12 Mar

The Grinders Guide to Beast-Mode Blackjack

How to make a lot of money playing blackjack without betting a lot.

How to Make a Lot of Money Playing Blackjack without Betting a LotEvery gambler would love to find a get-rich-quick strategy. Unfortunately, they don’t exist. No strategy will force a slot machine to pay out its jackpot. No prodigal power of observation will teach you a pattern to the roulette wheel. Blackjack comes with the highest RTPs, but you rarely win better than even money. Two rules will forever prevail in the casino:

  • The higher the payout, the lower your odds of winning.
  • The house always has the advantage.

How to Make a Lot of Money Playing Blackjack

The obvious response would be to bet more. If you want to win five grand on the blackjack table, you place a $5k bet and cross your fingers, right? Wrong! Sure, it might work, or you might be out of five grand in under a minute.

The only way to beast-mode the blackjack tables is to play a variant that allows you to capitalize on the best hands. For so many years, there was no such game. Now, thanks to the creative minds at Evolution Gaming, there is an option. They call it Power Blackjack, because it puts more wagering power in the players’ hands.

Power Blackjack by Evolution Gaming

How to Make a Lot of Money Playing Blackjack without Betting a Lot

Power Blackjack is a live dealer variant of 21 with two basic rule alterations. One of them benefits players, the other benefits the house, because again, the casino always has the edge. The new rules include:

Double, Triple & Quadruple Down

The first rule change is the player’s ability to double, triple or even quadruple down on a hand. Like the standard Double Down requisites, you can only Triple Down or Quadruple Down on a 2-card hand. Fortunately, you can do this before or after splitting, and on any total. To clarify how these work…

  • Double Down: To double your bet on a hand, taking a single card and standing firm on the result. (Ex: Increase a $5 bet to $10.)
  • Triple Down: To triple the size of your bet, take one card and automatically stand on the result. (Ex: Increase a $5 bet to $15.)
  • Quadruple Down: To quadruple your bet, take one more card and stand on the total. (Ex: Increase a $5 bet to $20.)

These options effectively increase the player’s bargaining power, making hands more valuable when they have a higher chance of winning with a single hit. If you’re thinking that’s an awfully generous adaptation of the rules, you’re right. Thus, you can expect the trade off to be steep.

All 9s and 10s Removed

From an 8-deck shoe, Evolution Gaming has removed all the 9s and 10s from each deck. The face cards still remain, of course, but the 9s and 10s (8 cards per deck, 64 cards per shoe, 40% of all 9/10-point cards) have been eliminated.

Removing these cards does make it harder to hit a good card on favorable 10 and 11-point hands, but it is the only answer to that long-sought question of ho to make a lot of money playing blackjack. Making the 4x bet at the right moment is the only way players can elevate their game to beast-mode status.


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