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Interac Blackjack – It’s Not Just a Catchy Phrase!

Play Online Blackjack with Interac, Canada’s Most Secure Casino Payment

Play Online Blackjack with Interac, Canada's Most Secure Casino DepositIf you like playing blackjack, chances are you’re a stickler for holding onto your money. After all, when played properly, blackjack does offer the absolute highest probability of winning – or perhaps more accurately, losing the least. And if conserving cash is a priority to you, you’re probably a zealot for security too. It wouldn’t do you much good to make wise wagers if you’re lax about the security of your computer and online payments.

That’s where Interac comes in. If you’re Canadian and have a bank account, chances are you’ve heard of it, if not used it many times. Interac is a payment service that offers secure debit cards, eTransfers and mobile payment solutions. They aren’t a separate financial entity, but rather a service developed by, and for, all major Canadian banks, credit unions and other financial institutions.

Canada’s Most Secure Casino Deposit Method

Interac provides a range of secure banking options for Canadian online gamblers; namely Interac eTransfer deposits and Interac Online. Both integrate supreme data protection protocols and the group’s superior zero liability fraud prevention policy, but the user’s time and effort vary between the two.

The classic Interac eTransfer deposit option involves multi-tier security layers. The depositor contacts customer support before sending money to the casino’s email address or mobile phone number. During this communication, the depositor gives the casino rep a security question and answer. Then, when sending the money, the same question and answer are provided. Upon submitting the payment, the recipient must provide the correct answer before Interac will authorize the payment.

Interac Online deposits are newer and much quicker. They are eTransfers, using essentially the same protocol as an eCheck, but without the need to divulge any sensitive data to the casino operator. When choosing Interac Online as the payment method, the user will select their bank’s logo, then log into their online banking account to complete the purchase.

Play Online Blackjack with Interac in 2023

Interac BlackjackYou’ll need just two things to play blackjack online with Interac:

That first stipulation is easy – almost every financial branch in the country works with Interac. The second requirement can be a bit hard to come by, but for reasons any online gambler who demands the highest degree of safety can appreciate. Interac doesn’t associate with too many gaming websites. Only the most reputable, locally and internationally licensed brands are deemed worthy of displaying the Interac logo.

You’ll find Interac eTransfers and direct payments available on all of Canada’s provincially-regulated iGaming websites; PlayNow in BC, PlayOLG in Ontario, Espacjeux in Quebec, etc. Outside Canada, only around 3 dozen offshore gaming sites offer it.

That may seem like a small number, but for those of you old enough to remember Baskin Robbins famous “31 flavors”, they weren’t so easy to choose from! To help you narrow it down, consider your love of blackjack. Look for an eligible gaming operator with a good variety of blackjack games and bonus that you can use to play them.

Learn more about depositing to play online blackjack with Interac eTransfer and Interac Online.

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