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3 Ways to Learn Casino Games Free

Three easy ways to learn new online casino games fast.

3 Easy Ways to Learn New Online Casino GamesIf you’re like most of today’s outwardly ambitious, but inwardly timid gamblers, you probably don’t play a wide variety of games. Most people stick to what they know. When real money is involved, that’s the right choice. But there are several easy ways to learn casino games, free and fast.

Once you know how to play these games, your library of availability will expand immensely. The internet is teeming with choices; hundreds of online slots, dozens of table games, video pokers, arcades, instant wins, multiple bingo variants, etc. Why limit yourself? There’s so much more to online casino gaming than slots, blackjack and roulette.

Learn New Online Casino Games Fast & Free

If you’re interested in playing a game you’ve never tried before, save your bankroll. The following methods offer three very easy, completely free, and variably entertaining ways to learn the rules.

#1 Look Up an Online Rules Guide

One of the most common ways to learn the rules of any new game is to simply search for an online guide. Go to Google (or whatever search engine you prefer) and type in “how to play”, followed by the name of the game. It’s a bit boring, but efficient. No matter how common or rare the title, you’re guaranteed to find an abundance of pages in the search index.

If it’s the type of game that a lot of different software developers provide, you may find contradicting results. Games do tend to vary slightly from one operator to the next, often due to patents and copyrights. In this case, you may want to list the name of the software company in your search. Or, if you don’t know the software brand, try this…

#2 Read the Game’s Information Table

Every online casino game has an information table that supplies all the details. It will include the rules, pay table, optional side bets, etc.

You can do this by logging into the online casino and clicking on the game you’re interested in. Once it loads, look for the information tab. It might say “Info”, “Rules”, “Pays”, or may be represented by a graphic icon. All the information you need should be found within.

Again, the efficiency of this method is dependent on the software supplier. Major brands like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, etc., are very good about detailing rules in a way everyone can easily understand. Some smaller companies, on the other hand, may short-script the rules, making them unclear. If you’ve read the rules, but still have doubts, try this…

#3 Play Free in Demo / Practice Mode

This is one of the more entertaining ways to learn new online casino games, but you’ll have to be patient. A lot of games have a wide range of possible outcomes, winning combinations, or other variables that effect wins and losses. The longer you play for free, the more you’ll come to understand the game.

Craps, for example, could take a very long time to learn this way. I should know, since that’s how I learned to play the game. For any title with a complicated betting diagram such as this, I recommend reading the rules (online or in game), and practicing in free demo mode.


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