19 May

Another Stupid Casino Cheat that Doesn’t Work

Erroneous Strategies: New Player Microgaming Online Casino Cheat

I have no problem with online gamblers sharing their experiences, and offering theoretical advice on how to win. But when people go around claiming amazing casino cheats are foolproof, it gets under my skin. Unless you’re some impeccable hacker clearing violating the law, you can’t cheat online casinos. It’s that simple.

So with that in mind, today I’ll be debunking another stupid casino cheat known as the…

New Player Microgaming Online Casino Cheat

New Player Microgaming Online Casino Cheat Debunked

This so-called winning strategy is actually based on two erroneous theories. One is that online casinos will increase the return to player (RTP, or win rate) for brand new depositing players. The other is that certain Microgaming slots will recognize brand new members, and trigger their bonus feature—not once, but twice!—before you lose money on them.

Sounds too good to be true, right? I couldn’t agree more… but for the sake of debunking the rumor, let’s continue.

The concept here is that a player must sign up a brand new account with any Microgaming-powered online casino they’ve never played before. Then, they should make a sizable deposit, taking advantage of the advertised welcome bonus offer. A 100% match bonus is common, with 30x-40x wagering requirements attached.

From there, the player is instructed to spin the reels of several, very specific, slot machines, and in a very specific order. Each of the machines in question features a free spins bonus that can be triggered by landing 3+ scatter symbols.

The player must start with the right slot machine, placing a modest bet of $0.40-$0.80 per spin until the feature strikes. Then, increase the bet to about $1 per spin until the feature strikes a second time. Once it does, collect the winnings, exit the game, and move on to the next game on the list. Rinse and repeat.

The casino cheat is complete once the player finishes the wagering requirements on the new player bonus. At this point, they should have a profit, cash out their winnings, and leave the casino behind forever. Pick another new Microgaming casino, and do it all again. What could go wrong?

Why This Stupid Casino Cheat Doesn’t Work

I suspect this whole theory came about when one person got lucky doing it consecutively at two different online casinos. They were so excited, they began talking about it in forums, or publishing it as a strategy on their website. As affiliated iGaming journalists often do, the story was picked up and regurgitated time, after time, after time.

When players who tried it complained that it doesn’t work, they were questioned… Did you do it right? Did you play the right games, in the right order, with the right bet sizes? Did you wait for the feature to trigger twice, then quit immediately after? The accusations began flying, as if it’s the player’s fault for this stupid trick not working.

Why doesn’t it work, you ask? Because online casinos don’t work that way. Digital gaming software doesn’t work that way. Operators don’t tag new players, following them like hawks to suddenly increase the RTP on every game they choose to play. Each game has a static RTP. It doesn’t change. You win or you lose, and more often than not—as RTPs demand—you lose.

So to those out there who continue to extol the new player Microgaming online casino cheat as an effective strategy for winning, shame on you! And to those of you reading this, please remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

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