28 May

Debit Card Skins in Canada

Customize your Wallet with Fun Personalized Debit Card Stickers

Debit Card Skins in Canada - Customize Your Wallet with Fun Personalized Debit Card Stickers

A very famous person once said, “Personalization is the key to happiness!

Okay, that’s not exactly true. Well, it is true – personalizing things can be a lot of fun, and fun things make us happy. But a very famous person did not say it. I said it – just now – and I stand by it.

We personalize all sorts of things these days. Mostly things we use on a regular basis; things that the world will get a chance to see when we’re out in it. Phone cases are especially popular. Keys and key rings, too. So why not our debit cards?

Dressing up your credit or debit card is no different than adding a little flare to your wardrobe. We wear the clothing we like most, accessorize with shoes, jewelry, watches, bags, belts, and make up. Some of us choose to decorate our very bodies with tattoos and piercings. I’m honestly surprised its taken this long for card skinning to become so popular.

We’ve got a lot of information to cover, so I’ll start things off with a quick table of contents. Choose any topic to jump straight to it, or just keep scrolling to learn about everything as you go.

Table of Contents

Personalized Debit Card Stickers

The great thing about debit card skins is that the options are genuinely limitless. The market is brimming with thousands upon thousands of design options. And if none of them pique your interest, you can simply customize your own debit card sticker. Those of you who are savvy enough can even create and cut your own!

If you fancy yourself an artist, the customization options are endless. If you can draw it, paint it, sculpt it, digitally render it – whatever you’re into – you can make it. Simply upload an image of it to a custom skins website, like CUCU Covers or WrapCart, and within a week, you’ll be swiping in style.

Not sure what’s out there? Here’s a few samples to get your creative juices going…

Hottest Credit Card Skins

Hello Kitty Debit Card Skins

Hello Kitty Card Skins

Doge Debit Card Skins

Doge Meme Card Skins

K-Pop Anime Debit Card Skins

K-Pop / Anime Card Skins

Friends Reunion Debit Card Skin

Friends Reunion Card Skin

Avengers Debit Card Skins

Avengers Debit Card Skins

Joe Exotic Tiger King Card Skins

Tiger King Card Skins

Funny Debit Card Skins

Take My Money Credit Card Skins

Shut Up & Take My Money

I Declare Bankruptcy Credit Card Skin

I Declare Bankruptcy

Broke AF Credit Card Skin

Broke Card Skins

Terry Card Sticker

Terry Card Skin

Blockbuster Card Sticker

Blockbuster Card Skin

Stonks Card Stickers

Stonks Card Skins

Motivational Debit Card Skins

Motivational Debit Card Skins She Is Fierce

She is Fierce Card Skin

Dow What You Love Card Skin

Do What You Love Card Skin

Empowerment Quote Card Stickers

Empowerment Quote Card Skins

Miscellaneous Debit Card Skins

Basketball NBA Card Stickers

Sports / NBA Card Skins

Gaming Debit Card Stickers

Gaming Card Skins

Official Pusheen Debit Card Stickers

Pusheen Card Skins

You’ve got Questions? We’ve got Answers!

We hear a lot of questions about card skinning. Most people want to know if you can really put a sticker over a debit card, and still use it. The short answer is yes, but there’s more to it. We’ll answer this and a lot more in this quick debit card sticker Q&A.

Can I put a skin on my credit card or debit card?

Yes, you have every right to customize your credit or debit card with a skin. Banks have been offering customizable cards for years. There’s no reason you can’t personalize it yourself. So long as the necessary information is visible to merchants and/or card scanners, aesthetic design has no impact on its usage. We’ll discuss sticker size and chip reader cut-out options in the questions below.

Why not just get free personalization from my bank?

You most certainly can let your bank customize your credit or debit card for you. Most banks offer this, and most of those that do offer it supply it for free. I’m a strong advocate of “free” stuff, believe me. The only problem is that your options will be a lot more limited. Banks tend to offer a few clear-cut designs, or let you upload your own image, but if you want something that reflects your favorite television show, movie, celebrity, sports team, athlete, animated character, video game – any type of image that might possibly carry a copyright – your bank probably won’t do it; not for free, if at all. You’ll find no such limitations with card skin merchants. And with self customization, you really can do absolutely anything you like!

My card has a chip reader. Can I still use a skin?

small chip or large chip, How to tell the difference between card chip sizeYes! When purchasing your card skin, you should have the option of selecting ‘No Chip’, ‘Small Chip’, or ‘Large Chip’. If you have a chi, but aren’t sure which size it is, look at the shape of it. The small chip is a short, wide rectangle, while the large chip is square in shape, but with rounded edges (as shown in the image to the right). Select the proper size, and there will be a perfectly sized cut-out in the vinyl to accommodate the chip. The best card cover sites even offer a special chip cut-out design for Apple card holders, since Apple had to be different and put their chip on the other side.

Can I cover the numbers on my credit/debit card?

No. Merchants expect to see certain information on a credit/debit card in order to verify you are the rightful holder, and that it is current and valid. The card number and expiration date, as well as the holder’s name, must be visible. If this information is listed on the front of your card, you can choose a “Half Cover” sticker that only covers the top half of the card, or choose a “Full Cover with Window”, which leaves a window opening just the right size to keep your information visible, while covering everything else (see examples below). Fortunately, a lot of today’s credit card companies have begun listing the name, number and expiration date on the back of their cards. If that’s the case, you can choose a full card cover with no worries.

Credit and Debit Card Skin Sizes, Full Cover, Full Cover with Window, Half Cover

I want to use my own image. Can I customize a skin?

Absolutely! Almost every website that sells skins for credit cards and debit cards will offer a customization feature. All you have to do is upload an image to the site you’re buying it from. As for how you make or obtain that image – that depends on your level of graphic skill. It could be as simple as taking a picture with your phone, or as complicated as drawing your own graphic design on an artist tablet. However you choose to go about it, so long as you can get that image in a .GIF, .JPG, or .PNG file format, you can upload it as a custom card skin.

How do you make your own debit card sticker?

It is certainly possible to make these neat stickers on your own, but you’ll need some special materials to do it. A Cricut vinyl cutting machine would be my first recommendation. Then you need an SVG file of the card skin you want to print. See How to Print Your Own Vinyl Debit Card Stickers below for more information.

Where can I get credit card and debit card skins?

There are a lot of websites that offer them. Some are geared specifically towards selling card skins. Others offer a wide range of device skins – everything from cards and phone cases, to video game controllers and consoles. And, let’s not forget your favorite one-stop-shopping sites, like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Here’s some reputable card skin sites to help get your started.

See my Debit Card Skin Merchant Seller Reviews below for more info.

How much do credit/debit card skins cost?

It really depends on where you buy them, of course. The short answer… anywhere from $5 to $25 a piece (including S&H).

The long answer… I’ve seen them for as little as $2-$3, scaling up to nearly $12, for the skin alone. Pay close attention to shipping fees. CucuCovers, for example, charges between $5 and $8 USD for most of their skins, depending on the size, with free shipping on orders over $10, plus discounts of 15%, 25% and 30% for buying 3, 5 or 7+ covers, respectively. Amazon is likely to be more expensive, averaging $12 with fast, free shipping for prime members (from most sellers), or $8 +S&H and weeks in the mail. Then we have merchants like WrapCart, who is really cheap at a glance, charging only USD $2.50 a per skin, but then throws as much as $20 on top for shipping costs.

Overall, I feel like BlitzCovers has one of the best deals, charging $5-$8 per cover, but with multiple promotions to keep costs down. They have a buy-2-get-1-free offer (and others), plus free shipping when you buy 2+ designs. However, they don’t offer a “Full Cover with Window” option. You really have to weigh the pros and cons, know what you want, and decide what you’re willing to pay for it.

See my Debit Card Skin Merchant Seller Reviews below for more information.

How sturdy are card stickers? What are they made of?

A good card cover skin is always made of vinyl. They’re far studier and more scratch resistant than paper-based stickers. The number one rule of thumb – read the description! Rule 2, if it’s not vinyl, don’t buy it.

Are they hard to put on?

This is really a matter of opinion. Some people find it easy. Others find it hard to line up the edges. If you’ve ever put a screen protector on your smartphone or tablet, you should have an idea of what you’re getting into. However, being stickers, I find card skins are a lot easier to work with, especially the vinyl ones (don’t settle for less!) Just be sure to use a microfiber or lens cleaner cloth to clean the card really well first.

To get an idea of how easy/difficult it is, check out this one minute video by CUCU Cover showing how to attach a skin to your debit card.

What if I don’t like it, or want to replace it? Can I take it off?

Yes. They are only stickers, and are not difficult to remove. Once again, make sure you’re getting top quality, vinyl stickers. They are the easiest to work with, and won’t tear or leave residue behind when you remove them. If you’re changing stickers, be sure to clean the surface of the card again after removing the old sticker.

Debit Card Skin Merchant Website Reviews

I’ve mentioned a variety of websites that sell credit card skins and debit card skins. In this section, I’ll give you a brief description of each one so you have a better idea of what you’re getting into. I’ll discuss variety, sizes, cost and shipping fees, and current promotions if any.

Cucu Covers Debit Skins

CucuCovers.comCucu Covers Debit Card Skins Review is a great site that let’s you customize your own debit card skins, or choose from a massive, searchable database of popular stickers. They have over 1,500 designs to choose from. You can browse by categories like Latest Releases, Trending, Motivational, Anime, NBA, Cars, Gaming, Funny, etc. They offer all chip sizes and cover sizes, and even support Apple Card chips, but only for custom card designs. to their credit, Cucu Covers deals almost exclusively in card covers.

The best thing about Cucu Covers is that you can get a great deal if you’re willing to buy more than one cover at a time. If you buy 2+ (i.e. spend $10 or more), you get free shipping to Canada or anywhere else in the world. If you purchase 3 or more, you’ll get a discount on top of the free shipping. It’s probably the best offer you’ll find if you have multiple cards to covers, especially if you like the ‘Full Cover w/ Window’ or Apple Chip option.

Customize Your Own Card Skin?Yes
Chip Sizes AvailableNo Chip, Small Chip, Large Chip, Apple Chip (custom cards only)
Cover Sizes AvailableFull Cover, Half Cover, Full Cover with Window
Average Cost per StickerUS $5 to $8
Standard Shipping & Handling RatesUS $3
Promotions & DiscountsSpend $10 or more (buy 2+ covers) to get free shipping anywhere in the world. Discount rates up to 30% off for purchasing multiple covers. Buy…

  • 3 or 4, get 15% off.
  • 5 or 6, get 25% off.
  • 7+, get 30% off.
WrapCart Credit/Debit Skins 

Wrap Cart Debit Card Skins ReviewWrapCart.com has a decent variety of skins, around 150, and always the most popular variety. They deal in  skins for a wide assortment of devices and gadgets (phones, laptops, wearables, etc.), so if you’re looking to cover more than a card, and maybe want your skins to match, WrapCart might be a good option for you. They’re also extremely cheap – at least, on the surface. The website is based out of India, so the biggest issue is high shipping rates.

Another potential problem is a lack of choices. Some skins come as full covers. Other come with a window cut-out for name/numbers. But it’s one or the other, not both. they also have ‘Small Chip’ and ‘Large Chip’ options, but no option for ‘No Chip’. thus, their covers accommodate most debit/credit cards, but not all.

Aside from outrageous shipping fees, my biggest pet peeve with this site is that their skins are not searchable. Categories and filters are available, but no search bar.

Create Your Own Card Skin?Yes
Chip Sizes AvailableSmall Chip, Large Chip
Cover Sizes AvailableFull Cover, Full Cover with Window
Average Cost per StickerUS $2 to $2.50
Standard Shipping & Handling RatesUS $20 (give or take a few bucks)
Promotions & DiscountsThere’s almost always a bonus code available for a ‘limited time’, but usually not for card skins. The current offer will be lasted at the very top of the page, with a bonus code and countdown timer.
BlitzCovers Debit Card Skins

Blitz Covers Debit Card Skins ReviewBlitzCovers.com is another good option for all your card skinning needs. They have about 300 covers in stock, separated by half cover and full cover skins. There are more full covers than halves (174 to 128, at last count), which means most of their full are also available as halves, but not all of them. BlitzCovers lets you shop in multiple currencies, include CAD, which is great for Canadians like myself. Plus, if you buy 2 or more, you get free shipping.

This website has some promo deals you’ll probably want to take advantage of. First of all, if you buy 2 or more, you get free shipping ($3 off). Second, if you buy 2, you get a third for free. So it’s really worth buying a minimum of 3 here, which will cost you between CA $12.06 and $19.30, depending on whether you buy full or half covers. If you really just want the one, you can use a promo code for a 10% discount (see below).

Create Your Own Card Skin?Yes
Chip Sizes AvailableNo Chip, Small Chip, Large Chip
Cover Sizes AvailableFull Cover, Half Cover
Average Cost per StickerCA $6.03 (Half) $9.65 (Full)
Standard Shipping & Handling RatesCA $3.00
Promotions & DiscountsIf you’re just buying one, you can enter the Promo Code “SAVE10” to get 10% off your order. Or, if you buy 2 or more, you get free shipping instead.

Blitz also offers a number of great Buy # Get # Free deals. They are:

  • Buy-2-Get-1-Free (Total of 3 @ 33.3% off)
  • Buy-3-Get-2-Free (Total of 5 @ 40.0% off)
  • Buy-4-Get-3-Free (Total of 7 @ 42.8% off)
TenStickers Debit Card Covers

Ten Stickers Debit Card SkinsTenStickers-Canada.com is a business that specializes in decal stickers of all types, and caters specifically to the Canadian market. Their main product line is home décor, such as wallpaper, wall decals, murals, and canvas prints. However, they have a pretty decent collection of card sticker designs. It’s not a massive variety, but an eclectic one that differs from a lot of their competitors.

You’ll have the option to create your own credit card skins, too. You can even get discounts on other coverings when creating a custom skin. For example, if you create a customer debit card skin with a photo from your camera, you can simply click a box to get the same image embedded on a mouse mat,  placemat, canvas print, etc.

My only pet peeve is that you cannot select full/half covers or chip size during checkout. It would appear that ‘Small Chip’ is the default, and that the way the sticker is shown in the image (full cover or window cut-out) is the way it arrives in the mail. To their credit, however, users are encouraged to email the business with any specifications before placing an order to make sure you’re getting the exact size/shape/trim you want.

Create Your Own Card Skin?Yes
Chip Sizes AvailableSmall Chip only (by default, email first for additional options)
Cover Sizes AvailableFull Cover, Full with Window (as shown, email first for additional optional)
Average Cost per Sticker$2.99 – $3.45
Standard Shipping & Handling Rates
  • $7.90 Canadian Post
  • $33.90 DHL Express
  • Free with Orders of $100+
Promotions & DiscountsFree shipping on all orders of $100 or more.
Amazon Debit Card Skins

Amazon Debit Card SkinsI’m all for Amazon. I love it. You can get just about anything and everything you could possibly want from Amazon, and if you have a Prime account, you can usually get fast and free shipping, to boot. But I was surprised to find how few credit/debit card stickers they actually sell. Most of the ones you’ll find aren’t “sold and shipped” by Amazon, which means you may or may not get free shipping as a Prime member, and even if you do, it’s not likely to arrive on 2-3 days. More like 2-6 weeks, depending on the seller.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, I would suggest searching around the virtual storehouse to see what’s available (search for Debit Card Skin on Amazon CA). If you can get a good price, with free shipping, and are satisfied with the delivery speed, go for it. The best you can do is search around and see what’s available. You may get  good deal, or you may not, but there’s no harm in looking.

Create Your Own Card Skin?No
Chip Sizes AvailableVaries by seller
Cover Sizes AvailableVaries by seller
Average Cost per Sticker$8.00
Standard Shipping & Handling Rates$2.40
Promotions & DiscountsFree shipping for Prime members (where supported by seller)
eBay Debit Card Stickers

Debit Card Skins eBay CanadaeBay.ca is another online shop where consumers can find pretty much anything, and that includes a vast assortment of credit and debit card stickers, or “SMART Stickers”, as the eBay family of online auctioneers are calling them. Prices and shipping will vary greatly by seller, so take the time to shop around. You may or may not find a good deal. Also be sure to check out the list of payment methods, as many eBay sellers have been known to uphold a strict PayPal-only stance. 

Create Your Own Card Skin?No
Chip Sizes AvailableVaries by seller
Cover Sizes AvailableVaries by seller
Average Cost per Sticker$6 to $13
Standard Shipping & Handling RatesVaries by seller. A few offer free shipping, but most range from  $4-$14.
Promotions & DiscountsN/A
Etsy Debit Skins

Etsy Debit Card Skins CanadaEtsy.com/ca is anther great website where Canadians can buy just about anything. You’ll find an endless supply of debit card stickers in Canada, including many listed by the same sellers I’ve reviewed above. Due to the wide variety of sellers, you can expect to find all cover shapes, chips sizes, and even some customizable options. Once again, you’ll just have to shop around and see what’s available. Be sure to take a glance at each seller’s rating before you buy, as this will generally tell you if their products and delivery times are as good as they say they are.

Please be aware that not every skin on Etsy is a physical sticker. Some sellers offer downloads of printable files to be used to make your own custom covers. You upload the image and pay a small fee, and they in turn send you back a file to download with that image as a printable card skin. If you have a vinyl printing machine, such as a Cricut, this can be a great, cost-effective alternative (See Print Your Own Vinyl Card Stickers below). If not, don’t waste your money. Just be sure to read the description, as any reputable seller will tell you exactly what they’re offering.

Create Your Own Card Skin?Varies by seller
Chip Sizes AvailableVaries by seller
Cover Sizes AvailableVaries by seller
Average Cost per Sticker$5 to $7
Standard Shipping & Handling RatesAnywhere from free to $5
Promotions & DiscountsN/A

How to Print Your Own Vinyl Debit Card Stickers

Print your own vinyl stickers isn’t difficult, so long as you have the right tools and know-how. I haven’t actually done it myself, so I’m not going to attempt to walk you through the process. What I will do is point you in the right direction. Let’s start with materials…

  1. Cricut Machine (for cutting patterns in vinyl).
  2. Printable Vinyl Sticker Sheet
  3. Cricut Pattern for Card (in SVG, PNG or JPG)
  4. Inkjet Printer
The Process (and Some Food for Thought)

Cricut machines are expensive and, according to everyone I know that has one, very finicky devices. It takes a lot of time and patience to use them, and don’t be surprised if you go through a lot of vinyl sheets before you get the knack for it (they’re expensive, too). Once you do, you’ll need to get a debit card sticker pattern. If you know how to create one already, great. Just bear in mind, it has to be the perfect size, shape, and have the appropriate cut-outs for your card’s chip size, and windows for the name and numbers on your card, if they’re shown on the front.

If making a print pattern file is too much for you, head over to Etsy. You can purchase predesigned cut patterns for debit cards, in all shapes and sizes, and a multitude of patterns. Most of them are pretty cheap, costing around $2.  If you know how to work with image files, I would suggest purchasing one of these in the cover shape/chip size you need, then editing that file to depict the image you want on your card.

Once your pattern is printed and ready, load it up in your Cricut machine and it will do the rest. If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll have a perfectly sized cutout for your card. Don’t forget to clean it first with a lens cloth. Peel the backing to expose the adhesive, carefully line up all edge, and place the sticker over the card. Viola! You’ve created your very own debit card skin. Give yourself a pat on the back and go show it off to the financing world!

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