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Alternative Payments for UseMyFunds Canada Casino

Stop looking for a UseMyFunds Casino in Canada. Even our banks don’t trust them anymore!

Online Casino Payment MethodsFor the last 20 years, online gambling websites have provided a unique service to internet customers. They deliver a genuine casino experience to players at home, and more recently, on the go via their mobile devices. The industry has evolved immensely in that time, but two things have always remained constant in the link between iGaming websites and their customers.

First of all, an internet connection is requisite to participation. This could be served as a dedicated, home WiFi connection over a user’s desktop or laptop computer, or a 4G cellular network on a smartphone. The second requirement is a financial link. Players must be able to get money in and out of their iGaming account, and for this, you’ll need a secure payment method.

Over the years, one of the most trusted ways to move money has been to utilize cloaked bank transfers. For a long time, the Canadian leader in safe online banking was UseMyFunds. But now, those who know better are seeking out a more secure alternative.

Farewell UseMyFunds Casino Canada

UseMyFunds Casino CanadaA lot of people are searching the web and receiving outdated information on this once-popular payment method for internet gambling. I ran a quick search myself, and found a great deal of misleading information, dating back anywhere from 1 to 5 years. I even came across claims that the company is registered with FINTRAC, but the FINTRAC website doesn’t seem to agree.

At one time, the service was excellent. UseMyFunds (a subsidiary of UseMyServices) was partnered with an abundance of global banking institutions, including 7 of the largest banks in Canada. It was considered one of the top ways for Canadians to move money online. In fact, while the payment method was available in multiple countries for depositing, only Canadians could use the service to facilitate withdrawals as well.

Times have changed a lot since then. If you attempt to visit the UseMyServices website, and happen to have a good anti-virus/anti-malware program running, you should receive a message warning that the website is not safe. The “https” portion of the URL appears in red with a strike-through line. This is because the company hasn’t bothered to renew it security certificate in over 450 days!

If that’s not enough to give you pause, go ahead and visit the website anyway. Under the ‘Countries & Banks‘ tab, you’ll be told that more than half a dozen major Canadian banks employ UseMyServices. But if you bother to visit any of those banks’ websites, there’s not a single mention of UseMyServices UseMyFunds, or their debit card service, UseMyCard, on those websites. That’s because Canadian banks no longer associate with this online banking method.

These banks – and about 250 others – now rely on Interact for safe online banking.

Interac the Safer Alternative to UseMyFunds

Interac Casino PaymentsInterac facilitates cloaked eTransfers, using state-of-the-art SSL encryption to protect customer information in much the same way as UseMyFunds. However, Interac is much more secure for two reasons. 1) They never ask users to enter their banking details on any website, even their own; and 2) there’s a multi-step verification process.

In order to set up an Interac eTransfer, the user must first visit an online casino that accepts Interac payments. On the banking page, they should be able to find information on how to use Interac. They can initiate a payment here, but will need to connect with customer support to confirm a few things.

First, the customer will need to get the name of the recipient (support will provide this). Second, they’ll need to confirm a security question and answer (you will provide this to support).

With that done, you can log into your bank’s website and click on the Interac eTransfer logo. Here, you will be able to set up the payment by entering the recipient name (previously provided by support), the amount to be transferred, and the security question/answer (previously provided to the casino by you).

Interac will immediately begin the transfer process at this point, sending a message to the recipient with the security question. If the recipient provides the correct answer, the money transfer is instant.

Are Intrac eTransfers Worth The Hassle?

It may sound like a tedious process, but it’s really not. Every aspect takes place online. Using the casino’s live chat support will greatly speed up the process of sharing the required info for the payment. Best of all, no other payment method comes close to the multi-layer security of Interac casino deposits. Isn’t that worth an extra minute or two of your time?


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