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Free Voluntary Self-Exclusion App for Problem Gamblers

The Unbreakable BetBlocker Self-Exclusion App: No cost, no ads, no more access to online gambling sites!

BetBlocker Self-Exclusion App: No Cost, No Ads, No Online Gambling Sites

Problem gambling is one of the toughest issues faced by the land-based and online gaming industries. Operators all over the world provide a legal entertainment product to millions of customers – most of which are perfectly responsible in their use of such products. Unfortunately, a small percentage of users are problem gamblers, unable to control their gaming habits or stick to spending limits.

There is no perfect solution for addiction. Even obliterating the entire wager-based entertainment industry from the face of the planet won’t eliminate compulsive gambling. It will only force addicts to partake in an underground black market, where their compulsion becomes all the more dangerous to themselves and their families. As such, the task of minimizing harm has been an immense struggle.

Voluntary Self-Exclusion Proves Helpful

Most of the world’s gaming jurisdictions have a voluntary self-exclusion program in place. Gamblers can sign up for the program, after which they are not permitted to enter any casino or other gambling establishment within that jurisdiction, or any associated jurisdiction that shares its self-exclusion list.

This method has been notably effective – at least, for problem gamblers who recognize their compulsion and take the appropriate steps to to be more responsible. But ask any recovering gambling addict and they’ll tell you, it’s incredibly difficult to control urges when there are literally thousands upon thousands of online gambling websites to turn to.

Some jurisdictions have tried to address the issue by extending their self-exclusion programs to their licensed online gaming operations, but that only works to a certain extent. A resident of Ontario, Canada who self-excluded from Ontario’s land-based casinos will also be self-excluded from the provincially run PlayOLG.com website. But that won’t stop them from entering offshore internet casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks and bingo sites.

Now, for the first time, there’s one program that can.

BetBlocker Self-Exclusion App for Desktop & Mobile

Free Voluntary Self-Exclusion App for Problem Gamblers

Funded 100% by an online gambling dispute resolution service, the BetBlocker App is a free program compatible with any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, and available for windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Fire OS. It is a 100% free app, available to anyone, anywhere in the world. There is no cost for using it, no ads displayed, no in-app purchases on offer. You don’t even have to register yourself as a user of the app.

BetBlocker allows the user to choose a time period of self-exclusion, ranging anywhere from 24 hours up to the lifetime of the device you install it on. It’s completely anonymous, and once a user chooses the length of their self-exclusion, they cannot go back on it. This is, perhaps, the most amazing feature of Betblocker.

Nothing you do to the app or your device will undo the exclusion until the expiration date comes to pass. The creators managed this by requiring the app to be given administrative access to the device. You can try to delete the app and all of its associated files, but it won’t work. You can email customer support, begging, crying, even bribing – they will not help you. They’ll help with any other issue, but not that one.

Simply put, once applied, Bet Blocker CANNOT be disabled, and will prohibit access to 6,500+ online gambling sites, until the expiration of the self-exclusion. It is a serious help tool for serious problem gamblers.

BetBlocker for Parental Control

Another fantastic feature of BetBlocker is the ability to employ the app as a parental control program. Putting it on a child’s computer or mobile device allows the parent to block access to gambling sites and other adult websites. In this case, the exclusion can be removed by inputting a password. Be sure not to lose that password, though, because it cannot be recovered any other way.

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