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What Online Casino Deposits do for Rogers Platinum Card Members

Why Canada online casino players love Rogers Platinum MasterCard.

Canada Online Casino Players love Rogers Platinum MasterCard DepositsJust a few weeks ago, the Chase Amazon.ca Rewards Visa card was considered one of the best credit card options, especially for depositing at internationally regulated online casinos. The reason was very simple. This card offered modest cash back on all purchases, and did not charge a foreign exchange fee.

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If you were among their card holders, you know that Chase and Amazon.ca went through a nasty break-up. As of March 15, 2018, those cards no longer exist. And if that’s the case, you may be on the hunt for a new cash back credit card with similar benefits. Well I’ve found one – Rogers Platinum MasterCard – and I think you’re going to like it!

Canada Online Casino Players Love Rogers Platinum

This card has a lot of benefits for members, especially those who make international (foreign currency) purchases. If you deposit at offshore online casinos, you’re among them.

As you probably know, every time you spin the slots reels or toss chips at the blackjack tables, you are earning comp points from the casino that can be converted to cash back rewards. The higher your VIP level, the more cash back you’ll earn. And when you make your deposits with Rogers Platinum, you’ll have even more cash back potential.

This card doesn’t have the best standard cash-back program on the planet. Members receive 1.25% cash back on all purchases. Whether it’s at a gas station, hotel, restaurant, grocery store, or online casino, every purchase receives the same 1.25% cash back rate. However, it’s the FX rate that players are so impressed with.

(Note: As of May 23, 2018, receive 2% cash back on all Rogers products/services.)

As I said before, the Chase Amazon.ca card was a rare breed, as it didn’t charge any FX fee. Well, this one does, but not in the way you might think. Every purchase that’s converted to another currency will be charged a fee of 2.5%. Now here’s the kicker. Every FX purchase receive cash back of 3%!

So, in effect, you’re actually earning 0.5% cash back on all international FX purchases, including those online casino deposits. Add that to the 1.25% cash back you get for using the card, and it adds up to grand total of 1.75% cash back on all Rogers Platinum MasterCard deposits.

That’s much higher than the average 0.1% cash back rate online casinos give members of their loyalty program (+15% accumulation rates for high-level VIPs).

Applying for Rogers Platinum MasterCard

The Rogers Platinum MasterCard is, in many ways, an average credit card for relatively high earning households. If it has the name Platinum in it, you can rest assured they want to know that you have high spending potential. All credit card companies enforce income requirements and check for creditworthiness, but they don’t use a strict set of rules here.

Their standard income requirements are generally flexible, depending not just on the size of your pay cheque, but the stability of your employment and your household size. Someone who lives alone, pulling $50k a year, is more likely to qualify for a Platinum MasterCard than someone earning $70k a year with a spouse and two kids.

When issuing a high-volume credit card like this, Rogers wants to know that you have the disposable income (extra spending power) to use it. Keep that in mind when considering the application process. So long as you have a good credit score, you may be more worthy of this card than you think.

Online Casinos Love Platinum Cards, Too!

The simple fact that you’re depositing with a Platinum-label credit card can turn heads at an online casino. Operators love their high rollers. If you plan to make a large deposit with this card on your initial purchase, you can take advantage of that.

After you sign up an account, but before you deposit, open a line of communication with a support rep. Tell them you just signed up and are about to make a purchase of ($insert-value-here$). Inform them that you are a big spender, and let them know that you want a higher bonus than whatever it is they’re offering to new members.

As a Platinum-toting, Canada online casino VIP, it’s okay to be a little demanding here. They know that if they refuse, you’ll take your high roller deposit elsewhere. That’s the last thing they want. Insist on a higher bonus, and try pushing for an instant VIP status upgrade. This will help you generate comp points at the fastest rate, translating to more cash back and an easier time maintaining that VIP level.

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