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Overview of Betting on Warcraft III eSports

World of Warcraft III betting review and advisory for Canadian eSporters.

World of Warcraft III Betting Review & Advisory for Canadian eSportersWorld of Warcraft – a.k.a. Warcraft, or simply WoW, as it’s come to be known over the last two decades – is one of the most universally recognized mass multi-player online role playing games (MMORPG) the world has ever know. It depicts the classic chaos between medieval man and mythical orcs; the green-skinned beasts of immense strength and terrifyingly human-like intelligence.

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos was originally released in 2002, debuting single-player and multi-player modes with impressive 3D graphics. Along with the usual Humans and Orcs races, WoW3 introduced two new factions, Night Elves and the Undead. The game received critical acclaim, and continues to attract millions of players year after year, with the most elite competitors achieving professional player status in eSports arenas worldwide.

Review of WoW 3 Betting

World of Warcraft 3 eSports tournaments are held all over the world, all year round. Due tot he nature of the game and inherent competition, there are four basic types of bets you can place on WoW 3 matches. They include:

PvP – Straight Bet

Player versus player (PvP) bets are the simplest of all. They are straight bets on which player will win a game. The odds in PvP bets shift based on the experience and past performances of each player. Odds on the favorite will pay less, whereas odds on the underdog will pay more, just like traditional sports betting. As such, it really pays to do your research.

PvE – Player vs. Environment

Online eSportsbooks are offering PvE wagers more often now as tournament organizers are hosting more AI/dungeon competitions. The Mythic Dungeon Invitational, for example, welcomes players to compete in the most grueling WoW dungeons the game has to offer. These bets will only be available when and where dungeon-based competitions are held.

Handicap Betting

Handicaps are are found in most betting markets. They occur when the eSports bookmaker shifts the match points in a game to even up the odds of either player winning. For example, an underdog may be given 1.5 points against a higher ranked favorite. In this case, if the underdog loses by one point, those who bet on them will still win their bet, because the handicap puts the underdog up by half a point.

WoW Futures

These are bets on the future outcome of a tournament. Futures wagers must be placed before an event begins. Bettors will most commonly choose which player they think will win a tournament outright. You may also be able to bet on a tournament finalist. Finalist bets win so long as the chosen player appears in the finals, guaranteeing a first or second place finish.


Almost every eSportsbook will offer pro bets on eSports. The variety of betting options can vary greatly, depending largely on the size and imagination of the odds makers. Prop bets could include anything from which player will gather the most gold, to whether the match will end before or after a certain amount of time. The possibilities are virtually endless.

For more details on exactly how to conduct Warcraft III eSports betting, please refer to our generalized eSports betting segment:

WoW eSports Leagues & Tournaments

Warcraft III Arena World ChampionshipThere are more than half a dozen classes of Warcraft III tournaments, ranging from Qualifiers, Show Matches, and Tier 3 Weekly/Monthly events, to Tier 2 (Minors) and Tier 1 (Majors) championships. A bustling scheduled of tournaments can be observed in the spring, summer and autumn months, with three major events, but far less minor ones, taking place in the winter.

Tournaments can feature 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or Team-based competitions. 1V1 matches are common, pitting a single player against another. 2v2 and 3v3 games can align players based on commonly qualities, such as teams, regional representation, or preferred faction/race. Team-based tournaments are less common, and can involve teams featuring anywhere from 3 to 10 players.

The most prestigious events of all are held by the Warcraft Gold League (WGL), with championships taking place each spring, summer and winter. Other majors include the NeXT and DreamHack Open challenges.

Annual Tier 1 Major WoW Tournaments
  • DH Open – February
  • NeXT Spring – April
  • WGL Summer (Teams) – April
  • WGL Summer – July
  • WGL Winter – November
  • Super WGL (Teams) – December

Warcraft III Game Play at its Core

Like most MMORPGs, Warcraft is a game of ‘base build and conquer’. Each player must gather resources, expand and upgrade their colony, amass an army, and complete the objective, whether it be destroying an enemy or overcoming an environment.

To make things interesting, players are given various choices at the start of every match. Players start by choosing to join The Alliance (Humans) or The Horde (Orcs). As Humans, players can choose to be Human, Drwaven or Elven. Orcish players can choose from Orcs, Trolls and Tauren (Minotaurs). Each race has its own unique set of structures, technologies, and army units to build upon.

Game Play

In team-based games, each player takes on a basic role of Tank, Healer, or Attacker (a.k.a. DPS, or Damage Per Second). The tanks are the team’s shields, positioning themselves on the front lines to take the brunt of the damage. Healers have a specific set of tools to heal and shield their allies from incoming damage. DPS attackers are, of course, responsible for dealing damage to enemy forces and structures. In most 3v3 matches, a team will consists of one Healer and two DPS players, as a superior healer is far more crucial to victory than a tank.

World of Warcraft III Live Stream

In PvP games, all players compete for soul supremacy of the mythical land of Azeroth in competitions with anywhere from 2 to 10 players on a single map. PvE games put each player into the same situation, or environment, tasking them with various objectives that involve progressing through technological advancements while engaging in battles against AI opponents in dungeons or raids.

How and Where to Watch Warcraft eSports

Today’s top live streaming portals, Twitch, YouTube and MGL, are the most popular way for fans to watch World of Warcraft eSports events unfold in real time. As eSportsbooks grow in size and popularity, they too host webcasts of the live WoW events they offer wagers on. As for the standard live streaming services, you’ll find all the major broadcasts on these channels: