29 Nov

21, Craps and Slots: Mixed Casino Tournament Strategies

Variable strategies for slots tournaments, blackjack tournaments and craps tournaments.

Variable Strategies for Slots Tournaments, Blackjack Tournaments and Craps TournamentsTournaments can be a great choice for the discerning gambler who wants to get as much time and entertainment as possible out of a budgeted bankroll. You pay a single fee, then play for as long as you last in the event. With the right casino tournament strategies, the fun can last for hours, and you just might finish in the prize bubble.

There are many types of tournaments to choose from—you just have to know where to find them. Two of the most common tournaments types are slot machine and blackjack tournaments. You should have no problem finding these at land-based and online casinos. One of my personal favorites—but not so easy to find—are craps tournaments.

Applying the Right Casino Tournament Strategies

Each type of game comes with its own proper tournament strategy. Tournaments aren’t like standard game play, either. The right tactics for playing slot machines on your own will be completely different from how you should play in a tournament. The same goes for blackjack and craps.

Strategies for Slots Tournaments

easy casino tournament strategiesSlots are the easiest game to play in tournament format. They’re usually cheap to enter, too; often just $5-$25. Anyone who’s played the slot machines before knows how easy it is to blow through $25 in well under an hour!

Normally, I would recommend slow playing the slots, but in a tournament, it’s all about speed. How fast can you mash the spin button? You’ll need some luck to keep your credits on an incline, but the faster you spin, the higher your chance of finishing high enough to cash.

Strategies for Blackjack Tournaments

blackjack tournaments strategiesBlackjack is a whole different ball game. It’s a combination of perfect play and luck of the draw. Your job is to integrate perfect play and let fate cover the rest, up to a point. When it comes elimination time, that’s when you may have to deviate from typical strategy.

Elimination tournaments will wipe out half of the field at each timed interval. If you’re in the top half, you’re safe. If not, take a few extra risks to get there. You’ll be out of the tournament either way if you don’t. Double, split, and hit as necessary to increase your chip stack and extend your life.

Strategies for Craps Tournaments

Craps tournaments strategyThe trick here is simple. Stick with strategic wagers early on—pass line, place 6 or 8, and take odds whenever possible. Then towards the end, pay close attention to what the leaders are doing.

If you’re behind, place bets opposite to the leader’s bet. If he bets Pass/Come, you bet Don’t Pass/Don’t Come, and vice versa. This way, if he loses, you have a chance to jump out ahead.

If you happen to be the leader, make sure others don’t trap you in the same way. Try to mirror their bets so that if they win, you win. If they lose, you lose. His should help to keep you ahead of the pack at the finish.

If you are way behind the leader, forget all that. The only way to catch up now is to bet everything on a long-shot. All those proposition bets that are never recommended in standard play—now is the time to make them. Drop your chips on boxcars or snake eyes and cross your fingers!

Practice for Free Online

One last piece of advice—get in as much practice as possible before entering any casino slots tournaments. Experience will pay off in the long run. The easiest way to practice is by playing the games for free online. When you’ve got some spare time, whip out your smartphone and play for a few.

Practicing strategies for slots tournaments couldn’t be easier. There are thousands of free slots to play, where you can practice speed-smashing the spin button. For blackjack tournaments, just play the free single-player games and practice using perfect strategy until it comes natural. In craps, you need to be extremely familiar with all the betting options and payouts so you can quickly determine how much you need to win as the frenzied finale rolls in.

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