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How to Win a Jackpot Royale Progressive Jackpot

Exploring the Jackpot Royale Slots Mechanic on Networked Progressives

In April of 2022, a little-known iGaming software developer by the name of White Hat Studios made a name for itself. The independent games creator had been around for more than a year, winning awards as a Rising Star in the industry. But it was the launch of its Jackpot Royale line of online slot machines that really got them going.

Jackpot Royale SlotsToday, we’ll take a close look at White Hat and the feature mechanic behind its Jackpot Royale progressive slots. You’ll learn how it works, and perhaps more importantly, how to win that ever-illusive progressive jackpot.

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Who is White Hat Studios?

White Hat Studios is a developer of iGaming software focusing on the digital casino market. The company has a small but impressive collection of games in its portfolio, including slot machines, table games and scratch cards.

Exploring the Jackpot Royale Slots Mechanic on Networked ProgressivesThe company also operates White Hat Gaming, responsible for the distribution of its back-end software management system. Through White Hat Gaming, interested parties can acquire all the necessary elements to open a ready-made online casino operation, complete with games from White Hat and its contractual software partners.

White Hat Studios was founded in 2021 when its creators – an amalgamation of highly-experienced professionals from big-name brands like BetMGM, SG Gaming, NetEnt and Novomatic – purchased a remote gaming server (RGS) and games catalogue from European iGaming giant, Blueprint Gaming. The acquisition allowed White Hat to piece together content from Blueprint, Merkur, Reel Time Gaming (RTG), and Lucksome Studios.

In its first year, White Hat was honoured with the title of White Label Supplier of the Year at the SBC Awards North America. It was also nominated in the categories of Platform Provider of the Year and rising Star in sports and Casino Betting.

In 2022, the company is up for three more SBC North America Awards, including Rising Star in Casino, Platform Provider of the Year, and Industry Innovation of the Year.

What is Jackpot Royale?

Jackpot Royale is a spin-off of the global progressive slots network, Jackpot King. Its Royale sibling is exclusive to the North American online gaming market. At time of writing, Jackpot Royale online slots are only available in Ontario, Canada, and Michigan, USA.

Games that employ the Jackpot Royale mechanic feature a trio of progressive jackpots. From smallest to largest, they include the Maxi, the Major, and the Royale. Upon release in April, Jackpot Royale was available on 10 games. White Hat Studios promises to release at least 1 new Jackpot Royale slot machine, full house, and/or instant-win scratch card game, each and every month.

Key Jackpot Features

The Maxi: The smallest of the three progressives, the Maxi reseeds at $2,000 each time it is won. The average payout occurs at $5,000 (250% of its seed).

The Major: With a mid-range payout, the Major progressive reseeds at $7,500 following each strike. It carries an average payout of $25,000 (333% of its seed).

Jackpot Royale: The largest of the network’s progressives is its namesake Jackpot Royale, featuring a reseed of $70,000 upon claim. It pays an average reward of $175,000 (250% of its seed).

Contribution Rate: the total rate of contribution to the progressive network is 1% of all intake (wagers). The contribution covers the jackpot and reseed amounts for all three tiers at the following rates:

  • Maxi = 0.133%
  • Major = 0.167%
  • Jackpot Royale = 0.7%

How the Jackpot Royale Slots Mechanic Works

According to White Hat Studios:

On any game that is linked to the Jackpot Royale™ system, randomly during any spin, achieving the required number of ‘Jackpot Royale’ scatter symbols in view will activate the Jackpot Royale bonus… Once the bonus has been triggered, after a short screen transition the player enters the feature bonus. The bonus consists of a set of reels with brand symbols and a new win plan (total bet multiplier values).”

Unless you’re already familiar with the network, that statement won’t help much. Allow me to elaborate…

The Jackpot Royale feature can be triggered in one of two ways, depending on the title. Some games will randomly trigger the feature after any spin, win or lose. Others may require a specific minimum of scatters to appear on a spin, while others still require a perfect line-up of 5 on a line. Be sure to check the pay table info for specific details on this.

Jackpot Royale Slots Mechanic

Once the Jackpot Royale feature triggers, you’ll find yourself in a lock-and-spin bonus game. All the triggering symbols hold in place while the reels spin. Every new Jackpot Royale symbol holds in place, activating yet another spin. This cycle continues until no new Jackpot Royale symbols appear.

On the right side of the screen is a prize meter. The number of symbols you end with determines the prize, which will either be a win multiplier, or – if you collect enough symbols – entry to Wheel King mode. This brings us to our next section…

How to win the Jackpot Royale Progressive

Jackpot Royale Wheel King FeatureThe Wheel King Feature is a static element of every Jackpot Royale slot machine. We just discussed how to enter Wheel King. Now we’ll detail how to make the most of it.

There isn’t much to it, and the results are entirely random. Nothing you do at this point will impact your odds of winning any particular prize. I can only suggest crossing your fingers, rubbing a rabbit’s foot, shaking a hairy troll doll, etc.

Within the Wheel King feature, you’ll find a long list of prizes. They include the Maxi, Major and Jackpot Royale progressives, as well as 26 possible win multipliers, ranging anywhere from x25 to x1,000. A long list of all prizes is shown on one side of the screen (see image right), with a zoomed-in view of the current selection, as it spins to a stop. The final selection is your prize.

Is There a Minimum Stake to Win the Jackpot?

Yes! You don’t see a lot of websites or info sheets talking about this, but there are limitations to eligibility. The minimum stake to qualify for winning any Jackpot Royale progressive is $0.50. Betting anything less will negate the game’s ability to randomly trigger the lock-and-spin feature, which is the only way to reach the Wheel King.

Complete List of Jackpot Royale Slots w/ RTP

The following list includes all current titles, the return to player (RTP), and the original software creator. White Hat Studios is only responsible for the Jackpot Royale mechanic. The actual games were developed by a different iGaming manufacturer (Reel Time Gaming, Blueprint Gaming, etc.)

Also note that the list of games in the Jackpot Royale Network is scheduled to increase no less than once per month. Be sure to check back soon for additional titles.

Latest Update: July 22, 2022      Current Total: 15

Slot Machine Title
Irish Wishes Megaways Jackpot Royale
King of the Watering Hole Jackpot Royale
Jackpot Royale Full House
Paws of Fury Jackpot Royale
Sausage Party Jackpot Royale
Thriller Gorilla Jackpot Royale
Worms Reloaded Jackpot Royale

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