28 Jul

Luck Strikes Twice for Quebec Lottery Winner

Is Jules Parent the luckiest man in the world? He thinks he may have been “born under a good star”. And maybe he’s right, after being a Quebec lottery winner not once, but twice!

Winning the lottery is no easy feat. According to Loto-Quebec, the odds of winning the Lotto 6-49 just once are around 1 in 14 million. Mr. Parent certainly didn’t buy millions of lottery tickets to increase his odds. He only spent $3.20 on the ticket that earned him over $1.2 million.

He is a regular player, though, and understands just how long the odds are. “I know very well that the probability of winning is extremely small and winning twice in a relatively short time is really something else,” said the lucky lottery winner during an interview.

After this latest 7-figure prize, he has no intentions of quitting now.

2x Quebec Lottery Winner Jules Parent

69 year old Jules Parent made the trip to Quebec City this week to cash in his winning lottery ticket. He posed joyfully for the obligatory lottery winner’s photo, proudly exhibiting the cardboard cheque for an impressive $1,222,069.

This wasn’t his first rodeo with the lottery claims centre. He was here nine years ago when he won his first $1 million prize back in 2008. It was sweet back then, and all the more sweet now that he’s struck gold twice playing the Lotto 6-49.

2x Lottery Winner Born Under A Good Star?

“I don’t know who did this,” said Mr. Parent, indicating a higher power must have assisted in his tremendous amount of luck. “Was I born under a good star?” he suggested quizzically?

Mr. Parent assured everyone that he is by no means a compulsive gambler. It is one of his favorite pastimes, though, alongside outdoor activities like fishing, hunting and going for long walks among nature.

Is his luck spent after hitting a pair of million dollar jackpots? He doesn’t think so. “I’m going to continue playing,” he said, “the same amount I do now. I’m retired so it helps me pass the time. Just like any other game of chance, sometimes you win and, other times, unfortunately, you head home with less money.”

How To Spend the Second Million?

Mr. Parent lives alone, and has no children to share the fortune with. And being retired, he has plenty of time on his hands—and now plenty of money—to spend doing whatever he wants.

When asked how he intends to spend his second wave of 7-figure wealth, he said his plans are to build a better home. He’s not moving, though. Mr. Parent is going to have his current home demolished and build a new one in its place.

“It’ll be a modest home,” he explained, desiring nothing too extravagant. “It won’t be a castle, but it will be in the modern style.”

As slim as the odds of winning a third time may seem, stranger things have happened. His first win was estimated at odds of 1 in 14 million. The odds of winning the lottery twice, as he’s now done? Loto-Quebec put that probability at 1 in 23,437,500. I can just imagine what the odds of a hat trick would be for Mr. Parent, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s this guy.

Congratulations to you Jules Parent. And good luck keeping that full head of hair when everyone in your community comes knocking in hopes of rubbing your noggin for good luck!

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