27 Sep

Have Online Blackjack and Poker become Boring?

When the monotony of online gambling strategies sets in….

When the Monotony of Online Gambling Strategies becomes too BoringI—like so many of you (or you wouldn’t be reading this)—like to consider myself a tactician of gambling. I spend the majority of my time employing strategic methods, reducing the house edge to the smallest percentage possible. After a while, it becomes tedious. One run of bad luck, and it’s just not fun anymore. Even when things are going well, it can become so boring that it’s no longer worth the energy.

This happens to a lot of online poker players, too. I’ve spent enough time around the virtual felt to know the feeling. Playing a strictly strategic game, calculating odds, paying close attention to every move made by every opponent in an effort to exploit the slightest tell-tale sign of weakness… It squeezes every ounce of energy from your pores.

When it’s working, it’s a blast. But when things aren’t going your way, it can become downright exhausting. No strategy is fail-proof. There will always be downswings. Every time you take a seat at a new online poker table, you have to start all over, gathering information about your new opponents, and you never know what you’ll get. They might be a barrel of monkeys, or a of legion of masterfully skilled assassins, just waiting to pick you apart piece by piece.

When Online Gambling Strategies Become Stressful

If you do anything too much, it can lose its appeal, just as a freshly waxed car loses its shine the more you drive it. The best way to avoid burn out from online casino and poker games is to mix things up. Don’t continue doing the same thing, day in and day out. Leave the poker tables for a while and try online casino games. Or close the blackjack tables and scour the rest of the menu for something different.

Choose something that doesn’t require the mental strain of a constant strategy. Online slots machines are a perfect example. Don’t freak out on me now—internet slots are very different from the land-based variety. The outward game mechanics are the same, but the way they are programmed is drastically better for players. Where land-based slots are considered the worst blood suckers of all, paying an abysmal 85% in many locations, online slot machines average 96%. Do a little research into the paytables, and you can find games that pay 98% or better.

The great thing about these games is that, once you’ve found one with a high RTP, and figured out how much to invest per spin to get that high rate (some require full bets to maximize payouts), there’s no more strategy involved. At this point, you can sit back, press Spin, and enjoy the games for what they are—sheer entertainment.

Online Blackjack and Poker Will Still Be There

Playing stress-free games like slots, roulette or baccarat can be a great distraction from the monotony of online gambling strategies. Once the tedium wears off, you can return to the online blackjack and poker tables whenever you want. But this time, you’ll be fresh and ready to go, without feeling like it’s become a job.

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