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Review of MuchBetter Casinos Canada

MuchBetter Casino Deposits – How much better are they?

MuchBetter Casino Deposits – How Much Better Are They?We’ve all become pretty accustomed to eWallets over the last two decades. PayPal was among the first. Neteller, Skrill (formerly Moneybookers), EcoCard and EcoPayz – these were the brands that took web wallets into the mainstream of daily financing. Today’s online casino gamers are especially familiar with this type of mobile payment method.

There’s a relatively new one on the market you may not have heard of. It’s been around for a couple of years – long enough to gain a good reputation as a safe, secure and trustworthy eWallet, and to collect a bevy of prestigious awards. More recently, we’ve noticed it appearing on the banking menus of at a lot more industry leaders, like 888 Casino, Betsafe, and PartyCasino. So, we thought it was about time we check it out, give it a genuine DBC review.

MuchBetter Casino Deposits – How “much better” is it?

MuchBetter Casinos Canada ReviewedIn many ways, MuchBetter is ‘much the same’ as its competitors. Like PayPal, Neteller and Skrill, it’s a digital bank account. Users can download the app on their mobile phone, register an account, and fund it. From there, a user can immediately begin utilizing the MuchBetter eWallet to pay for things on the world wide web; anywhere the MuchBetter name or logo is shown. Withdrawals are also a handy option for online casino customers.

All web wallets work this way. But MuchBetter also has a few features that makes it faster, more innovative, more convenient than their rivals. But are they really better? Let’s take a look at how MuchBetter casino deposits work, and you can decide that for yourself.

Setting Up Your MuchBetter Account

To use MuchBetter, you’ll need to download the app on your iPhone or Android device, which brings us to our first pro/con. The pro – there’s an app for that, and it’s a great one. The con – you have to get the app to use it.

Once you have the app, open it, and you’ll be asked to sign up an account. It requires all the usual info – name, address, date of birth, etc. You’ll need to go one step further an upload a photograph of yourself. This is an added security step, not common with other web wallets, but very handy should your account ever be compromised. You’ll also be asked to create a secret PIN#. This OIN will need to be entered each and every time you open the app. That’s a good thing. Not only does it bypass the need to enter your login and password each time, it adds yet another protective layer of security to your account.

Uploading Funds to MuchBetter

The next step is to put some money in your virtual wallet. To do so, log into the app and choose ‘Top Up’, enter the amount you want to fund, then press the ‘+’ button. You’ll see a list of all the ways you can move money into your account. This list will vary by what country you’re in. The basic run down includes the following:

Credit/Debit Card

Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards are the most common options. Most prepaid cards will do the trick, as well. However, when using a card, you’ll be asked if the funds are for “gaming” or “non-gaming”. If you’re planning to deposit at an online casino, poker room, sportsbook, etc., be sure to select “gaming”. Not all banks/card issuing companies allow online gaming transactions. If your card cannot be used to fund gaming, try one of these other methods.

Bank Transfer

You can upload funds directly from your bank. All you need is your bank account number and the bank’s routing number. You can find the routing number on a paper cheque, or simply call your bank and ask for it. Be warned, however, bank transfers can take up to 48 hours to appear in your MuchBetter account; longer on weekends or holidays. If you need access to the funds immediately, this may not be the best option for you.

Interac (Canada Only)

Interac is the best that that ever happened to Canadian banking. It’s a free direct debiting system available exclusively to customers of nearly every bank, credit union, and other financial service in the country. Most of us use it every day, whether we realize it or not. If you have a bank account in Canada, the Interac option is your best bet for a fast, free, secure top up method.

Crypto Currency

Yes, MuchBetter even accepts crypto payments. The current list of digital coins includes BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP. Cryptos are growing at such an enormous rate right now, odds are by the time you read this, the list may be longer. There are some special rules and steps to be taken when funding with cyrpto, so be sure to read over everything before you proceed.

All Others

If you don’t see your preferred method listed above, that doesn’t mean it’s not available. We’ve just covered the most popular options. If we listed every method, for every country, we’d be here all day! To see a complete list, log into the MuchBetter app, choose Top Up, then tap +. Select your preferred method to see a basic run down of how it works, how long it takes, and any fees associate with it.

Online Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

Once your MuchBetter wallet has money it it, you can get started spending it. The process for an online gaming purchase is different from standard purchases, so pay attention.

How to Deposit at MuchBetter Casinos

Log into the casino you wish to transfer funds to. Visit the banking section and select MuchBetter form the list of available payment methods. You will need to enter the amount you wish to deposit, along with your mobile phone number; that is, the number associated with the smartphone you downloaded the MuchBetter App to. Be sure to enter the number in the exact format shown (country code)(full phone number).

For a Canadian phone number, it should look like this:

1xxxXxxXxxx (not 001xxxXxxXxxx, 1-Xxx-Xxx-Xxxx, or 0xxxXxxXxxx)

Submit this information, and you’ll receive a notification request from the MuchBetter App asking you to approve the transaction. If you don’t have enough funds uploaded to cover the deposit, you’ll be given the option to top up before approving the transaction. Once approved, the funds should appear instantly in your mobile casino account.

How to Withdrawal from MuchBetter Casinos

The steps for making a withdrawal are very similar to that of a deposit. Log into the casino and visit the banking section. Choose to make a withdrawal, then select MuchBetter from the list of payment methods provided. Again, you’ll need to enter your mobile phone, in the exact format requested [country code][full phone number] (i.e. in Canada 1XxxXxxXxxx)

Select the amount to be withdrawn to your MuchBetter wallet, then submit the request. The wait time will depend entirely on the casino. Once the operator processes the payment – something that could take anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 business days (we advise reading the merchant’s payout policy) – the funds should appear in the app instantly.

Note that MuchBetter does have limitations on how much a user can spend/receive for gaming purposes. If your withdrawal exceeds the current limit on your account, you may be asked to fulfill a KYC system check. This is for social responsibility and security purposes, to ensure you are the rightful owner of the account and of legal age/residency to participate in online gaming. It’s the same ID verification process all reputable gambling websites employ.

What Does it Cost to Use MuchBetter?

The web wallet promises its users will “enjoy the lowest gaming e-wallet fees in the world!” Having experience with a lot of gaming-accessible eWallets, it’s hard to dispute that claim. Their fees are on par, if not more cost-efficient, than all of their big-name competitors.

Most of the services offered on the MuchBetter App are absolutely free. You can create an account, top it up, send money to merchants, deposit at online casinos, send or receive a P2P transfer to/from friends, send or request a gift payment, all for free.

There are only two things that might incur a fee – currency conversion and withdrawing from the wallet to a card, bank account, or other web wallet service.

Currency conversion isn’t always necessary, but when it is, a fee of 0.99% will be charged, on top of the exchange rate (taken from current market rates at www.xe.com).

For withdrawals, the fee will depend on the method used, and the country in which you reside. A basic list of withdrawals fees is detailed below. You can find all applicable fees for your situation within the MuchBetter App.

Withdrawal MethodMinimum AmountAssociated Fee
Bitcoin / Crypto$30.002%
Bank Wire Transfer$25050€+2%
Currency Conversion0.99%

The Problem with MuchBetter Casino Deposits in Canada

There had to be a catch, right? Of course there is. While all of this info seems great, there is one problem for Canadian customers.

MuchBetter operates in USD. For Canadians, that means dealing with currency conversion. While Interac is available, and absolutely free to use for deposits, putting your winnings back in your bank via MuchBetter → Interac will cost you a US$4 charge, plus a currency conversion fee of 0.99%.

How expensive that is to you will depend largely on what kind of online gambler you are. If you’re a recreational player, betting minimum stakes for intermittent amusement, odds are that fee is going to take a bite out of your winnings each time you withdrawal. If you have a nice bankroll budget and play fairly often, your withdrawals may be large enough that the $4 + 0.99% doesn’t seem so bad. Especially when you compare it to other eWallet services.

PayPal, for example, charges a 1.7% fee on all incoming money. After they stake a claim on that portion of your casino withdrawals, however, you have the option of sending it on to your bank for free, with no exchange rates (so long as your online casino operators supports CAD deposits and withdrawals).

Again, the cost efficiency of MuchBetter depends entirely on the amount of money you’re moving. And do be aware that most (if not all) online casinos that accept MuchBetter deposits will require you to use the same method of withdrawal after using it to deposit. So if you were thinking of using the free side of MuchBetter to deposit, then avoiding any fees by using a different method to cash out winnings, think again.

The MuchBetter Trophy Case

Last but not least, we took a peak into the MuchBetter trophy case and found out why they so proudly call themselves a “revolutionary award-winning Payment App”. In just three years, the company has secured nine prestigious awards from six global ceremonies. They include:

  • Payment Innovation for the Year – Payment Awards 2018
  • Rising Star – EGR B2B Awards 2018
  • Best Alternative or Digital Payments Programme – The Card & Payments Awards 2019
  • Best Startup Innovation Award – MPE Awards 2019
  • Mobile Payment Solution of the Year – SBC Awards 2019
  • Most Innovative Mobile or Financial Service Payment Solution – EP Awards 2019
  • Best Prepaid Card Solution – Payments Awards 2020
  • Innovation in Payment Solution – EGR B2B Awards 2020
  • Payment Solution of the Year – SBC Awards 2020

In Conclusion…

MuchBetter casino deposits are an option worth looking into. They’re fast, secure, and cheap for moderate to advanced players. If you’re looking for an intermediary to move money securely, and appreciate the ability to do it on a mobile app, MuchBetter has a lot to offer. Then again, eWallets add a middle-man that you may not find necessary. For example, if your online casino already offers free Interac casino deposits and withdrawals, why jump through an extra hoop, and pay the added fees? The value of this mobile payment app really depends on your circumstance, and whether you need an extra safety net between your casino and bank to keep your personal and sensitive information ultimately secure.

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