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How to Use the MuchBetter Debit Card at Online Casinos

Play it Safe with MuchBetter Prepaid Debit at Every Online Casino

Play it Safe with MuchBetter Prepaid Debit at Every Online CasinoDebit cards are among the easiest ways to make an online purchase. Enter the card number and expiration date, and you’re shopping is done. They’re also great for retail shopping, where a tap or swipe gets you on your way, goodies in tow. But not everyone likes using a debit card online, especially when it’s attached to their most precious, high-fidelity bank account.

MuchBetter has a solution for that, and it’s becoming especially popular among today’s online gambling enthusiasts. Most of you will recognize the name MuchBetter for its progressive web wallet service. But it’s so much more than that. MuchBetter really is “much better” than a web wallet. It’s a complete payment solution from a progressive fin-tech company with a focus on digitization. For iGamers, MuchBetter offers a prepaid debit MasterCard that its eWallet users can employ to make purchases online, including deposits at their favorite online casinos.

What’s most unique about the MuchBetter prepaid card is that, due to its MasterCard branding, pretty much every online gambling site accepts it. You can use it anywhere, online or on land, wherever you see the MasterCard logo. This makes MuchBetter more appealing than traditional eWallets, where that brand’s logo must be present use it.

Let me put that into perspective. MuchBetter’s MasterCard debit is accepted at almost 3,000 gambling sites, while the MuchBetter eWallet service is accepted at less than 300. That’s a pretty big difference. It’s also the number one reason we recommend MuchBetter users request a free prepaid MasterCard where available.

You’ll learn all about it, including how to deposit with MuchBetter prepaid at online casinos, in the following review. First, a quick table of contents to help you find all the information you’re looking for.

Table of Contents

  • Just the FAQs – A series of common questions and answers.
  • Pros – All the best features of a prepaid MuchBetter debit MasterCard.
  • Cons – The negative stuff you need to know.
  • MuchBetter eWallet – The heart of MuchBetter’s dynamic payment solution.
  • Access – How to get your very own MuchBetter prepaid debit MasterCard.
  • Fees – Cost of using and maintaining a MuchBetter debit card.
  • Casino Deposits – How to deposit at online casinos with MuchBetter debit.
  • Casino Withdrawals – A MuchBetter way to withdraw casino winnings.

MuchBetter Debit Card Casinos – Just the FAQs

Below is a list of commonly asked questions and answers. Beyond that, we provide a quick rundown of Pros and Cons associated with the MuchBetter prepaid card. This section will help you decide if it’s right for you before getting into the real meat of this review.

Can I use MuchBetter debit in Canada?

Yes. The MuchBetter app and debit MasterCard are available in most countries, including Canada. It is only prohibited in 21 countries around the world, including the United States of America. If you want to see where else you can’t use MuchBetter, see the company’s full list of Non-Serviced Countries.

How do I know I can trust MuchBetter? Who are they?

MuchBetter is a next-gen payment application launched in 2017. Its head offices are in Vilnius, Lithuania and London, England. The company is authorized by numerous regulatory entities, the most noteworthy being the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA – License No.: 900704), and the Romanian National Office for Gambling (NOG – License No. Nr:2427/26.11.2020), and is a member of the Electronic Money Association (EMA) and Fintech Financial Crime Exchange (FFE).

Long story short, MuchBetter is a European company that’s taken all the right steps to prove its worth to the global finance community. It operates under a multitude of reputable licenses and certificates to ensure regulatory compliance in all jurisdictions in which it operates.

Do a lot of online casinos accept MuchBetter MasterCard debit?

Yes! Every online gambling website that accepts MasterCard debit card deposits will accept the MuchBetter debit card, regardless of whether the MuchBetter eWallet appears on the banking menu. That number currently encompasses nearly 3,000 iGaming sites.

Is a prepaid MuchBetter debit card safe?

Yes. MuchBetter’s debit cards are backed by the indelible security of the MasterCard brand. With over 50 years of financial card services, you can rest assured your money is in good hands. Plus, if you lose your card, or suspect it’s been compromised, you can instantly freeze it with the tap of a button in the MuchBetter mobile app.

How can I load/reload funds on a MuchBetter prepaid card?

Reloading the card is as simple as reloading your MuchBetter web wallet account. There are several ways to fund this account. They include Visa and MasterCard credit cards, debit cards, Interac, and direct bank transfers. If you don’t have a credit card or bank account, you can purchase a MuchBetter top-up card from TopMeUp.ca. Most prepaid gift cards sold in Canada will work as well. You can even fund it with a variety of cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP).

Why am I being asked if the funds are for “gaming” or “non-gaming” purposes?

When depositing funds in your MuchBetter eWallet, you will be asked this question. If you choose “gaming purposes”, the funds can be used for pretty much anything, including online gambling. However, if you choose “non-gaming purposes”, you will not be able to use that money for casino deposits. This allows MuchBetter to comply with regulatory guidelines in all the countries in which it operates.

Do I have to activate the card?

Yes, once you get your MuchBetter debit card, you will need to activate it. Open the MuchBetter mobile app and follow the instructions. Make sure to choose a security PIN no one else will be able to guess.

How do I check the balance on my card?

Open the MuchBetter app to check your balance. Note that only the balance designated for “gaming purposes” can be deposited as online casinos.

Can I cash out casino winnings to my card?

Yes, so long as the online casino allows withdrawals to 1) MasterCard debit, and/or 2) MuchBetter eWallet. Using either of these methods will deposit the funds into your MuchBetter account.

Are casino cashouts eligible for further “gaming purposes”?

Yes. When you request a casino withdrawal to your MuchBetter eWallet or debit card, those funds will automatically be available for gaming purposes. The same goes for funds received from all merchant websites and P2P transfers.

Are there any deposit limits or fees I should be aware of?

Your casino deposits are only limited by the amount of cash in the “gaming” balance of your MuchBetter eWallet, and any limitations imposed by the casino. Most MuchBetter services are free, including its debit card, but some services may incur a fee. See our MuchBetter Fee Chart below for more details.

Will my MuchBetter prepaid card expire?

Yes, like any debit card, your MuchBetter MasterCard will have an expiration date printed on it. Don’t worry, though. When the card nears expiry, MuchBetter will send you another one.

PROs – The Good Stuff
MuchBetter prepaid card is free
No credit card or bank account required
Accepted at nearly 3,000 online casinos
Part of the dynamic MuchBetter web wallet experience
Comes with the backing and security of MasterCard
Use In-Store or Online, anywhere MasterCard is accepted
Cannot overdraw from prepaid balance
No interest on purchases
Can make casino withdrawals to MuchBetter debit card or eWallet
Funds never expire
Instantly freeze your card if lost or stolen
Transactions display instantly in the MuchBetter app
CONs – The Bad Stuff
Not anonymous, ID verification is required
Takes up to 2 weeks to get your card in the mail
Most funding methods incur a fee
Most withdrawals to bank, except Interac eTransfer, incur a fee


The eWallet at the Core of MuchBetter Payments

The heart of MuchBetter is its mobile payment application; the MuchBetter Web Wallet, or eWallet. All services link back to this mobile app. Users must have an eWallet account to apply for the MuchBetter debit card. The funds you use to make purchases with the card will come from those in your eWallet account. In short, you don’t need a MuchBetter prepaid card to have a MuchBetter Wallet, but you do need a MuchBetter Wallet to have a MuchBetter debit card.

Much Better Mobile AppThe benefits of the app are multifarious. It’s fast, secure, low on fees, and very simple to use. It’s also eligible for use as a deposit and withdrawal method at the iGaming industry’s most reputable Canadian-facing online casinos. We aren’t the only ones who recommend MuchBetter, either. The company has received a multitude of B2B and B2C awards in a very short time. From 2018-2021 alone, MuchBetter took home 12 industry awards for everything from Rising Star and Innovation in Payments, to Best Mobile Payment Solution and Best B2C user experience.

Within the MuchBetter app, users can upload funds, make payments at merchant websites, deposit at gambling sites, send money to friends and family, and receive payments, including merchant refunds and casino withdrawals. The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate – another feature it’s won awards for.

How to Open a MuchBetter Mobile Account

You’ll need to start by downloading the mobile app for Android and iOS. Here are direct links to those, or open the corresponding app store on your mobile device and search for MuchBetter:

Open the app and choose to create an account. Note that you can use the website to create your account if you prefer. You’ll need to enter your mobile number, preferred currency, name, address, email and date of birth. You’ll also need to choose a secure 4-digit passcode; something unique to you, that no one would be able to guess.

Once your account is registered, you’ll need to verify your identity. To do so, tap on the Verify Me link on the Home screen. You’ll need to take a picture of a valid, government=issue photo ID. A driver’s license or passport will do. Scan both sides. Next, take a selfie with your front-facing camera. Within an hour, you’ll receive an SMS text message confirming ID verification.

Deposit Funds to the eWallet

To top up your account, tap the floating menu button on the Home screen, then choose Top Up. A list of all eligible payment methods will appear. Choose the one that suits you best.

Important Note: When choosing to top up with a credit/debit card, you will be asked if the funds are for “gaming” or “non-gaming“. If you intend to deposit any of this money at an online gambling site, you must choose “gaming“. You will not be able to use the funds for any gaming-related activity if you choose “non-gaming“.

Follow the rest of the instructions to complete the purchase. Most funding methods are quick, taking anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to credit. Others can take 1-3 business days to arrive. Be sure to read the details of your chosen deposit method before proceeding.

At this point you can use your MuchBetter eWallet to make purchases/deposits anywhere you see the MuchBetter logo. You can learn more about requesting a MuchBetter debit card by scrolling to the next section.


How to Get a MuchBetter Debit Card

Once you’ve opened and verified your MuchBetter account, making at least one successful top-up, you should have the option to request a debit card. It can take 2-3 weeks for your card to arrive. Once it does, you’ll activate it in the app. From there, you can use the card in-store, online, and to withdraw from ATM machines all over the world, anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Important Note: MuchBetter offers both a physical card and a keychain FOB for contactless payments. However, the FOB is only available in the UK and European Economic Area (EEA) countries. Because these two items are described in tandem on the website, Canadian eligibility to receive the card is often contradictory. If you have any trouble, contact customer support for clarification.


Fees Associated with Much Better Prepaid Debit

Your MuchBetter prepaid debit card is free to get, and free to use. However, there are fees associated with the MuchBetter Wallet that you’ll need to be aware of. Here’s a complete break-down of MuchBetter’s fee schedule.

MuchBetter Account Basic Features
Account Registration
Pay Merchant (Casino Deposit)
Get Paid by Merchant (Casino Withdraw)
Send/Receive Money to/from Friend
Request Money from a Friend
Send/Receive Monetary Gift
Currency Conversion (exchange rate not included)
MuchBetter Prepaid Card Usage
Make a Payment Online
Make a Payment In-Store
ATM Withdrawal
Currency Conversion (exchange rate not included)
MuchBetter Account Funding Methods
Credit/Debit Card
Cash (Flexepin)
Interac Cashback
Interac eTransfer
Interac Online
Crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP)
MuchBetter Account Withdraw Methods
Bank Transfer
$4.00 (USD)
Interac eTransfer
$4.00 (USD)
Crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP)
Western Union
$4.00 (USD)

*Fees accurate at time of writing. See current MuchBetter Fee Schedule for potential updates.


Making Casino Deposits with MuchBetter Prepaid Debit

Before we continue, let me reiterate something. The purpose of depositing with MuchBetter’s prepaid MasterCard, as opposed to the mobile web wallet, is to use the account at online casinos that don’t accept MuchBetter payments directly. If your online casino’s banking page bears the MuchBetter logo, you can use your eWallet account, or your debit card. The following instructions are geared towards using the debit card.

You will be able to deposit with MuchBetter’s MasterCard debit at any online casino that promotes MasterCard Debit as a payment method. To do so, follow these steps:

MasterCard Debit Casino Deposits – Step by Step
  1. Log into the online casino and tap your way to the Cashier page.
  2. Choose Debit Card, or MasterCard Debit, from the list of deposit options.
  3. Enter the details as they appear on the card, including 16-digit card number, expiration date and CVV security code (on the back), in the corresponding input boxes. You may also need to enter the name, address, and/or zip code associated with the card. This information must match your casino account details or the payment will be rejected; (i.e. the casino account and debit card must be in your name). 
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and press the button to submit the payment.

Assuming you’ve followed all instructions correctly, the deposit will credit to your casino account immediately.


If you’re experiencing problems depositing, try one of these solutions…

  • Is there enough money in your MuchBetter wallet to cover the cost of the deposit? Open the mobile app and double-check your balance.
  • Is your deposit converting to a different currency from your MuchBetter account balance? MuchBetter charges an 0.99% fee on top of the current foreign exchange rate to convert currencies. If your account balance doesn’t have enough to cover the exchange rate and fee, your payment will not go through. Try sheering a few dollars off the deposit and see if that works.
  • Is your balance eligible for “gaming” payments, or did you choose “non-gaming” when funding your eWallet? If you do not select “gaming” when topping up your MuchBetter account, the funds in your eWallet cannot be used for online gambling deposits.
  • Double-check your card details for typographical errors. If you did not input the card details correctly, the payment will be declined. When entering your name, be sure to enter it exactly as it appears on the card, right down to the inclusion of a middle initial. The name and address associated with the card must be the same as the name/address on the casino account.


MuchBetter Casino Withdrawals – Cashout to Card or eWallet

You may or may not be able to withdraw to a MuchBetter prepaid debit card. Most online casinos promote debit card payouts, but more often than not, MasterCard will decline it. Sometimes they work, but most times they don’t. It’s one downside of having a MasterCard branded debit card, compared to VISA debit.

If you’re unable to withdrawal to MasterCard, you can still cash out to your MuchBetter eWallet, assuming the casino promotes MuchBetter as a payment option. Otherwise, you may find yourself looking for alternative ways to cashout casino winnings.


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