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Music Betting: Tips and Betting Markets

You don’t have to love sport to get involved with sports book gambling. It certainly helps, as that’s where the majority of bets are placed (it’s in the name after all). But there are many other bets, from politics to award shows and more. In this article we’ll show you some music betting markets that you can find. These bets are great for music fans, as well as anyone who fancies themselves as an expert in this field.

These bets can be placed on many Canadian sports betting sites, including Sports Interaction. If you can’t find them there, then you can also try a few other sites, including the likes of 888Sport. However, many of these bets were initially found on Sports Interaction.

Music Betting: Award Shows

We’ve already covered ways that you can bet on the Oscars, in our Oscar Betting article. But what if you’re more of a music buff than a film buff? Well, there are plenty of music award shows out there that the betting sites like to run books on.

The biggest of this is probably the Grammys. This is actually the second biggest award show in the world, attracting tens of millions of viewers every year. The Simpsons love to mock the Grammys, joking that the awards are easily won. To an extent, that’s true, as there are many awards to be won every year. But it’s still a major honor and you can get good odds betting on certain bands or performers to win those awards.

There are also bets on other major award shows. If you focus on sites that have a heavy UK presence, you can get odds on the BRIT awards. Other sites tend to offer odds on everything from the Country Music Awards to the MTV Awards. A simple understanding of the music business can help you here, as can staying up to date with the gossip concerning the nominees. Just don’t get too swayed by what others are saying, the biggest wins often come when you trust your instinct.

Music Betting: Prop Bets

Prop bets have become more and more common over the years as this industry has grown and the demand of customers has grown with it. These bets are much more common in sports, film and TV, but they also exist in the music business. One of the most common prop music betting markets concerns the Christmas Number 1. You can get odds on this in all countries, so you should first make sure that you’re betting for the Canadian Christmas Number 1, and not the UK or US one.

You can also bet on number 1 singles and records at any other time of year. Most of the time, the short-priced bet wins and this is not a market where long-shots prosper. But from time to time, that changes. For instance, in 2009 in the UK, the favorite was the X Factor winner. But then a campaign began to get a 1993 Rage Against the Machine song to the top spot. Prior to the campaign, you would have had to request odds on such an outcome and could have probably gotten odds in excess of 10000,00. Even after it, the odds were still above 100.00. But, despite those odds, it succeeded, and it made sports books rethink these markets forever.

There are also many rarer music betting markets. These are harder to find, but they tend to offer bigger odds. For instance, the following bets have all been offered in recent years:

The Name of Kanye West’s Next Album

There was a competition run by West for anyone who could guess the name of his album, and someone correctly predicted The Life of Pablo. Prior to this, many betting sites had also run books on the eventual name, and those bets had gained quite a following everywhere from BetWay to the betting exchanges.

Guns ’n’ Roses

The rockers have found themselves the subject of many bets recently. One of the longest run involved the release of their long awaited Chinese Democracy album, but others concerned when/if they would get back together, and whether or not Axl Rose would become a permanent singer for AC/DC.

Celebrity Stars

At any given time you can typically find odds on certain celebrities to release albums. This is something that many of them have undertaken over the years, so it’s not that strange. However, many of the biggest bets on this market involve people who will likely never have music careers.

Break-ups and Solo Careers

Prior to One Direction going from 5 members to 4 and then 0, you could get odds on how long they would last and on who would break first. You could also get odds on who would have the first solo number 1 hit, a market that heated up when several of them began their solo careers.

Music Betting: Talent Shows

In an article titled Special Bets on TV we discussed talent shows, and how you can bet on them. We also discussed many other TV shows, but suggested that these were some of the best for gamblers. And that’s definitely the case.

Ask ten people who watch these shows religiously who they think will win, and most of them will name the eventual winner. This is true whether that eventual winner is an odds-on favorite or a massive outsider. Over the years, many big winners and placers have done so at huge odds. The bookies thought they didn’t have a chance, but the viewers knew. So, if you are one of those viewers, then you’re already in the know and the markets are at your disposal.

Some of the best shows for this are The X Factor in the UK and American Idol in the US. Some previous shock results with big odds include Susan Boyle. The Britain’s Got Talent contestant made news around the world with her audition and many expected her to win it. In fact, many people assumed that she won and if you ask them, they’ll say that she did. The truth is, the dance troupe Diversity pipped her to the grand prize with odds of between 20.00 and 101.00, depending on when you placed your bet.

It’s not just about watching the show week-in week-out, and it’s certainly not about making your vote for the person you have your money on (that’s just a sure-fire way to eat into your profits). It’s about staying with the gossip, whether on Twitter or around the water cooler.

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