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High Limit Online Casinos in Canada for Blackjack Players

High limit casinos Canada for big deposits at the blackjack table.

High limit casinos Canada for big deposits at the blackjack tablesThe vast majority of today’s online gamblers are recreational players; the type to deposit a modest amount and place minimum bets on slots or table games. Only a small minority of players are big spenders, most of which are keen on blackjack for its incredibly low house edge. These players deposit large amounts, claim the max welcome bonuses, and enjoy the best rewards a premier VIP status can offer.

If any of those latter qualities fits your description, you’ll want to keep reading. We’ll discuss the most critical features you need to look for in order to enjoy a safe, secure, high-roller gambling experience online.

High Limit Casinos Canada

Without question, there are some excellent high limit online casinos in Canada. Unfortunately, there are even more that fall into the not-so-great column. There are many aspects that separate the good from the bad.

Below is a list of attributes you’ll want to look for in a high limit casino. If even a single one is not present, it will diminish your overall experience.

#1 Reputable Website for Canadian Players

Most importantly, you’ll want to know that you’re playing at a reputable website. Depositing with just any old operator could result in disaster. There are more than enough rogue businesses out there who would love to take your money and run.

Be smart about this. Do a little research and cross-referencing. Make sure the website has been around for at least a few years, and has a solid reputation among the internet gambling community (from real people, not biased review sites).

If the casino is reputable, look for a few other necessary qualities, like Canadian player acceptance, viable deposit methods, and an affable variety of games to suit your style.

#2 Check the Deposit Limits

Most online casinos will institute default deposit limits for all new players. Make sure you know how much you’ll be able to deposit. Some payment methods are more scaleable than others in this regard. If you’re not sure, try opening a Live Chat session and asking directly.

If the limits aren’t to your liking, ask the support rep if you’ll be able to increase the limits. Big depositors often get special treatment, so you may be able to work something out. If not, keep looking.

#3 High Limit Blackjack Games

What kind of blackjack games does the website offer, and what are the table limits for those games? Hard core blackjack enthusiasts tend to be picky, and as a high roller, you have every right to be. Online casinos aren’t like land-based casinos, though. They can’t simply ask them to open a private table and negotiate rules to your liking. Know what’s available, and never settle.

Not all online casino games are electronically engineered. Most of today’s major brands present their players with live dealer blackjack tables, with real professional dealers and real tables, streamed in real time to your computer or mobile device. If you want to try them, look for live high limit blackjack tables, often labeled VIP or Private.

#4 Table Games Bonuses

Last but certainly not least, what good is all that bonus cash if you can’t use it to play at the blackjack tables? Online casinos are famous for showering their new players and VIPs with huge bonus offers. Unfortunately, many of them restrict their players to using that bonus cash on slot machines only.

Be sure to read the terms of each and every bonus carefully. If you can’t clear the bonus placing sizable bets on blackjack, don’t bother. If, however, the bonus can be used on all games – including your preferred variant of blackjack – then it’s a good one.

Some casinos will present a variety of bonuses for different player types. They will present users with the choice of claiming a slots bonus or table games bonus. Again, read the fine print, and make sure you claim the right one.

If you’re having trouble finding all of the above qualities on a single website, this is another area where contacting customer support could get you a better deal. Don’t be afraid to request a higher bonus, or lower wagering requirements. The best high limit casinos for Canada players are known to bend over backwards when it comes to satisfying most valuable players. Ask, and ye just might receive!

#1 Canadian-Friendly Casino

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