. To buy Neosurf online, see the following section for Neosurf Virtual Vouchers.

Where to Buy?Available in most retail shops.
What You GetA physical paper voucher.
Payment OptionsCash, credit/debit, other methods vary by merchant.
Globally Redeemable?Yes.
Voucher ValueFee (16.67%)Total Cost

Neosurf Virtual Voucher

Neosurf virtual vouchers are practically identical to their physical, paper voucher counterparts. The only remarkable difference is that you can purchase them online, in which case your virtual voucher is delivered digitally, via email and/or SMS text message. You can buy them at any Neosurf reseller website, or open a free myNeosurf account. Which is better? that depends on how much you intend to load on your virtual voucher.

The value/fee chart below depicts the pricing for myNeosurf, and for the online prepaid card purchasing website, Dundle. myNeosurf fees are always 16.67% of the value, while Dundle charges more for low-value vouchers, and less for high-value vouchers. Other resellers may charge different fees. Thus, I strongly encourage you to shop around before you buy.

Where to Buy?myNeosurf account, Dundle.com, other reseller websites
What You GetDigital delivery of a virtual voucher.
Payment Options
(varies by reseller)
myNeosurf: Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Neosurf Voucher
Dundle: Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, Fortumo, Skrill, Apple Pay, Pay by Phone, CASHlib, DaoPay Mobile Phone Billing, Crypto, Blik, Multibanco
Globally Redeemable?Yes.
Voucher ValuemyNeosurf FeeDundle Fee



Paysafecard is the oldest prepaid, iGaming-centric payment option, established in 2000, and serving Canada since 2012. It’s ownership has changed hands a few times over the years, but the ongoing commitment to security and convenience has not wavered. The primary goal of Paysafecard is to help online consumers make payments online, without divulging sensitive information. All you need is the unique 16-digit PIN displayed on the card.

A physical Paysafecard can be bought at retail locations all over the country. Best of all, Paysafecard is free. Unless the retailer charges an extra fee, there’s no added cost to the value of the card. If you sign up a free myPaysafecard account, you can combine your cards and track your payment history. However, you’ll be limited to no more than $3,500 in combined PIN value at any given time, and an annual total value of just $6,000 in combined PINs.

Where to Buy?Retail locations nationwide [Paysafecard retail locator]
What You GetPhysical Card
Payment Options
Cash, credit/debit, other methods vary by merchant.
Globally Redeemable?Yes.
Voucher ValueFee*Total

*Paysafecard in general is free, and does not charge a fee for its prepaid cards. However, the reseller may charge you a fee. Don’t be afraid to shop around for the best deal. Fees shown are typical cost. Actual fee may vary by seller.

Paysafe Voucher

A Paysafe Voucher is the virtual edition of physical Paysafecards. They aren’t free, like their physical counterparts, but they aren’t expensive either, and it terms of convenience, it doesn’t get much better. Like a physical Paysafecard, your virtual voucher comes with a 16-digit PIN. The only difference is that it’s delivered digitally to your email or by SMS text message.

You can add Paysafe virtual vouchers your your myPaysafecard account, just as you would a physical card. Such an account is free and optional, but same limitation apply; maximum of $3,500 in PIN value at any given time, up to $6,500 PIN value per year.

Note that Paysafe virtual vouchers are extremely hard to find very hard to find online. Most websites won’t sell a digital Paysafecard to Canadian customers. Instead you’ll get something like, “Sorry, this item is not available in your region”. PCGameSupply.com, however, offers them with only a minimal activation fee. Be sure to choose Paysafecard Canada (not Paysafecard US) from the menu when selecting your preferred voucher.

Where to Buy?PCGameSupply
What You GetDigital delivery of a virtual voucher.
Payment Options
Cash, credit/debit, other methods vary by merchant.
Globally Redeemable?Yes.
Voucher ValueFee*Total

*Fees shown are valid only at PCGameSupply, as of writing.

Flexepin Voucher

Flexepin is a prepaid payment solution with printable vouchers available are retail stores all across Australia and Canada. Thousands of merchants, both online and on land, accept Flexepin payments, including a handful of highly reputable, Canada-facing online casinos. Flexepin is known for its ease of use, security, and comparably low convenience fees.

Note that you can also by Flexepin online as a virtual voucher (see Flex eVoucher below).

Where to Buy?Canada – Find a Flexepin retailer near you.
What You GetPhysical, printed voucher.
Payment Options
Cash, credit/debit, other methods vary by merchant.
Globally Redeemable?Yes.
Voucher ValueFeeTotal


Flex eVoucher

Flexepin virtual vouchers, a.k.a. Flex eVouchers, can be purchased online in a variety of ways. You can set up a free Flexepin account and buy direct from the source. Or, you can visit one of a handful of authorized Flexepin resellers. Available currencies will depend on how and where you buy it, but the typical range will include AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR and NZD.

Aside from digital delivery (email / SMS), Flexepin eVouchers are no different than a printed voucher, depicting a 16-digit PIN. You can make an online purchase or casino deposit by selecting Flexepin as your payment method, and entering the PIN.

Where to Buy?Flexevoucher, TopMeUp
What You GetDigital delivery of a virtual voucher.
Payment Options
Visa, MasterCard, Paypal
Globally Redeemable?Yes.
Voucher ValueFee*Total

*Fees listed are for Flexevoucher and TopMeUp. These fees match that of retail Flexepin vouchers. Other distributer websites may (and very likely will) be more expensive.

CashtoCode eVoucher

CashtoCode started out as a land-based payment method that allowed users to pay cash for online purchases from a kiosk. you would set up the purchase online, then visit a kiosk, input the purchase details, then insert cash to pay for it. While that’s still a thing, a far more convenient method (that doesn’t require the company to set up kiosks all over the world to expand its business) was to offer CashtoCode eVouchers.

These handy little vouchers are accepted by a small handful of Canadian casino sites, as well as other select online merchants. You can purchase a secure eVoucher through one of many authorized CashtoCode resellers. You don’t have to register an account with personal details. Each eVoucher comes with a 20-digit PIN code. This is the only piece of information you’ll need to complete a purchase.

Where to Buy?Dundle, OffGamers
What You GetDigital delivery of a virtual voucher.
Payment Options
Credit, Debit, Bank Transfer, Online Banking, Paypal, Paysafecard, Neosurf (payment methods vary by seller)
Globally Redeemable?Yes.
Voucher ValueDundle FeeOffGamers Fee

Prices vary by reseller; current at time of writing


JetonCash Voucher

JetonCash Vouchers are brought to you by the same company that hosts the Canadian-accessible eWallet brand, Jeton Wallet. They aren’t readily available in Canada, because you cannot purchase them in CAD. Some websites, however, will let you purchase JetonCash in EUR, with CAD. The currency exchange rates/fees are included in the purchase price. This makes them rather expensive, in comparison to other virtual vouchers, so I don’t exactly recommend it. But it is an option, therefore worthy of inclusion on this list.

Where to Buy?Dundle
What You GetDigital delivery of a virtual voucher.
Payment Options
Visa/MasterCard/Amex Credit or Debit, Paypal, Fortumo, Skrill, Apple Pay, Pay by Phone, CASHlib, DaoPay Mobile Phone Billing, Crypto, Blik, Multibanco
Globally Redeemable?Yes.
Voucher ValueCA$ Cost + FeeTotal

Prepaid Voucher and Gift Card Casino Deposits

Prepaid casino deposits are quick, convenient, and very easy to initiate. There is a slight (very slight) variation between how you deposit with a physical gift card, as opposed to depositing with a virtual voucher. So, to avoid any possible confusion, I’ll offer separate instructions for each.

How to Deposit with a Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards and gift cards work the same way. They come with a card number and a PIN or CVV code security code printed right on them. It may or may not feature an expiration date, depending on the brand.

When you log in to your online casino, make your way to the Cashier and choose to make a Deposit. From the list of available payment methods, choose the type of prepaid gift card you have. Or, select Prepaid/Gift Card form the menu, then choose the type of card you have from a sub-menu.

On the next window, you’ll see a series of input boxes. Follow the instructions to fill in the information from the card, including the card number, PIN/CVV, and expiration if applicable. Then enter the amount you wish to deposit, and submit the payment.

How to Deposit with a Virtual Voucher

Virtual vouchers are virtually the same as prepaid cards, minus the plastic or paper. They come with the same information – voucher number and security code, but rarely an expiration date.

To deposit, log in to the casino, go to the Cashier and choose to make a Deposit. Select the appropriate payment method for a Prepaid/Virtual Card/Voucher. You may need to select Prepaid Card, then choose virtual voucher, or your voucher brand, from a sub-menu.

The next screen will require you to enter the details from your voucher. These will include a 16 to 20 digit voucher number and PIN. Follow any other instructions, enter the amount to deposit, and submit the payment.

Speed of Payment – Instant Credit to Casino Account

Another major benefit of prepaid casino deposits is that, because they are prepaid, you get instant credit. The moment you press the button to confirm your payment, the casino gets a notice that the money is available. Your account balance is immediately updated to reflect the deposit.

Can I Request a Casino Withdrawal to Gift Card?

No, that simply is not possible. Gift cards are designed for sending money, not receiving it. It would only be possible on a re-loadable gift card, and even then, it’s rarely allowed, if ever. If you’re depositing at prepaid gift card casinos, you’ll need to choose an alternative payment method for cashing out winnings.

More information:

If you’re looking for a broader range of depositing options, we recommend you visit our Depositor’s Directory for Debit Card Casino Payments to find out which debit and credit cards are also supported by the various banking companies.


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