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Review of Paysafecard Gambling Deposits Canada

Paysafecard Casinos: Safe Prepaid Deposits for Canada’s Online Gamers

Paysafecard Casinos: Safe Prepaid Deposits for Canada's Online GamersPaysafecard is among the oldest prepaid cards of the tech-age., dating back to its inception in 2000. It began as a physical prepaid card, available in retail stores in select locations. Its purpose then, much like now, was to provide online shoppers with a safe way to pay for goods and services.

More than two decades later, Paysafecard has evolved into a range of products; physical cards, paper vouchers, digital delivery, and as always – there’s an app for that. With a myPaysafecard account and mobile app, users can buy virtual vouchers, check balances, review purchase history and more.

In the following review, we’ll cover all features of Paysafecard. We’ll tell you about the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Note that our reviews are geared toward prepaid cards for online casinos, although you’ll find most of the information translates to general usage. Whatever it is you’re looking for, the Table of Contents below will help you find it quickly.

Table of Contents

  • Just the FAQs – A series of common questions and answers.
  • Pros – All the best features of Paysafecard.
  • Cons – The negative stuff you need to know.
  • Mobile App – Benefits of the free mobile app and myPaysafecard account. 
  • Access – Where to buy Paysafecard in Canada, online and retail.
  • Fees – Cost of buying and maintaining Paysafecard prepaid card.
  • Casino Deposits – How to deposit at online casinos with Paysafecard.
  • Casino Withdrawals – Can I withdraw casino winnings with Paysafecard?

Paysafecard Safe Prepaid Deposits – Just the FAQs

If you’re reading this, odds are you’ve got questions. To provide answers as quickly as possible, we’ll kick things off with a FAQ guide. Just below that is a rundown of Pros and Cons. If that’s not enough to satiate your thirst for Paysafecard knowledge, keep reading beyond this for more targeted information.

Who issues Paysafecard prepaid cards?

Paysafecards are issued by the brand’s parent company, Paysafe Group. Founded in 2000, Paysafe Group operates out of head offices in Vienna, and is a global leader in retail and eCash payment solutions. 

Can I buy Paysafecard in Canada?

Yes! Paysafecard is available at a wide variety of retail locations. They include Canada Post (Postes Canada), Big CarTel, Commisso’s, Daisy Mart, Esso, Kitchen Food Fair, Gale’s, Gas+, Hasty Market, MacEwen, Mobil, Now! Prepay, Rabba Fine Foods, Top Me Up, Super Sagamie, Wilsons Gas Stops, and everywhere else you find the Paysafecard logo.

For your convenience, Paysafecard supplies a handy Retail Locator Tool. Enter your location, city or zip code to find the nearest store to buy Paysafecard prepaid cards and vouchers.

Does Paysafecard offer virtual vouchers online?

Yes. A variety of authorized partners sell digital Paysafecard vouchers over the web. However, there are two things you should be aware of. First, most online retailers do not sell Paysafecard in CAD. Second, online shops always attach a fee to the purchase. We recommend buying Paysafecard in-store to avoid any extra cost.

If you do wish to buy Paysafecard virtual vouchers online, we only recommend TopMeUp.ca. They are an official partner of Paysafecard, only sell vouchers in CAD, and charge minimal fees.

Are Paysafecard casino deposits safe?

Paysafecard, in and of itself, is incredibly safe and secure. It’s a prepaid card or voucher, so your bank details aren’t attached, and you can’t spend more than you load onto it. Your personal details aren’t linked to it either.

As for whether the card and its value can be stolen, Paysafecard is as safe as its user. It’s your responsibility to keep the PIN safe. If you’re worried about keyloggers and other malicious tracking software getting hold of your PIN, use the entire value of the card when you make a purchase or deposit. That way if the PIN is compromised, it’s of no value anymore. Buy it – use it – throw it away! That’s the beauty of prepaid payments.

What online casinos accept Paysafecard?

Pretty much every reputable online casino that accepts Canadian players has Paysafecard on its banking menu. Take that statement with a grain of salt.

Our latest count verifies over 1,800 Paysafecard casinos in operation. More than 700 of them accept players from Canada. I assure you, though, that they are not all reputable. Stick to the big names with long-standing reputations like Royal Vegas, 888Casino, Jackpot City, LeoVegas, and PartyCasino to ensure a safe and secure experience. 

Are Paysafecards reloadable? Can I withdraw casino winnings?

No, on both counts. Paysafecards are not reloadable. Funds can never be added to an existing card. Because of this, casino withdrawals are not an option.

Can I use the same card more than once?

Yes, you can make multiple purchases or deposits with the same Paysafecard, so long as the funds are not depleted. Once you use the full value of the card, you can throw it away.

Can I use more than one card for a single purchase/deposit?

Yes, so long as the online merchant or gambling website supports the input of multiple Paysafecard PINs, you may use more than one card at a time.

What denominations are available, and how much do they cost?

Paysafecard gift cards, prepaid cards and vouchers can be purchased in CAD in the following denominations:

  • $10
  • $30
  • $50
  • $100
  • $250 (online only)

Ready for the kicker? Paysafecards are free!

Yes, you read that correctly. Paysafecard does not charge a purchase fee or activation fee for its cards and vouchers. Most retail outlets won’t charge one either, but be aware that they do have the option, and may choose to do so. The easiest way to ensure you’re getting the best deal from a trusted source is to buy Paysafecard for face value from your local Canada Post.

While the card itself is free, there are some other fees you need to be aware of. See our detailed Paysafecard Fee Chart below for more information.

Do I have to activate the card?

No. Once you purchase a prepaid card, gift card or voucher, online or in person, activation is automatic.

Can I see how much is left on my card?

Yes, you can check the remaining balance in a few ways. The fastest is to visit the company website and use the Paysafecard Balance Checker. If you have the Paysafecard Mobile App, you can check your balance by entering the PIN, or scanning the physical card or voucher with your camera.

Can my card expire?

Paysafecards do not have an expiration date. They will never expire so long as there is a monetary value on the card. Once the value is depleted, the card will expire automatically.

PROs – The Good Stuff
Paysafecard prepaid gift cards and vouchers are free (unless the seller tacks on a fee)
Can be purchased in thousands of retail locations
Make multiple purchases with the same card, or…
…use multiple cards for the same purchase
Paysafecard mobile app for iOS and Android
Can buy with cash; no bank account or credit card required
Very minimal fees (all easily avoidable)
Casino deposits are instant
Comes in three forms – plastic card, paper voucher, digital delivery (email / SMS)
Never expires (until value is depleted)
Accepted by most reputable Canadian-facing casinos
CONs – The Bad Stuff
Not reloadable
Not eligible for casino withdrawals
Sellers have the freedom to charge a purchase fee, at their discretion
Online sellers always charge a fee
Foreign currency conversion fee if used to pay in anything but CAD


Paysafecard Mobile App

The mobile app isn’t for everyone, but if you are, or plan to be, an avid user of Paysafe’s prepaid cards, vouchers and digital gift cards, you’ll find it very useful. It’s free, functional, and fully optimized for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Get the Paysafecard Mobile App for iOS or Android for Safe Prepaid DepositsFree Account Registration

Anyone can register a free myPaysafecard account online. Having the mobile app just gives you better access to it, anytime, anywhere. It only takes a few minutes, entering basic details like name, address and date of birth. You’ll never be asked to enter financial information.

The Convenience of QR Codes

While you can’t buy Paysafecard directly through the app, you can set up pre-purchase and generate a barcode. Then go to the nearest sales outlet – the app will help you find that, too – scan the code, and pay for it right then and there. Doing so instantly registers its value in the mobile app (for history tracking). You can also scan the QR code on any Paysafecard gift card or voucher to add it to your mobile app, or check its balance instantly.

Track Cards & Payment History

By registering each of your prepaid gift cards and vouchers on the app, you can track your payment history. You’ll know the full value of every Paysafecard purchase, the combined value of your active cards, and can view a complete history of every payment/deposit you’ve made.


Where and How to Buy Paysafecard in Canada

Paysafecard is partnered with many of Canada’s most prominent retail shops. You’ll find it in gift card and/or paper voucher form at all of the retailers below, and more. Just look for the Paysafecard logo wherever you shop. And if you’re ever in doubt, just hit the local post office. Every Canada Post (Poste Canada) sells them.

Where to Buy Paysafecard in Canada

The Paysafecard website also provides a handy link to quickly finding your nearest retailer. You can find it here:

If you have the Paysafecard Mobile App, you can set up a pre-purchase before you go shopping. Choose the value of the card you wish to purchase and select a nearby location to pay for it. This generates a barcode that you can scan at the counter. Pay with cash or card, and you’ll be on your way in no time.

Can I Buy Paysafecard Online?

Yes, but suppliers are limited in Canada. There are very few authorized Paysafecard sellers who offer digital vouchers in CAD. The majority sell them in USD or EUR. While it’s possible to purchase those from an international website, you may experience trouble using them afterward, and will almost assuredly incur the highest 6.09% currency exchange fee, or at best a 3% fee, when doing so.

The only Canadian online seller of Paysafecard we know of and recommend is TopMeUp.ca. It is one an authorized partner of Paysafecard, and only sells digital vouchers in CAD. You will pay a small fee for purchasing online, but it’s not nearly as much as some other websites charge.


The Price of Paysafecard Gift Cards

The best feature of all – Paysafecard is free! At least, it’s meant to be free. The Paysafecard company charges nothing for the purchase of its cards. The price you pay is the price you want added in value to the card – usually.

Retailers can add a fee, so watch out for it. We suggest only buying from retailers that don’t charge extra, like Canada Post. If you’re buying online, a purchase fee is unavoidable, but some charge far less than others.

Paysafecard makes its money by charging merchants a fee to accept it. Because it’s such a popular prepaid payment method, merchants, including online casinos, are more than willing to pay that fee. They won’t pass the buck on to you, the customer, either. Casinos may impose a higher minimum deposit limit, though.

While the card itself is (or can be) free to buy, there are other fees you need to be aware of. The good news is, like purchase fees, they are 100% avoidable.

Monthly Fee after 18 Months – $2.50/mo

This fee kicks in if you purchase a prepaid gift card or voucher, online or otherwise, and do not use its full value within 18 months. That’s a full year and a half, so you really shouldn’t come across this one unless you’ve lost a card. Paysafe will charge $2.50 per month until its value is depleted.

Foreign Currency Conversion Fee – 3%-6.09%

A foreign currency fee is charged if the card or voucher is purchased in one currency, and used in another. For example, if you buy a card in CAD, then deposit at an online casino that only processes payments in EUR, you will have to pay this fee.

The rate will vary depending on the currencies involved. If converting to/from EUR, the fee is 3% of the payment amount. If converting to/from any other currency (non-EUR), the fee jumps to 6.09% of the payment. This fee is easily avoidable, so long as you only deposit with online casinos that process deposits in CAD (i.e. Royal Vegas, LeoVegas, JackpotCity, etc.)

Paysafecard Denominations and Cost, In Store & Online

The following Paysafecard price chart includes the total cost of buying prepaid cards, vouchers and digital delivery (online) from in-store and online retailers. For in-store purchases, we’ve chosen Canada Post, as this retailer never charges a fee. For online purchases, we’ve chosen TopMeUp.ca, as it’s known to charge the lowest fees for digital delivery. These prices are current as of March 2023.

Card Value
Purchase Price*
Total Cost*

Canada Poste
buy Paysafecard at Canada PostPoste Canada

Top Me Up
Buy Paysafecard Online at top Me UpOnline

*Prices are taken from actual retail cost at Canada Post and topMeUp.ca at time of writing. Cost may vary elsewhere or in the future.


How to Deposit at Paysafecard Gift Card Casinos in 2023

Online casino deposits don’t get much easier than Paysafecard. Each prepaid card, gift card and voucher you buy contains a 16-digit PIN. It is the only piece of information you need to make a payment. Enter the PIN and the amount you want to deposit, and press the button. It really is that simple. For this ultimate convenience, you are privy to instant, safe casino deposits.

Paysafecard Casino Deposits – Step by Step
  1. Log in to the online casino and navigate to the Banking section.
  2. Choose Paysafecard from the list of deposit options.
  3. Enter the 16-digit PIN on the card/voucher in the corresponding input box.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and submit the payment.

Assuming you’ve followed the directions properly, entering an amount less than or equal to what is available on the prepaid gift card, your payment should post immediately.


If you’re experiencing problems, try one of these solutions…

  • Is there enough money on the card to cover your deposit? If you’re not sure what’s left on the card, visit Paysafecard or use the mobile app to check the balance.
  • Are you depositing in a foreign currency, other than the currency you bought Paysafecard in? If you buy Paysafecard in CAD and deposit in CAD, you will not incur a foreign currency fee. However, if the purchase and payment currencies don’t match, you’ll pay a 3% (EUR) or 6.09% (non-EUR) currency fee on top of the payment price. Thus, you may need to adjust your deposit amount, leaving enough on the card to cover this fee.
  • Does the casino require ownership verification of prepaid cards, gift cards and vouchers? Strictly regulated iGaming websites must verify this information to adhere to KYC/AML regulations in their jurisdiction. If that’s the case, you’ll need to download the Paysafecard Mobile App and/or sign up a myPaysafecard account, then register the card/voucher to your account. This links the card/voucher to your name and address, making it possible for the casino to verify your ownership of it.


Paysafecard Casino Cashouts – How Do they Work?

Unfortunately, you cannot cash out to Paysafecard. They are not reloadable, and cannot receive additional funds beyond the original purchase value. We highly recommend Paysafecard for safe casino deposits, but you’ll need to find an alternative payment method to cash out your winnings.



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