21 Jul

Casino Strategy eBooks – Do They Work?

Can You Really Learn Winning Casino Strategies from an eBook?

Can You Really Learn Winning Casino Strategies from an eBookThe progression of technology has always been focused on getting things done faster, more efficiently, and with more profitability to come. This idea has become more of a modern-day mindset. We want the greatest reward, for the least amount of effort, with the ultimate goal of instant gratification. It’s the same reason millions of people all over the world spend money on scratch-off lottery tickets.

Most regions that host a national lottery set the return to player (RTP) for their scratchies between 50% and 60%. That’s an abysmal payout ratio. But it’s that desire for instant gratification that keeps players buying and scratching, instead of investing time and mental energy into something like a basic strategy blackjack. Play your cards right, and the RTP in blackjack can be as high as 99.73%.

Once again, we’re led to question, how can we quickly and efficiently learn to implement such a great strategy? Where can this knowledge be obtained? We can’t download it to our brains. Or can we…?

Casino Strategy eBooks

Traditional hard-cover and paper-back books aren’t the most popular items these days, but what about eBooks? An electronic book can be purchased and downloaded to any computer, smartphone, tablet or eReader. If you happen to have a subscription to services like Audible from Amazon, you can veen have an eBook read to you.

This means that, while you’re doing all of your regular mundane tasks, such as driving the daily commute, or preparing dinner, you can be learning all about casino strategies from an eBook, without lifting a finger.

In this regard, yes, it is certainly possible for an eBook to provide quick and efficient learning, with minimal effort. But do they really work?

Can You Really Learn Winning Casinos Strategies from an eBook?

The short answer is, “Yes.” However, there are a lot of extenuating circumstances that could lead to a, “No.” It depends on what eBook(s) you get, how well you pay attention, and whether you implement those strategies correctly. It also depends on something called “variance”, which we’ll talk more about in a moment.

1. Getting The Right eBook(s)

As we’ve already established, everyone is looking to make a quick buck these days (including you, if you’re still reading this). Some are more serious about it then other. Anyone with experience in gambling can write an eBook. That doesn’t mean it’s a good book, or that its information is helpful, or even accurate. Thus, the key is to get the right books, written by intelligent authors that present reliably educational information in a format that is easy to comprehend.

There are thousands of casino related eBooks out there. I can’t tell you which ones will or won’t work for you. What I can tell is that the free eBooks are mostly garbage, as are most of the cheap ones. When you’re looking for a good eBook for casinos strategies, don’t look at prices first. Look at reviews. Read what others are saying about it.

Whether you use Amazon’s Kindle or Audible service or not, I would suggest utilizing Amazon for eBook reviews. Each review will state if it’s a “verified purchase”, so you can avoid fake reviews meant to boost sales and downloads. Last but not least, make sure the eBook focuses on the casino games you actually want to play and learn strategies for.

2. Understanding the Casino Strategy

Once you’ve invested in your eBook, pay attention, especially if you’re enjoying the audio version. It’s very easy to get distracted when someone else is reading to you. To help you stay focused, repeat the most important information back in your head as you’re listening.

If you’re actually reading the eBook, try taking notes. Yes, note taking, just like you used to do in school. You may have hated it, but if you did it, you know very well that it works. Plus, if you practice the casino strategies online, you can go back and look over those notes while you’re implementing your new-found knowledge.

3. The Pangs of Variance (i.e. Luck)

Variance is a fancy, technical term that kind of means the same thing as “luck”. It represents extended swings between wins and losses. If you have a series of winnings sessions, this is defined as a period of positive variance, or “good luck”. A downswing, or losing streak, is a period of negative variance, or “bad luck”.

The reason a strategic gambler should call this variance, rather than luck, is because long-term gambling always leads back to the RTP of the game. As we learned above, a scratch-off lottery ticket might have a 60% RTP. If you buy just one ticket, you’re either going to have a 100% RTP if you win, or a 0% RTP if you lose. As you buy more tickets, your RTP and variance will fluctuate more wildly, until it eventually – after many, many tickets are scratched – reaches the intended 60%.

With such a low RTP, your odds of profiting on scratchies are understandably terrible. With a higher-RTP game like blackjack – with the right strategy, and just a little bit of positive variance in your favor – you actually have a chance of making a profit.

With Practice, A Good eBook Can Help

It takes more than reading a good book – or having a good book read to you – to learn how to win at casino games. I mentioned above that notes can be used in practice if you play online. This is incredibly important. If you intend to count cards at blackjack, you don’t walk into a land-based casino and sit down at the table to try for the first time.

There are specific blackjack apps designed specifically for helping you learn to count cards. As for basic decision-making strategies, online casinos are the perfect medium to practice. Just about every online casino offers unlimited free play. If you feel you’ve progressed enough to try it place actual bets, you can make a deposit and play for real money.

I know, instant gratification is all the rage, and everyone would love to get maximum output with minimum input. While this method can certainly lighten the load, times haven’t changed all that much. Your success really does depend on the effort you put into it. It will take some dedication on your part – not a whole lot, but enough – to learn and implement winning casino strategies from an eBook.

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