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Largest Twitch Casino Jackpot Wins Caught on Video

Biggest jackpot wins captured on Twitch stream as of 02/2018.

Biggest Jackpot Wins captured on Twitch streamWe’ve all dreamed of winning an enormous lottery or slot machine jackpot. We’ve all considered how it would feel, and what we might do with all that money. But at the same time, it feels more like a fantasy than anything else; something realistically unattainable. “Nothing that grand will ever happen to me,” we tell ourselves.

The problem is that, while we are constantly hearing of other people whose dream came true, our inspiration is stifled by the surrealism of it all. Now, thanks to a throng of Twitch live streaming players, the reality of a big win is coming into focus. To see a person strike it rich in a matter of seconds… the excitement is truly contagious!

If you don’t believe me, you obviously haven’t seen any of the largest Twitch casino jackpot wins caught on video lately. While it’s not quite as exhilarating as winning one of your own – I have yet to experience that myself – witnessing the genuine reaction of another player, as it’s happening, is truly inspiring.

Biggest Jackpot Wins Captured on Twitch Stream

Obviously, I can’t show you another player winning “as it’s happening”. I’m no psychic. If I were, I’d be living it up in the Bahamas with millions in the bank by now. For that, you’ll have to start watching the most popular Twitch casino streamers, and hope they get lucky.

So instead, I’ll share with you some recent Twitch clips of the largest casino jackpots wins I’ve come across, up to now (February 2018).

Remember, these are all real people, winning real money, on real internet slot machines. The videos are intended for mature, adult audiences of legal gambling age, and may contain profanity.

BaitOrBeBaited Scoops $12k Random Jackpot

In this first video, we witness BaitOrBeBaited, a relatively popular Twitch casino streamer, reacting to an incredible random jackpot release of $12,172.09. His response is one of sheer amazement! He becomes so excited that he shares in the joy with his cat, and admits the overwhelming sensation was so much he felt like he might throw up.

The entire video lasts just over a minute, with the vast majority of it devoted to his reaction. It’s a must-watch, and proves that those ‘random trigger’ jackpots really to strike. You can catch more memorable moments on his BaitOrBeBaited Twitch Stream.

NickSlots Wins £20k on 6×6 Queen of Riches

Our next video, streamed by one of the internet’s most popular Twitch casino streamers, NickSlots, starts out a bit slow. The host is spinning the spinning the reels of Big Time Gaming‘s 6×6 reel Queen of Riches Slot. He’s playing at £5 per spin with the auto-feature on, watching his bankroll decline steadily when all of a sudden (53 seconds into the video), the screen fills with one full column of 10s, four columns of Qs, and another column of 9s.

Those may be considered lower paying symbols in general, but a combination like that is beyond phenomenal. The host goes wild as the ‘Epic Win‘ meter climbs, and climbs, and climbs some more. With an understandable outburst of joyous profanity, NickSlots leaps from his chair and dances about the room, laughing uncontrollably as the payout finally comes to a stop (more than 30 seconds later) for a grand total of £20,485.50.

Roshtein Lands €61k All-Wilds Win at MultiLotto

In this last video, we see an outrageously popular casino Twitcher, Roshtein (30k+ followers), achieve the ultimate win on a MultiLotto slot machine. He was running through 20 free spins when the game hit a special combination. He knew immediately what was coming as the game’s wild symbols began to spread, covering every single reel position.

As the win meter rose, he belted out a continuous stream of “Oh my God!” That particular lineup, combined with Roshtein’s €30 per spin bet – and the rest of his free spin wins on top of it – was worth an amazing €61,590! His genuine astonishment was infection as the multitude of Roshtein Gaming Twitch followers who bore witness the the event congratulated him on the fantastic payout.

Endless Stream of Twitch Casino Jackpot Wins

These are just a few of the biggest jackpot wins captured on Twitch stream in recent months. There are many more out there, and surely more to come as the number of Twitch casino streamers – and lucrative wins – continues to grow.

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