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5 Ways to Prep for a Positive Gambling Aura

Prep for a Winning Gambling Session with these Fun, Mindful Activities

Prep for a Winning Gambling Session with these Physical and Mental ActivitiesGambling is meant to be a fun pastime, but it’s not like other forms of entertainment. You don’t go to the movies with the hope of getting your ticket price back. No one hopes to win back the expense of a ski trip, and then some. We do these things because they are fun, and we accept the cost as reasonable value for the degree of entertainment we’re getting. But gambling is different.

Take casino games for example. They are a lot of fun. But we don’t just play for fun. We also hope to win back some of the money we spend on those games. We know we might now win a dime, but we also know there’s potential to win a large amount – perhaps even a life-changing amount!

It’s not just about luck, either. Some games are 100% chance, like the ever-industrious slot machines that line the walls of every casino from here to Macau, China. But others allow players to invoke some degree of skill. These include games like blackjack, pai gow poker, video poker, and Texas hold ’em. And sometimes, it’s not just about the strategies we employ, but the attitude with which we enter the game.

Having a good physical and mental aura is extremely important when playing casino games. A positive attitude can go a very long way. If you’re in a bad mood, you’re not going to have a good time anyway. And if things aren’t going your way, they will only seem to get worse as your mood declines. Thus, it is only recommended to gamble when you’re in a positive state. With that in mind, here are five ways you can prepare yourself for a positive gambling aura.

Ways to Prep for a Winning Gambling Session

I’ve carefully hand-picked a variety of activities that are not difficult, and are proven to induce positivity in physical and/or mental status. Some of these may be things you already enjoy; things you had no idea could have such a positive impact on your gambling sessions.

#1 Meditation and Mindfulness

Many cultures have been enjoying the benefits of meditation for centuries. It’s a known fact that meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, inducing a state of contentment, if not sheer bliss. It may seem standard to meditate in a seated position from the quiet comfort of your own home, but it can also be enjoyed outdoors, and from a standing position. With such beauty and grace in Canada’s outdoors, unless it’s dead of winter, I would strongly encourage it.

The ancient Chinese martial art of Yi Quan teaches students to meditate while standing up. The body can be held in various positions, all requiring all muscles to be relaxed, joints open, with breathing slow, deep, and even. Tai Chi is another ancient form of meditation, wherein slow movements open the chakras and invoke a feeling of peace.

Mindfulness is a similar technique in which one meditates on the manifestation of their desires. It is, quite literally, the act of being mindful of what you desire most. One can be mindful of their attitude to maintain positivity, just as one can be mindful of making smart decisions at the blackjack table.

#2 Physical Fitness and Exercise

Anyone who has spent any time exercising understands the positive energy it generates. Not many people run a mile or more every morning because they love the physical act of running. They do it because they love the feeling it gives them after completing the run. It’s almost like a drug, releasing an abundance of mood-enhancing endorphins. It’s the reason so many people go for a run to start their day. Until you experience it, you can’t possibly understand it. It’s not for everyone, mind you, but don’t knock it ‘till you try it.

If running’s not for you, that’s okay. There are many other forms of exercise that induce a similar attitude-boosting adrenaline rush. It could be as simple as 1–15 minutes of squats and lunges, push-ups and sit-ups. Any quick workout you can get in, as opposed to a finger-workout of tapping and swiping on your mobile phone, is a good thing. It will help you physically and emotionally, and can help maintain a good, upbeat attitude when placing your favorite casino bets.

#3 Reading (Plus Audiobooks and Podcasts)

Far too many people take reading for granted. I feel like those who don’t enjoy reading, never found the right books. I myself hated reading until I was a teenager. Then I discovered a book called Dragons of Autumn Twilight, by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. It was the first book in a series called the Dragonlance Chronicles, and it sparked many more years of reading pleasure.

I’m not plugging the book, or the series, mind you. I’m simply stating that it takes the right book to spark an interest in reading. Once that spark ignites, reading takes you to a whole new plane of imagination. Plus, it stimulates a variety of benefits for your brain.

Reading keeps your brain active and supports healthy memory function. It improves your attention span and ability to focus. It also improves your sleep quality; something so many of us could benefit from today. Best of all, there is a plethora of educational materials available to read. Not only is it benefiting your overall brain health, you can read about the best gambling strategies from real pros who’ve made a living on the felt.

If you don’t have time to sit down with a book, there are audiobooks you can listen to, as well. Audiobooks are recordings of other people reading books. A lot of people choose to listen to audiobooks during their daily commute, but you can listen anytime, so long as you’re able to keep up with the story.

Podcasts are another great option. You can listen to people talking about subjects that interest you. If you enjoy a good mystery, fictional crime-solving podcasts are especially popular. I’m a personal fan of Daniel Negreanu’s DAT Poker Podcasts.

#4 Watch Movies and Videos

If reading a book just doesn’t do it for you, there are benefits to watching movies and even Youtube videos, too. There are many feel-good movies out there that can boost your mood, just as there are countless education videos designed to teach you everything from how to play video poker, to how to change the oil in your automobile. Whatever knowledge you seek, there’s a Youtuber out there willing to teach it.

So sit back with your favorite comedy classic, or launch the latest Microgaming slot teaser. Whatever gets you in the right frame of mind for a positive session at your local or online casino of choice.

#5 Listen to Music

Everyone has a favorite music genre, and within it, a list of most appreciated artists. I myself can listen to Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac all day, any day. But that’s just me – an old soul with a preference for smooth blues and classic rock. Whatever gets you up and moving – whether it’s Sebastian Bach or Mr. Bungle – it’s worth adding to your routine.

The right music can release positive endorphins almost as consistently as physical exercise. In fact, I would suggest combining music with some of the activities above for ultimate results. Add Enigma or Lisa Gerrard to your meditation session. Play some techno dance music while exercising. Music doesn’t go great with movies and videos, but a symphonic classical station might pair well with a good Stephen King or Danielle Steele novel.

Your ability to listen to your favorite music at a land casino might be limited. However, if you enjoy online casinos, I would suggest listening while you play to help increase the odds of a positive aura and overall winning gambling session.


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