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Tried & True: Two Decades of Neosurf Casino Deposits

Neosurf Prepaid Deposits – Trusted at Canada Online Casinos Since 2004

Neosurf Prepaid Deposits - Trusted at Canada Online Casinos Since 2004Prepaid cards became ultra popular around the turn of the century, right about the time online commerce (a.k.a. eCommerce) hit its first real boom. The idea of buying goods and services over the world wide web was well received, but trusting early technology to secure their financial information – not so much. Thus, Neosurf launched in 2004 to give the internet’s hesitant consumers a safe, prepaid method of payment.

Since then, Neosurf has grown into one of the fin-tech industry’s most trusted payment solutions for online gamblers. While many of its competitors shy away from the iGaming sector, Neosurf continues to embrace it. That’s great news for Canada’s online betting enthusiasts, who are always looking for the safest, most reliable way to fund their accounts.

The following review will teach you all you need to know about Neosurf and its prepaid vouchers. We’ll show you all the ropes – where to buy them, what they’ll cost you, and how to use them at your favorite iGaming websites. If you already know exactly what you’re looking for, the table of contents below will help get straight to it.

Table of Contents

  • Just the FAQs – A series of common questions and answers.
  • Pros – All the best features of Neosurf.
  • Cons – The negative stuff you need to know.
  • myNeosurf – More features, higher limits with a free account and mobile app
  • Access – Where and how to purchase Neosurf in Canada, online and retail.
  • Fees – Cost of buying and using Neosurf prepaid cards and vouchers.
  • Casino Deposits – How to deposit at online casinos with Neosurf.
  • Casino Withdrawals – Cashout from online casinos with a myNeosurf account.

Neosurf Prepaid Deposits – Just the FAQs

Before we get into individual segments of this review, I’ll start you off with a quick FAQ. In this section, you’ll find answers to all the most common questions, followed by a brief list of notable Pros and Cons. By the time you finish reading these, you should have a good idea of whether Neosurf is right for you. 

Who’s behind Neosurf prepaid?

Neosurf has been specializing in online eCommerce payments since 2004. It is owned by NS Cards France SAS, with head offices in Paris.

Can I buy Neosurf in person in Canada?

Yes, but resellers are few and far between. Unless you live in a big city like Montreal, you’re not likely to find them in a store. To be sure, use the Neosurf Retail Locator to see if there’s a point of sale near you.

Can I buy Neosurf vouchers online in Canada? 

Yes. The easiest way to purchase Neosurf vouchers is online through an authorized partner website. For Canadians, official resellers include Dundle.com and TopMeUp.ca. Aside from intermittent discount promos, TopMeUp always has the cheaper price.

Alternatively, you can top up your myNeosurf account through the mobile app for free, bypassing the need for a voucher. Or, you can use a voucher to top up your myNeosurf account, but this will incur two fees; one to buy the voucher, and one to load it on your account. Obviously, we don’t recommend that.

Are Neosurf casino deposits secure?

Yes, depositing with a Neosurf voucher provides strict security, not to mention absolute privacy when you buy with cash at a retail store. The vouchers themselves are as safe as the user. If you never give anyone your 10-digit PIN, no one can steal it. When using it online, you can ensure absolute anti-theft by using the full value of the voucher all at once (i.e. no one can steal what no longer exists).

When you choose to pay with myNeosurf mobile (instead of a paper voucher), your payments are secured by GDPR compliance…

Do a lot of online casinos accept Neosurf?

Yes. Neosurf is accepted at hundreds of online casinos, registered all over the world. About two-thirds of them cater to the Canadian market. This makes Neosurf one of the most popular prepaid options for local iGamers.

Can I reload a Neosurf prepaid voucher?

Not exactly. Neosurf vouchers are not reloadable. Once you use up the value, you can throw it away. A myNeosurf account, however, can be reloaded. It acts more like an eWallet. You can deposit money directly into it, and use it like any other web wallet to make secure payments online.

Are Neosurf vouchers restricted to one-time use?

No. You may use a single voucher as many times as you want until its full balance is depleted.

Can I use more than one card for a single purchase/deposit?

In some cases, yes. Some merchants and online casinos will provide multiple input boxes for entering more than one Neosurf voucher at a time. Using multiple vouchers is also possible by getting the mobile app and opening a myNeosurf account. Doing so combines all the values into one. You can then use the unique 10-digit PIN for your myNeosurf account to make a single purchase, up to the total value of your balance.

What denominations are available, and how much do they cost?

Generally, Neosurf vouchers are available in amounts of $10, $30, $50, $100 and $150. Some online resellers offer a $250 voucher as well. Each seller will charge a convenience fee. At retail shops, the fee is displayed on the packaging. Online sellers can charge more or less. 

See the Neosurf Fee Chart below for more details.

Do I have to activate the card/voucher?

No. Once you purchase a Neosurf prepaid card or voucher, it is ready to use.

Can I see how much is left on my card?

Yes, users can check the balance of any voucher by visiting the Neosurf Voucher Checker page. If you have the myNeosurf app, you can scan the QR code to check the balance and/or add its value to your mobile account.

Can I cash out casino winnings with Neosurf?

Yes, but you’ll need a free myNeosurf account for this. The account turns Neosurf into a web wallet of sorts, where you can store cash values. You’ll be able to transfer that money to your bank account, or spend it online with your unique Neosurf ID.

Can my voucher expire?

Yes, and no. While every Neosurf voucher has an expiration date, the value itself is infinite. Once the expiration date passes, a small monthly fee kicks in, and will continue to be drawn from the balance until you use it, or until it runs dry, whichever comes first. If you use part of the balance, then leave the voucher dormant for another 6 months, the fee kicks in again.   

PROs – The Good Stuff
Accepted by hundreds of Canadian online casinos
Vouchers are sold in-store and online in Canada
Make multiple purchases with the same card
There’s an app for that (myNeosurf for Android and iOS)
Can purchase vouchers with cash for extra privacy
No bank account or credit card required
Frequent discount promos when buying Neosurf online 
Casino deposits are instant
Value is infinite (fee applies after 12 months of inactivity)
CONs – The Bad Stuff
Not reloadable
Very few retail locations in Canada
Additional fee to use vouchers to fund myNeosurf account
Foreign exchange fee of 2% if not buying and paying in CAD


myNeosurf Mobile App

Not everyone needs a mobile app to use Neosurf, but many users find it handy for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, you can fund the account for free with a debit card, credit card, or bank account. It’s like having an eWallet version of a Neosurf voucher.

You still use it the same as you would a voucher, inputting your account’s unique 10-digit PIN to make a payment. The difference is that you’re not limited to Neosurf’s standard voucher denominations. You can even increase your daily limits above those available in vouchers, so long as you verify your identity (to comply with KYC/AML protocol).

Make Neosurf Prepaid Deposits with the myNeosurf Mobile AppFree Account Registration

Once you download the myNeosurf app to your phone or tablet, you can set up a free account. This gives you access to more features, including your very own 10-digit Neosurf PIN. When making payments from your Neosurf account, you’ll use this PIN just like you would a voucher PIN. The payment comes directly from your Neosurf balance.

The Convenience of an eWallet

Most users prefer the Neosurf mobile app because almost all of its features are free. Instead of paying a fee to buy a physical or virtual voucher, you can simply upload funds to your myNeosurf account. Doing so with a Visa, MasterCard, debit card or bank account, or by receiving a payment from a merchant (i.e. online casino cashouts), is absolutely free.

The only deposit that costs you anything is to transfer the balance from a Neosurf voucher. Why would this cost extra, you ask? Because you can buy physical vouchers in-store for cash to preserve your privacy. This extra convenience will cost you a 4.5% fee, on top of what you paid to buy the voucher in the first place.

Withdrawal Casino Winnings

Most prepaid cards are not reloadable, so you can’t request a casino withdrawal back to a card or voucher. The same goes for traditional Neosurf vouchers. However, you can add funds anytime with a myNeosurf account and mobile app. Likewise, you can receive money in your account, which opens the door for Neosurf online casino withdrawals.

Track Payment History

If you use Neosurf a lot, you may appreciate the ability to keep track of all your payments in the app. You can view the history of incoming and outgoing payments, and everything in between.


Where and How to Buy Neosurf Vouchers in CAD

For Canadians, there are two ways to purchase Neosurf vouchers, and a variety of ways to fund a myNeosurf account, should you choose that route instead. We’ll start with prepaid vouchers.

Buy Neosurf In-Store

Purchasing your Neosurf vouchers in-store has its perks. Most notably, you can buy them with cash. Doing so eliminates any personal identifying trail, making this the most private way to use Neosurf for online gambling. The problem with this method of purchase is that there simply aren’t a lot of Neosurf resellers in Canada. Only major cities seem to have them, and even then, it’s hit or miss. There are just four in the Montreal area, and one in Halifax, but none in Toronto or Vancouver.

The Neosurf website provides a quick search tool to help you find the nearest retail location. You can use it here:

Buy Neosurf Online

If there’s no reseller near you, or if you prefer the convenience of buying online, there are two official web shops that sell Neosurf in CAD. They offer different pricing models, so choose wisely. Which one has the better offer will depend on who’s running the best promotion at any given time.

Funding a myNeosurf Account (with and without vouchers)

Those who download the Neosurf app can use it just as they would a Neosurf prepaid voucher. The account comes with its own 10-digit PIN. There are several ways to fund the account:

Upload funds with your Visa or MasterCard credit card. The cost will be charged to your credit account, where additional fees and/or interest may apply.
Deposit funds to myNeosurf with any bank-issued debit card. Funds come directly from your bank account.
Use your bank account and routing number to upload funds directly from your bank.
Funds can be added to your myNeosurf account when you choose this method to receive a payout from an online casino or merchant website.
You can purchase a Neosurf voucher, then use it to upload funds to your myNeosurf account. There is a 4.5% fee, relative to the value of the voucher. For example, a $100 voucher would incur a $4.50 fee, resulting in $95.50 funded to the account. This method is only preferred by users who want to fund their account with cash (i.e. no card/bank account).


The Price of Neosurf Vouchers in Canada

Where you buy your Neosurf voucher will directly impact the price you pay for it. The following chart details the cost of Neosurf vouchers in-store and online. The most cost-effective route is to fund a myNeosurf mobile app for free. It works like a voucher, without actually purchasing a physical or digital voucher.

If you prefer buying a prepaid voucher from Neosurf, you’ll find much lower fees online. The following chart shows the standard pricing for In-Store, compared to online vouchers via TopMeUp and Dundle, as well as any additional fees you may encounter, like foreign exchange rates and monthly inactivity fees.

Note that TopMeUp’s pricing is static, and is generally much cheaper than Dundle. However, Dundle runs intermittent promotions that, at times, will bring the cost of their vouchers lower than their competitors. Long story short – take a moment to shop around every time you buy

Neosurf Voucher Denominations & Fees

The mark-up is the fee attached to the prepaid value, shown as a percentage. As you can see, in-store mark-ups are the highest at 16.67%.

Card Value
By Neosurf In Store
Buy Paysafecard Online at top Me Up
Dundle Neosurf Vouchers Online
Additional Fees
Description + Cost
Currency ConversionCurrent exchange rate + 2% conversion fee.
Inactivity Fee€2/month (or currency equivalent) after 12 months of inactivity
Transfer to Bank1.5% fee; applies to myNeosurf withdrawals to a bank account

*Prices are taken from actual cost and fees at time of writing. Actual costs may vary.


How to Deposit at Neosurf Prepaid Casinos

All you need to deposit with Neosurf is the 10-digit PIN that appears on the voucher. Or, if you’re using a myNeosurf app, the 10-digit PIN associated with your account. When you choose Neosurf as your prepaid deposit method, you’ll be asked to input this code in three segments, into three boxes. The first box will contain the first 4 digits, while the last two boxes contain three digits each. It should look something like this:

How to input neosurf code

The last three digits will always appear as x-x-x to help secure your PIN. Once you’ve entered the code, choose the amount you wish to deposit (not to exceed the value of the card) and submit the payment. The money should credit to your online casino account within a few seconds.

Neosurf Casino Deposits – Step by Step
  1. Purchase a Flexepin voucher online or in-store, or load funds onto your myNeosurf eWallet.
  2. Log into your online casino account and make your way to the Deposit section of the cashier.
  3. Select Neosurf from the menu of deposit options.
  4. Enter your 10-digit Neosurf PIN in the input box.
  5. Enter the amount you want to deposit and submit.

Your deposit will appear in your casino account instantly.


Experiencing problems? Try one of these troubleshooting solutions…

  • Is there enough money on the voucher to find your deposit? Double check the balance on your voucher to make sure.
  • Is your deposit converting into a different currency, other than the one you bought Neosurf in? If you purchase a CAD Neosurf voucher and deposit on a website that converts to something else (EUR, GBP, etc.), you will incur a foreign exchange rate, plus a 2% currency conversion fee. If that’s the case, decrease your deposit amount, leaving enough to cover the fees.


Neosurf Casino Cashouts – How Do they Work?

Neosurf is a rare breed among prepaid casino deposits, because it’s actually possible to withdraw your casino winnings to Neosurf. You can’t cash out to a prepaid voucher, but you can cash out to a myNeosurf account, conveniently built into the Neosurf mobile app, which acts more like an eWallet.

To do so, select Neosurf from the casino’s list of withdrawal methods and enter the 10-digit PIN associated with your account. This may only work if you’ve used your account to make one or more Neosurf prepaid deposits in the past.


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