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How Real are Live Blackjack Twitch Streamers?

Live Dealer Casino Twitch Streams: Are these guys for real?

Live Dealer Casino Twitch Streams – Are These Guys for Real?

Twenty years ago, if we watched a video, it was either a home movie or a rental from the local video store. Ten years ago, online videos were almost exclusive to Youtube, where most viewers were either listening to their favorite song, or looking up how to replace some small part on their car. Now days, there are videos of everything – and I mean everything – right down to people playing what some would call the most boring casino game of all, blackjack.

Now don’t get offended all you blackjack enthusiasts. I’m not putting down your pastime. Quite the contrary, I love the game. But if we’re being honest, and playing with a strict decision-making strategy based entirely on mathematical probabilities, it really can suck most of the entertainment out of the experience. It can be fun at first, but after a while, it becomes a mundane task; a trial in monotony for the greater good of the bankroll.

If that’s what Twitch blackjack streams were all about, I don’t imagine they would get too many viewers. Fortunately, the ones with a decent number of followers are far more entertaining. So entertaining, in fact, that some might beg to question…

Are Live Dealer Casino Twitch Streamers for Real?

I’ve seen some pretty strange stuff coming over the Twitch live feed in the last year. There have been more than enough players trolling the dealers with inappropriate ‘Mad Lib’ style names, just to hear them say it out loud. It was funny when Bart Simpson did this to Moe, but the immaturity gets old quick.

What seems to get he most viewers, though, is a streamer willing to bet big bucks on each and every hand. Some of them do it on a single hand, saving up a few grand and betting it all. Others bring a large bankroll to the table and see how far they ca “ride the wave”.

The intensity these people exhibit in their videos is probably what attracts viewers the most. It’s like watching a suspense film. We take on the emotions of the lead character, feeling their anxiety, their pain, their jubilation. But as we all know, the movies are scripted dialogue performed by overpaid actors. It makes you wonder, are some of the crazier Twitch streamers for real?

Theoretically speaking, yes, they are real. They are placing real money bets, as is evident in the broadcasts. In fact, most live dealer casino games don’t allow practice play, so it’s real money or nothing. But it’s not always their money on the table. Which raises another question…

Where is all that money coming from?

How Real are Live Blackjack Twitch Streamers?

I’ve come to find there are three types of live blackjack streamers. The first is the rich-kid type. No, they’re not really kids, that would be illegal, but they are the type to grow up amidst wealth, never truly learning the value of a dollar. Instead, they learned the value of buying Twitch followers by throwing money at online casino games, and broadcasting it for all to stare at in bewilderment.

There is value in that, too, because having a large fan base can net you a lot of cash, which brings us to our next type – the dependent bankroller.

These streamers build a stash of cash on their own at first, using it to place big bets and grab viewers as they go. Once they have enough followers, they ask for help in bankrolling upcoming videos. Those watching get so caught up in the moment that they agree. All it takes is a simple click of the ‘Subscribe‘ button to make a donation, and when you’ve got enough viewers doing it, the money comes pouring in!

Then comes the third type – the online casino affiliate. These players are expected to make a name for themselves at first, and if they succeed, the casinos will actually bankroll them. It’s the same as having a house player planted at the poker table. The whole point is to get more people to play. If you notice a a frivolous blackjack player hosting a live dealer casino Twitch stream, taking far more risks than anyone with that size bankroll should, they’re probably a paid affiliate.


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