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Best Paying Games at Royal Vegas Casino

Top Paying Casino Games: Royal Vegas Payout Percentage Review

Most of today’s online casinos encompass a vast collection of digital games. Every game comes with a relative payout percentage – the amount of money that game is programmed to pay out, over time, compared to what it takes in. The payout percentage, known colloquially as the theoretical return to playerRTP for short – is what defines the value of any casino game.

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Today we’ll take a deeper look at the RTP of Royal Vegas Casino‘s (www.RoyalVegasCasino.ca) best games. Before we get started – and feel free to skip this next section if you already understand the concept – we’ll talk a bit more about what a game’s RTP means to players.

Understanding Theoretical Return to Player (RTP)

To better explain the situation, lets take a look at two hyperbolic slot machines. We’ll call them Slot A and Slot B.

Slot A has an RTP of 95.48%, whereas Slot B has an RTP of 97.23%. Slot B is the more valuable choice for players because it is destined to pay back a collective total of 97.23% of all the wagers it takes in. That equates to a theoretical return of $97.23 for every $100 wagered. Slot A will only return $95.48 for every $100 wagered.

Explaining the RTP of the Best Paying Games at Royal Vegas Casino

Another way to look at it – players will (collectively and over a great length of time) lose $4.52 for every $100 wagered on Slot A. Likewise, they will lose $2.77 per $100 wagered on Slot B.

Being a theoretical assessment, we must take into account that not all players will lose, and those that do lose could suffer heavier losses than the RTP implies. Let’s assume 3 player spin the reels of Slot B 1,000 times each at $0.10 per spin, wagering a total of $100 each.

Example of Win/Loss Variance

Player 1 ends with $142. This means they’ve experienced an RTP far higher than normal, leaving them with a tidy profit. Good job, Player 1. You’re one lucky son of a gun!

Player 2 ends with $55.84. This means the player has experienced a below average RTP, losing far more than the game’s payout percentage would have predicted.

Player 3 ends with $93.85. This player has also experienced a below average RTP, but not by much.

Situations like this happen every day at casino, to a much larger pool of players and with a much larger sum of money being passed around. This scenario only tips the iceberg of how many players experience wins versus losses, and the volatility in which each player can experience swings of good and bad luck. But it at least gives you an idea of what you’re up against when competing against the casino for profits.

Royal Vegas Payout Percentage Review

Just as RTPs are not created equally, neither are the types of games that carry them. The idea here is to give you a clear picture of the best paying games at Royal Vegas Casino – theoretically speaking, of course. We’ll do this by classifying each game into an archetypal category, encompassing the following:

Best Paying Card Games at Royal Vegas

Card games cover any card-based table game, such as blackjack, pai gow poker, baccarat, casino war, let it ride, hold’em bonus poker, etc. Royal Vegas has a rather large selection of 43 different card-based table games to choose from. Not surprisingly, the top 3 card games on the menu by RTP are all blackjack variations. They are, from highest to lowest:

#1 Classic Blackjack Gold – 99.91% RTP

Released in August 2006 by Microgaming, this is a classic single-deck edition with a multitude of player-friendly rules that deliver a superior 99.91% RTP with perfect strategy applied.

#2 Vegas Downtown/Single Deck Blackjack – 99.69% RTP

Released in July and August 2006 respectively, Vegas Downtown Blackjack and Vegas Single Deck Blackjack are practically mirror images of one another, similar to Classic Blackjack in many ways, but lacking the option to Surrender. These parallel editions are tied at #2 on our list of highest RTP blackjack games at Royal Vegas, sharing 99.69% payouts.

#3 Atlantic City / Vegas Strip Blackjack – 99.65%

Another pair of trendily-named, mirror-image blackjack games, Atlantic City Blackjack and Vegas Strip Blackjack (in standard and Gold Series editions), are paying strategic players a 99.65% RTP.

Best Paying Table Games at Royal Vegas

Take the cards out of the equation, and these 3 table games offer the best theoretical payouts of all at Royal Vegas Casino. Due to a variable range of bets within each game, it’s not just the title you choose, but where you place your chips that counts.

#1 Vegas Craps – Don’t Pass w/ 3x Odds 99.53% RTP

Available since 2005, Vegas Craps has a few pay table differences compared to your average game, and offers up to 3x Odds. All in all, these features combine for the operator’s best non-card table game payout percentage of 99.53%.

#2 Baccarat – Banker Bet – 98.94%

A game of universal rules, the online casino’s Baccarat game features the usual 8 decks and a 5% commission on banker bets, giving it a high 99.94% RTP on Banker bets.

#3 French Roulette – Even Money Bets – 98.65%

Not every online casino supports French Roulette wit the La Partage rule, but Royal Vegas does. All even-money bets (high, low, odd, even, red, black) that lose to the single zero (0) will return 50% of their value, bringing the RTP on these up to 98.65% (as opposed to 97.3% in European Roulette, and 94.74% in American Roulette).

Best Paying Slot Machines at Royal Vegas

Historically, slot machines haven’t been known to carry the highest RTPs in the casino. Due to the cost-saving efficiency of eCommerce, online gambling destinations have the advantage of offering higher RTP slots than their land-based cousins. Instead of averaging 90% payouts, online slots average around 96%.

#1 Wild Orient / Party Island / Retro Reels – 97.5% RTP

In a three-way tie for first place we have a trio of best paying slot machines at Royal Vegas Casino, each offering a 97.5% RTP.

Wild Orient Online Slot: A 5×3 jungle-theme game with 243 ways to win.

Party Island Slot: A 5×3 video slot featuring 9 betways and beach party theme.

Retro Reels Extreme Heat: A 5×3 reel game with 30 lines and classic fruit machine symbols.

#2 Couch Potato / High 5 – 97.43% RTP

Two slot machines are tied for the second best paying slots in the online casinos roster of reel spinners.

Couch Potato: This 3-reel classic slot with its single payline pays homage to the lazy lifestyle of couch potatoes.

High 5: An oldie-but-goodie, Microgaming cooked this one up in 2002. You’ll need the original PC-compliant download casino to play this classic 3-reel, 1-line slot.

#3 Summer Holiday Slot – 97.14% RTP

Proving Microgaming still has a knack for high-RTP slot machines, Summer Holiday came along in January 2018 as a 5×4 reel, 100 payline slot with an above average 97.14% RTP.

Best Paying Video Poker Games at Royal Vegas

Wanna-be strategists always assume blackjack is the best game to train for, but that’s not necessarily the case. Video poker games can carry much higher returns with perfect decision making. Which brings us to…

#1 All Aces Video Poker – 99.92%

The absolute highest paying casino game at Royal Vegas, All Aces Video Poker is a strategists delight. Play your cards right and you’ll enjoy an RTP of 99.92%.

#2 Jacks or Better Poker / Power Poker – 99.54%

Jacks or Better is known to offer a great return rate for a Full Pay machine. The Microgaming-built games at Royal Vegas are no different, paying a 99.54% return on its standard and Power Poker editions of Jacks or Better.

#3 Deuces Wild Power Poker – 99.38%

Deuces Wild Power Poker gives players an advantage by offering wild cards that boost the payout potential of this game, driving the RTP up to an impressive 99.38%.

Best Paying Specialty Games at Royal Vegas

Specialty games like arcades and virtual scratch tickets don’t get nearly enough credit in the online gambling world. True, winning these arcades takes more luck than skill, but they are far more interactive than slot machines. And scratch cards pay far better than the usual 25% odds of land-based lottery retailers. At Royal Vegas you’ll find the best paying specialties are:

#1 Golden Boot 2018 – 99% RTP

This is a retro-arcade soccer game that lets you choose your home country and compete for the legendary Golden Boot. Launched in January 2018, it’s highly interactive, loads of fun, and carries a fantastic RTP of 99%.

#2 Mahjong Exchange – 97.06%

This unique game melds the popularity of the classic Asian tile game, Mahjong, with the wagering capabilities of roulette. The board is almost identical, but with Mahjong tile symbols instead of numbers. A total of 34 tiles (3 less than European roulette) are shuffled. The player picks one, and it becomes the winning tile. All in all, it carries a 97.06% RTP – not the greatest, but not terrible either.

#3 Six Shooter Looter / Space Evader Gold – 97% RTP

Here we end our list with yet another tie between two games that offer a Royal Vegas payout percentage of 97%.

Six Shooter Looter Gold: You are the cowboy navigating your way across a virtual board-game interface, past the Natives, around a deadly gorge, and to the bank, where a bandit seeks to rob you of your wealth (25,000x jackpot) before you can cash in.

Space Evader Gold: Akin to a board game, the player is given 8 dice rolls to get the alien back to his spaceship. There are good and bad spaces to land on, including warps, prizes and game over alien skulls. Make it to the ship to collect the 10,000x jackpot.

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