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Why & How to Play Double Spin Bonus Roulette

Bonus Double Spin Roulette Rules and Payouts Deliver 98.06% RTP

Bonus Double Spin Roulette Rules and Payouts Deliver 98.06% RTPBy standard Northern American rules, roulette is one of the worst games on the casino floor. Every good gambler knows this. The payout ratio for a 38-pocket game results in a horrendous house edge of more than 5%. That’s why veterans only play European roulette games, where the wheel features a single zero (0). But did you know there’s a double-zero (0 + 00) roulette game that actually pays better than European?

Hard as that may be to believe, it’s true. They call it Double Spin Bonus Roulette. And while it’s not a common game, it does exist. You’ll find it at most online casinos powered by IGT software. With a few rule tweaks and an extra Bonus pocket on the wheel, it’s able to deliver an RTP of 98.06%. That’s better than the static 97.3% by European rules, and almost as good as the 98.15% RTP at the ever-illusive French Roulette tables (with La Partage).

Bonus Double Spin Roulette Rules

The following context is written under the assumption that you are familiar with the rules of a traditional roulette game. Like other games, players make bets on the table. When done, the wheel spins. A ball drops into the wheel, landing in a pocket to designate the winning number(s). If that’s not explanation enough, please see this page for further clarification.

The most significant rule changes in Double Spin Bonus Roulette are:

39 Spaces on Wheel
Where European and American Roulette have 37 and 38 spaces respectively, Double Spin Bonus games have 39. You would expect the additional space to increase the house edge, as it does for American Roulette. However, due to the Bonus aspect, the opposite is true.
Bonus is Double-Wide
The Bonus pocket on the roulette wheel is not the same size as all of the other numbered pockets. It is a single pocket, but twice as wide, covering the same area as two spaces.
Three Concentric Wheels
The roulette wheel consists of three concentric wheels. Only the middle wheel spins to start a new round. If the result is any number, 0, 00, or 1-36, the game pays out as normal, and the round is over. If the ball lands in the Bonus space, the inner and outer wheels will both be spun (a.k.a. Double Spin).
Bonus Space Grants Double Spin Bonus

If the ball lands in the Bonus pocket on the initial spin, all bets remain in place. The two additional, inner and outer wheels are spun. Each of these wheels contains the same 39 pockets as the original wheel. These concentric spins give every player two extra chances to win their original wager.

The pockets on these two wheels that line up adjacent to the ball on the middle wheel will be the designated winners of the Double Spin. If these spins result in a win on one or both wheels, all winning bets (except on Bonus pocket) are paid at the standard payout rate. So it’s possible to win the same bet twice on the Double Spin Bonus.

Betting on Bonus (Optional)
It is not necessary to place a bet on the Bonus to participate in a Double Spin. It is an optional wager that carries its own payout schedule.
Bonus Bets & Payouts

When the ball lands in the Bonus pocket, all wagers on the bonus are paid out at 11 to 1. That’s not the end of it. This bet, like all others, remains in place for the Double Spin Bonus. If one of the double spins results in a win on Bonus, it pays 120 to 1. If both of the double spins result in a Bonus win, it pays 1200 to 1.

According to their adjacent positions on the roulette table, it is possible to bet on the Bonus+0, Bonus+00, or Bonus+0+00 positions. A bet on the Bonus with 0 or 00 would pay 17 to 1 if the designated zero(es) win, as per the usual payout on a 2-number bet. A wager on the Bonus with 0 and 00 would pay 11 to 1 if either zero or double-zero wins, as per the usual payout for a 3-number bet. Winning on the Bonus pocket on a “with 0 or 00” bet, or “with 0 and 00” bet, pays according to the table below.
Bonus Wins
w/ 0 or 00
w/ 0 and 00
Bonus on First Spin
11 to 1
5 to 1
3 to 1
One Bonus on Double Spin
120 to 1
60 to 1
40 to 1
Two Bonus on Double Spin
1200 to 1
600 to 1
400 to 1

Double Spin Bonus Roulette RTP Advantage

The advantage to playing the Bonus Double Spin variant is the boost in return to player (RTP) percentage. I touched on this topic above. Outside of this new double-spin edition, there are essentially variants of roulette on the market. The two most common are American and European, along with a much less common French variant. The minimum house edge and maximum player return percentages for these games, compared to Double Spin bonus roulette, are as follows.

Pro Tip: House edge is the amount of all bets the casino expects to win from the player. The RTP is the opposite of the house edge, denoting the amount of all wagers players can expect to win back. Both figures are based entirely on mathematical probabilities. The house edge and RTP combined will always equal 100% of all bets.

Roulette Variant

House Edge


American Roulette



European Roulette



French Roulette



Double Spin Roulette



As you can see, French Roulette carries the best RTP of all roulette games. On the whole, French Roulette carries an RTP range of 97.30% to 98.15% RTP. The higher RTP applies only to bets on even-money wagers/ This is due to the La Partage rule, wherein all even-money bets are returned at 50% if the winning number is 0.

In Double Spin games, the RTP range is much greater, scaling from a dramatically low 14.28% on Bonus bets, to as high as 1.94% on single-number bets. The majority of wagers in this game have better odds than traditional American or European Roulette. Thus, it’s extremely important to know the Double Spin bonus roulette rules, odds, and RTPs.

RTP & House Edge by Bet

Let me break it down for you by bet type.


Single Number

A bet on any single number.



Split Bet

A bet on any two adjacent numbers.



Street Bet

A bet on any row of 3 numbers.



Corner Bet

A bet on 4 intersecting numbers.



5-Number Bet

A 5-number bet on 0, 00, 1, 2, 3




A bet on any 12 numbers in a column.




A bet on 1st-12, 2nd-12, or 3rd-12.



Even-Money Bet

Any bet that pays even money; 1 to 1 (red, black, odd, even, high, low)




A bet on the Bonus pocket



Bonus + 0 or 00

A 2-segment bet on Bonus and 0, or Bonus and 00



Bonus + 0 + 00

A 3-segment bet on Bonus, 0 and 00




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