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Pay by Mobile Phone Casinos in Canada

Simplify and secure your online gambling experience with mobile phone bill casino deposit options for Canadians.

Simplify and secure your online gambling experience with mobile phone bill casino deposit options for Canadians.Prior to the internet, the world was a much smaller place. We traveled to casinos to gamble, paid bills with cash, check or money order, and used pay phones to communicate on the go. No one knew what the weather was like in Brazil. We didn’t have random friends in Australia, or buy goods directly from China. Boy, have times changed!

Now days, the majority of our activities take place over the internet. We call, text and snapchat people over WiFi and 5G mobile networks. We pay bills through online banking services. Thousands of internet casinos exist in the digital realm of cyberspace, fulfilling our entertainment needs with ultimate convenience.

Having the option to gamble on a desktop or mobile device is great, but it’s not just the way we access the games that’s so favorable. There are nearly as many ways to pay for you wagers as there are types of games to wager on.

Practicality Over Popularity

If you’re familiar with the industry, you know that the most popular ways to fund an online casino account are credit cards, debit cards, eChecks, bank transfers and eWallets. you may also recognize that all of these services have something common. to use them, you must share some form of personal financial information over the web. You may be sharing this info with the online casino you’re depositing with. Or, you may share it with the online payment service that facilitates your transfers. Either way, you’re divulging sensitive data.

On the surface, these payments are very secure. Each party uses state of the art technologies to encrypt data transfers and protect their users’ information. But as we all know these days, fraud and identity theft is rampant. Security breeches can occur. So for those of you who require the most secure ways to deposit at online casinos – without divulging any personal financial details whatsoever – I recommend Pay by Mobile Casinos.

Pay by Mobile Phone Bill Casino Deposits

Mobil Phone Bill CasinosMobile phone billing – it’s something we should all be familiar with. We pay that bill regularly, just as we do utilities, rent/mortgage, cable and other common usage fees. Some of us take the time to pay the mobile bill each month. Others set up auto-payments, instantly debiting the charge from our bank account; a method especially popular with contractual monthly phone plans. However you pay it, you could be paying off your online casino expenses at the same time.

Online casinos that accept mobile phone bill deposits let you do just that. When you make a deposit this way, the cost is simply tacked onto your monthly phone bill. It’s that simple. The only information a player shares with the casino operator during deposit is their mobile phone number and carrier.

For security purposes, you’ll receive an SMS text message with the details of the payment, and instructions to confirm or deny the purchase. This typically involves replying ‘Y’ for yes or ‘N’ for no, or with a specific numeric verification code to approve or decline.

The entire process can take about 30 seconds to complete. Once confirmed, the amount of the deposit is immediately reflected in your casino account balance. No information is shared, no risk taken; just a fast, simple and ultimately secure way to deposit.

Quick Q&A – Mobile Phone Bill Casino FAQs

In this section, we’ll quickly answer some of the most common questions about Pay by Mobile casino deposits.

What If I Have a Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Phone?

Not to worry – these phones are eligible, too. Because they are prepaid phone plans, you have to have the money in your phone bill account before you can spend it. So long as there’s enough money in the pre-funded account to cover the deposit, you can use this method.

Is Auto-Pay Required for Monthly Phone Plans?

Sometimes, yes. It depends on your carrier. You can contact your mobile phone carrier support to find out.

 Are there Limits on How Much I can Deposit?

Yes. Pay by Phone has very strict limitations on the amount you can deposit at any given time. Again, it’s up to the mobile carrier to decide how much a customer can amend to their mobile bill. The max is typically $30 to $50, at most. Contact your mobile carrier for exact daily, weekly, monthly and single-purchase limits.

How Do I Know it a Casino Accepts Mobile Billing?

There are a number of different Pay by Phone Bill services on the market. You’ll need to look on the casino’s banking page for ‘Mobile Billing‘, ‘Pay by Mobile‘, or the exact logo of a mobile billing service in your area. The biggest mobile billing service in Canada is Boku, which brings us to our next section…

Mobile Phone Bill Casino Payment Services

There is currently only one mobile phone payment system that caters to the Canadian online gambling community. It’s called Boku, and it’s been around for a lot more years than you might think.

The company was founded in the UK in 2003 as Vidicom Ltd. They spent the first few years seeking funding for a revolutionary service it called MobillCash. It didn’t take off until 2009, when investors from the Silicon Valley took interest. The company moved to San Francisco, California, rebranded as Boku, and has been expanding its coverage ever since.

Other mobile billing services that are not (yet) available in Canada include PayForIt and Zimpler.

Boku Casino Deposits

Mobile Phone Casino Deposit Options - Boku Pay by MobileBoku is the largest and most widely available mobile phone bill payment option, especially popular among online gaming communities. More importantly, it’s the only one that caters to Canadians, and requires no input of personal or financial (card or bank) details.

Boku was originally available to European customers for about 5 years before entering the Canadian market in 2014 as a ‘direct carrier billing‘ service for PS4 gamers. It’s now available for players of all major video gaming consoles, and is promoted by 125+ global online gambling websites; about 75 of which accept Canadian players and deposits.

Unlike traditional payment methods, you won’t need to register an account with Boku to use its direct carrier billing service. It’s also 100% free. There’s no direct or monthly fee to use the service. The amount you deposit is the amount you pay, period.

How to Pay with Boku at Online Casinos

To make a mobile phone bill payment with Boku, log into an online casino that accepts this method. Navigate to the Banking > Deposit section and choose the mobile phone billing option (Pay by Mobile, Mobile Billing, Boku, etc.). Enter the amount you want to deposit, along with your mobile carrier and/or mobile phone number. You’ll should immediately receive an SMS text message with the details of the payment. Reply affirmatively (Y or Yes) to that message and the payment is complete.

Can I Request a Boku Casino Withdrawal?

Unfortunately, withdrawals are not an option via mobile phone casinos. While casino deposits can appear on your mobile phone bill, payments cannot be credited back to it. In order to facilitate a withdrawal that is equally secure (no financial details), you’ll want to request a paper cheque by mail. All other methods require divulging personal and financial information.

Monthly Billing & Pay As You Go Plans

Mobile phone casino deposit options are compatible with any cellular plan. Whether you have a regularly scheduled monthly payment, or utilize a pay-as-you-go service, it still works. For monthly payment plans, the deposit shows up on your next month’s bill. For pay as you go plans, the deposit will withdrawal instantly from your available credit balance.

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