14 Jan

2019 888 Poker Social Media Freeroll Frenzy

Socialize your way into 888Poker Freeroll Tournaments

Gain entry to 888 Poker freeroll tournaments via social media.

There’s no better price tag than “free”, especially when it comes to things like entertainment and entry to events where you could win cold hard cash. I prefer the cold hard cash, myself. Having access to hours of free entertainment in the meantime? Yeah, I’ll take that, too.

That’s precisely what 888 Poker is offering their members these days. All you need is a couple of social media accounts to earn a free seat in a number of free tournaments each month. Play in the tournament, have a good time, and possibly win some money in the process—all because you told the world you like 888 Poker. Not a bad deal.

888 Poker Freeroll Tournaments on Social Media

Do you have a Twitter account? How about Facebook? And Instagram? If you said yes to any of these, you can take part in their latest 2019 888Poker promotions. Through Twitter and Facebook, you can snag a seat in a lot of free tourneys. You can do the same while viewing behind the scenes photos of Team 888 poker pros and other celebrities via Instagram.

Tweet Your Way to a Free 888Poker Tournament

888 Poker is heavily promoting its world-class online poker site on social media this year. Following 888 on Twitter can be a valuable thing. Anyone who obeys the simple rules of entry can snag a seat in the $888 freeroll coming up at the end of the month, on January 28, 2019.

To claim your seat now, visit their Twitter page, @888Poker, and click the ‘Follow‘ link. Then, tweet this message out to the Twitter-verse, replacing the “X” with your 888Poker username. If you don’t have one, be sure to sign up an account and create a user name at the online poker site first.

My @888poker username is X. I want to play in the $888 Twitter Freeroll on 28/1/2019 #888series #888poker #poker

As soon as the 888 crew sees your Tweet, they’ll reserve your seat in the $888 freeroll tournament. Give it a bit of time, then log into your 888 Poker account to find yourself registered for the event.

Like ’em on Facebook for Exclusive Promos & Prize Offers

2019 888Poker Social Media Freeroll Frenzy

When you’re done at Twitter, head over to 888Poker on Facebook and look for the thumbs-up icon to like their page. Then, keep an eye on their posts for special promotional information and promo codes.

For example, last Monday, 888 published the password for their monthly $1,000 Facebook Freeroll. You have to be on the ball to catch these. The password, which happened to be “karascott”, was posted just 8 hours before the start of the freeroll event. Don’t get caught napping, or you could miss out.

More Freerolls for Instagram’ers

The social media freeroll frenzy continues for Instagram users. Follow 888Poker on Instagram, and you’ll get even more free tourney passwords, like the monthly $500 Instagram Freeroll, as well as whatever other promotions they concoct in their spare time—something they seem to have a lot of these days. All the better for us players!

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