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Microgaming’s All Aces Poker Revamped, Keeps 99.92% RTP

Microgaming’s All Aces video poker still has best casino game RTP.

Microgaming's All Aces Video Poker still has Best Casino Game RTPFor years, serious online casino enthusiasts have sought out games with the absolute highest return to player (RTP). And for years, the game that’s topped the list, across thousands of gambling websites and hundreds of digital games developers, has been the original All Aces Poker game from Microgaming.

Released in August of 2001, it’s consistently ranked among the most popular internet casino games of all time. It’s not that it’s so graphically impressive, or invariability exciting to play. It’s because it holds the highest RTP of any online casino game on the world wide web, paying out at 99.92%.

I would imagine that, like myself, all other internet gamers who have been aware of this fact for any significant amount of time were shocked and, quite possibly frightened, by recent headlines announcing Microgaming was replacing its All Aces Poker with a new version.

Microgaming Revamps All Aces Video Poker

My first thought was that Microgaming had finally sobered up. They updated the game, altered its payouts, and will no long being delivering such a high return on this once-beloved video poker game. Needless to say, my immediate reaction was to launch the new version and inspect the pay table. With a sigh of immense relief, I’m happy to report All Aces Poker still carries…

The Best Casino Game RTP Online!

I should have known Microgaming would never dispose of one of the world’s most popular online casino games of all time. Doing so could be developmental suicide for the Micromanaging name, even if they did have one of their independent studio partners do most of the handiwork work.

The end result, however, is a monumentally better game. It carries the same, fantastic 99.92% RTP (with perfect strategy applied, of course). And now, it’s imbued with the latest HD quality graphic interface, far superior to the 17-year-old original. The cards are more crisp, the colors more vibrant, and the house edge a minuscule 0.08%. It’s also compatible with all desktops, mobile phones and tablets. What more could you ask for?

Pay Table Comparison

As always, players can wager from 1 up to 5 coins. Wagering the max 5 coins is necessary to get the full 99.92% RTP from this video poker game, as it significantly increases the value of drawing a Royal Flush. If the payout for a Royal Flush were to rise incrementally, it would be worth 1250 for 5 coins, increasing by 250 per coin played. Instead, at the top 5-coin level, it jumps to 4000x. This has a lot to do with the immensely high return.

Don’t be put off by the 7/5 pay schedule, either. This isn’t your typical 9/6 Full Pay Jacks or Better video poker game. The 7/5 payouts for Full House/Flush might seem low, but it’s the increased pays for 4 of a Kind that set the bar so high.

In standard Jacks or Better games, any 4 of a Kind is worth just 25x per coin. In All Aces, a 4 of a Kind in 5s-Ks pays 50x, 2s-4s 100x, and the game’s namesake, All Aces, 400x (per coin wagered). That hand pays better than any other—even the Royal Flush, except when playing max coins (which you should, as previously mentioned).

Wrapping things up, here’s a quick look at the difference 17 years makes in online game creation, without altering the best casino game RTP online…

Original 2001 All Aces Poker

Microgaming Original All Aces Poker 2001

New 2018 All Aces Video Poker

Microgaming New All Aces Poker 2018

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