14 Jun

Lucky Lottery: BC Man Opens Million Dollar Email

Check Your Email! Kamloops Man Wins $1Mil from BC Online Lotto

We all love to hear a good lucky lottery story. Tales like that of Jerry Knott of Manitoba, who won $20 million after finding an old ticket he had bought months prior folded up in his wallet. Or that of Bon Troung, a hard-working immigrant from Alberta who intentionally held onto a $60 million winning ticket for 10 months while deciding how best to handle the windfall, without disrupting his family’s assiduous nature. And who could forget Jules Parent, Quebec’s luckiest lottery winner who cashed in not just once, but twice?

Today, I bring you fresh story, well worthy of inclusion on such a list. This is the story of Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gauthier, a Kamloops couple who are a perfect reminder; if you play the lottery online, don’t forget to check your email!

The Million Dollar Email from BC Online Lotto

Greg Gauthier of Kamloops Wins $1Mil from BC Online LottoLottery tickets aren’t just for retail shoppers anymore. Greg Gauthier and his wife play the lotto all the time, but they don’t always buy their tickets at the local grocer or fill-up station. Like so many of us, they buy a lot of things online these days. Thanks to British Columbia’s pursuit of internet gaming services, lottery tickets are included in Gauthiers’ regular online shopping activities.

One particular morning – one that started out like any other morning – found Greg and his wife scrolling through their email, as usual. But there was one email that wasn’t so usual at all. It was from the BCLC online lottery website, PlayNow.com, and it contained a very simple message.

Greg Gauthier had won $1,000,000

The couple was beyond shocked at the contents of the email. “Our first reaction,” Greg told representatives of the lottery claim center, “was ‘this is too many zeros!’

The Kamloops couple purchased the digital lottery ticket from the PlayNow.com website for the Lotto 6/49 draw, held May 7, 2022.

“We are quite excited,” said Mr. Gauthier, and as for their children, who they immediately shared the news with, “They are quite excited for us.”

When asked how it feels to win such a massive amount of money, his response was enthusiastic, to say the least.

My biggest feeling was that I can now look into the future and put my kids and grandson in a great place,” he said. “I am able to make life easier for my family and I really enjoy helping out.”

Let The Festivities Begin!

The lucky lottery winners are planning to celebrate the big win with a special family dinner before making any major plans. One thing they do have in mind is a trip to the East Coast, where they can enjoy warm weather and sunshine.

“I’m not going to argue if we get away during the winter months,” joked Mr. Gauthier.

BC Online Lottery Sales and Ticket Checker

Tickets for all provincial and national lottery games can be purchased at any licenced retailer or online through PlayNow.com. There is no cost difference between the two. Players can also download the PlayNow app to check results by scanning physical tickets on any Android or iOS device.

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