28 Dec

Unikrn Teams Up with Nuvie Payments

Nuvei partnership means more payment methods at Unikrn eSports.

In recent years, the electronic sports (eSports) market has grown to tremendous heights. What was once a digital gaming sector appealing only to basement gamers and tech-head geeks, is now a mass market for countless fans; many of which who enjoy turned to eSports betting in early 2020 when physical sports were truncated by real-world events.

Nuvei Partnership Means More Payment Methods at Unikrn eSports

Major league sports are slowly getting back to business as usual, but the popularity of eSports has been solidified. As more and more online betting fans from all over the world gain interest, major companies in eSports betting are looking to capitalize on this ever-expanding, not-so-niche market. One such company is Unikrn, an eSports betting operator that’s making big moves to ensure bettors from all over the world can utilize their wagering tools.

Nuvei Deal Means More Payment Methods at UnikrneSports

In what’s making headlines all across the industry, Unikrn signed a game-changing deal with payment technology firm, Nuvei. Unikrn is already one of the biggest eSports platforms in the internet betting market. The partnership with Nuvei will allow Unikrn to expand into more regions, but delivering far more payment options than any competitor brand.

Nuvei’s payment technologies are impressive, to put it mildly. The firm supports payment card acquisition, which translates to acceptance of every major credit card, plus every regional debit card, for their partners. Nuvei also supports more than 450 alternative payment methods (APMs) worldwide, in more than 150 currencies.

By teaming up with the payment solutions company, Unikrn will now be able to offer members from all over the globe a multitude of ways to pay, and get paid. The Unikrn website will integrate Nuvei’s innovative payment portal, Cashier, directly onto its website. Through this unique, streamlined interface, users will enjoy a simplified experience, while Unikrn gains the ability to process all member transactions across a unified system.

Rahul Sood, co-founder and CEO of Unikrn, comments:.

Unikrn offers our global customer base access to an unrivaled spectrum of gaming experiences without interruption. Nuvei was the best option for us to ensure we meet these expectations and offer a platform that will scale with our rapid growth.”

The chief executive, who helped found the Unikrn eSports entertainment group in 2014, went on to explain what the integration of Nuvei payment technology means for members of the betting portal. “Cashier makes our customers’ payment journey safe and seamless,” said Sood, adding, “We look forward to working with Nuvei for many years to come.”

Yuval Ziv, Head of Global Acquiring at Nuvei:

Nuvei’s payment platform offers a complete toolkit for gaming operators looking to diversify and scale their offerings domestically and internationally, along with the global growth of their industry. This new partnership with Unikrn is in line with our vision of an expanding ecosystem of partners that benefits operators and customers alike.”

This new partnership with Unikrn will assist Nuvei in accomplishing its corporate mission of “making our world a local marketplace”. The benefits to the eSports betting giant are multilateral; not just expanding their global reach by extending the number of payment methods at Unikrn, but increasing their level of regulatory compliance with the implementation of Nuvei’s enhanced customer authentication rules.

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