29 Nov

Neosurf Prepaid Vouchers Now Available in Canada 2023

How Neosurf Online Casino Deposits are Promoting Safety Via Anonymity

Neosurf Online Casino Deposits Promote Security via Anonymity

Neosurf is a nearly two-decades-old company that sells prepaid gift cards and electronic vouchers for the sole purpose of offering its customers a safe, anonymous method of paying for things over the internet. Don’t want to share your credit card details online? Neosurf can help. Don’t have a debit card? Neosurf can help. Best of all, it’s accepted at more than 30,00 websites, including the majority of today’s top, Canadian-facing online casinos.

Neosurf isn’t just another way to pay over the internet – there are plenty of those. And while it may not boast all of the freedoms of Interac casino deposits, its availability is far greater.

What are Neosurf Prepaid Gift Cards & Vouchers?

A Neosurf prepaid voucher is like a receipt. You can purchase a voucher in various retail outlets and load with cash, then use it to purchase just about anything over the world wide web.

Unfortunately, physical vouchers aren’t so easy to find here in Canada. That’s where the beauty of Neosurf online vouchers comes in. After years of being left out in the cold, Canada has finally been added to the list of countries eligible to purchase Neosurf vouchers online.

Virtual vouchers are just like the physical ones, except you can’t hold them. They contain the same 10-digit code; used in the same manner as the 16-digit code found on any plastic credit card, debit card, gift card, etc.

Canadians can purchase up to 4 Neosurf vouchers at a time in the following denominations:

Neosurf Voucher (CA$)Fee Per VoucherFee % (Best Value)

Neosurf Online Casino Deposits Safe and Secure

As I’ve mentioned already, the anonymity behind Neosurf is one of its most brilliant features. Using Neosurf vouchers to deposit at online casinos doesn’t require you to share any sensitive financial information with the operator. In this way, it’s incredibly safe and secure.

In the past, buying online gift cards wasn’t as fail-proof as it sounded, since you’d have to share your payment details with the digital gift card website, anyway. Canadians don’t have to worry about that with Neosurf. Because while your favorite online casino may not accept our indubitably preferred Interac e-Transfers, Neosurf does!

Buying Neosurf vouchers through Interac means never once sharing your personal details with the seller. All you do is enter the name of your Canadian bank, credit union, or other financial institution. You’re then redirected to the bank’s website, just as you would for any other online banking purposes.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with Neosurf

Whether you’ve got a physical or electronic gift card, the process of depositing with Neosurf is the same. Log into your favorite online casino, navigate to the banking section, and choose Neosurf from the list of deposit options. When prompted, enter the 10-digit validation code from the voucher. You will not be asked to enter an amount. The entire cash value of the Neosurf voucher will be deposited. And because it’s pre-paid, the money will appear in your account immediately.

Pros and Cons of Depositing with Neosurf

Every online casino payment method has its pros and cons. Here are the most prevalent of the two associated with Neosurf casino deposits.


  • Extremely safe and secure
  • Completely anonymous; no need to show ID or divulge personal/financial information
  • Can be purchased with Interac (also safe, secure and anonymous)
  • Available in CAD
  • 15 years of reputable business
  • Only available funds can be deposited (no credit)


  • Expensive fees for lower denominations
  • Not an eligible withdraw method
  • Physical vouchers still hard to come by in Canada (online vouchers available)

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