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Fast, Fun, Secure – Interac Online Casinos 2019

Depositing at online casinos with Interac in 2019.

Interact Casinos 2019 - Deposit at Online Casinos with Interac in 2019Technology is constantly progressing. The iGaming industry is growing at a faster pace than ever before. As such modern conveniences continue to evolve and expand, the demand for greater security becomes more critical by the day. Online and mobile gambling is a fantastic pathway to entertainment, but only where the fear of victimization doesn’t exist.

For more than two decades, Canadian online gamblers have been subject to fraud, identity theft and security failures in the iGaming industry. Every year, the threat gets smaller, not just because security measures are growing stronger, but because players are getting wiser.

Now in 2019, internet gamers are smarter than ever before. We understand the importance of licensing and regulation. We know to avoid brand new start-ups, doing business only with tried-and-true brands. And we know that that Interac online casinos provide an unparalleled degree of deposit security.

Depositing at Online Casinos with Interac in 2019

The optimum security, speed, and quality of Interac deposits has not changed over the years—at least, in no way visible to the naked eye. Internet casino goers continue to utilize and trust this popular payment just as they always have. On the inside, however, this well oiled-machine is constantly evolving to serve customers better.

While Interac users are sanguinely employing the service and enjoying their favorite online and mobile pastimes, the savant-grade technicians behind the scenes are always working. They are maintaining and upgrading fraud prevention technologies. They are so confident in the efficacy of their work, Interac now offers a zero liability policy to its customers. Suffice to say, if something does go wrong, Interac has you covered.

Now for the best part. Interac isn’t available at too many websites because they refuse to associate with any operator that doesn’t already have a solid track record for regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction. What does this mean for potential players?

When you find online casinos with Interac in 2019, you already know they can be trusted.

Go forth with confidence, knowing that Interac’s online casino deposits are unsurpassed in security and fraud prevention. The service never requires players to share their bank information with an operator. And as always, Interact transfers are instantaneous. Now aren’t you glad you live in Canada? Because you won’t find Interac available to residents on any other part of the planet.

How It Works…

First timers relax – depositing at Interac online casinos is a piece of cake, but it’s nothing like your ordinary credit card or eWallet deposits. It’s a bit more complicated, yes. But the enhanced security you get in return is totally worth it. The following step-by-step instruction will help you through your first purchase.

  1. Fast, Fun, Secure – Interac Online Casinos 2019If you don’t have an Interac PIN# yet, go to your bank’s online website. Log in and look for the Interac logo. Follow the brief instructions to set up an Interac PIN.
    Note: If you can’t find the Interac logo on your bank’s website, it may not support the service. Most Canadian banks and credit unions do; all the major ones and most of the minor ones, too. Click here for a current list of Interac Network Participants.

  2. Log into the online casino and strike up a conversation with customer support’s Live Chat. Email support works too, but it will take longer. Let them know you’d like to make an Interac deposit. They’ll give you a mobile phone number or email address to send the money to. In turn, you will provide them with the amount you wish to deposit, and a ‘Security Question‘ and ‘Answer‘. For example: What’s my favorite band? Fleetwood Mac. Anything will do, but the answer must match precisely as typed.

  3. Log back into your online bank account and click the Interac link once more. Choose to ‘Send Money‘, enter the amount, and the mobile phone number or email address the casino provided to you. Next, enter the security question and answer you provided them. Submit the payment.

That’s it. You’re work is done. From here it’s a waiting game, but not a long one. You’re online casino knows the payment is coming, and is monitoring that phone/email for activity. Once the call/msg comes through, the support team immediately answers the security question with the answer you provided. If it matches, your bank will approve the purchase. The money is instantly available in your online gambling account. Give yourself a pat on the back – you did it. Good job!

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