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How Twitch Casino Streamers Make Real Money

Can I earn money playing real casino games on Twitch ?

Can i earn money playing real casino games on TwitchThat’s a very good question, and one I’ve heard circulating a lot more often lately. The short answer is, ‘Yes!” Today, I’ll explain how Twitch casino streamers make real money, and what it takes to get in on that action.

Did you notice I said “the short answer” up there? That’s because it’s not a simple process, nor is there a singular mode of profitability. You aren’t guaranteed to make money streaming casino games on Twitch just because you start broadcasting your slots play. There’s a lot more to it than that.

We’ll start by explaining exactly what you’ll need to start a (potentially) successful broadcast. Then, we’ll move on to the three different ways you can earn real money streaming on Twitch.

What You’ll Need to Stream Casino Games on Twitch

You’re going to need several things to make this happen. Obviously, you’ll need an online casino account, and a Twitch account. Fortunately both of these are free. However, you will need to deposit some real money into the casino account. Playing in ‘demo’ (free play) mode is NOT going to attract a fan base to your live stream.

Next, you’ll need an adequate computer setup, with webcam and microphone, to stream the games on. Don’t even think about using a mobile device or tablet. We’re talking full desktop with tower and monitor. Most laptops and all-in-one (AIO) systems don’t offer enough hardware space. You’ll need a fast processor, lots of RAM, and a god graphics accelerator card to stream without any lag. Viewers hate lag!

Then, you’ll need a streaming software. You can use the free Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) platform, or opt for a paid service like XSplit. Both will work, but being a paid service, the XSplit will come with easier and more customizable features.

Last but most definitely not least, you’re going to need to attract a fan base. You won’t make any money without viewers. Marketing is a tricky thing. Some tactics work for some, other tactics for others. Two very important things are 1) have a set schedule for broadcasting and stick to it, and 2) never stop talking. No one wants to listen to dead air.

3 Ways to Earn Money Playing Real Casino Games on Twitch

There are three basic ways to make money as a Twitch casino streamer. The best part is you don’t have to pick just one. You can take advantage of all three. And the more viewers you have, the more you can expect to earn.

#1 Twitch Casino Affiliate

This is where the majority of your money is going to come from. You’ll want to choose one, or maybe a few, casino brands to promote. Sign up with their affiliate program, and talk to an affiliate manager about your intent to stream games on Twitch. They will give you everything you need to promote the casino.

You’ll need to set up your broadcasting layout to display the promotional content alongside the stream. This usually involves exhibiting the name of the casino, and a special bonus code (your referral ID) that viewers can sign up with. For using that code, they’ll get some special offer, like free credits, free spins, etc. Display this info clearly during the broadcast!

The money will come in when viewers actually use that code to make a deposit. Affiliate programs pay a small percentage of every referral’s deposit back to the affiliate. Get enough referrals, and the profits can be substantial.

#2 Donations

Another way Twitch streamers make money is by accepting donations. You have to be really popular for this, and they probably won’t come often, or in large amounts, but they do happen. I’ve seen several high-profile Twitch gamers getting donations of anywhere from $1 up into the thousands! That money is generally used to deposit and continue playing the casino games for real money.

#3 Win that Cash!

The third and most exciting way to make money is to actually win a large sum while broadcasting casino games. Every major Twitch streamer has done it. Hitting a random jackpot, a progressive, or just a lucrative combination of symbols on the slots, can be extremely exciting, both for you and your viewers.

Whether it’s $500, or $50,000, your genuine reaction of amazement will create an energy that permeates throughout the live chat, and helps viewers understand that they too can be just as lucky.

So yes, you can earn money playing real casino games on Twitch. You’ll have to be entertaining and committed, investing both time and money (for equipment) to make it work.

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