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What Attracts Players to different Types of Gambling

sports betting and casino gambling gamesIf you’ve spent any time gambling, you’ve probably come to the same conclusion as everyone else. There are some types of gambling you enjoy, and others you don’t. From sports betting to a variety of casino gambling games, each one attracts different types of players, for different reasons.

Did you ever wonder, perhaps, why some players enjoy the slot machines, but not table games? Or why someone participates in office pools, even though he/she doesn’t watch sports? It’s all about the lures of each wagering option.

Attractions in Sports Betting

There are two major reasons why people enjoy betting on sports. Knowing which applies to which type of person is generally based on whether they actually enjoy watching sports or not.

A true sports fan who wagers on the games is doing so because he/she has in-depth knowledge of the teams and athletes involved. They are confident that they have an edge, and will be able to overcome the odds based on educated decisions. It’s like a second job to them.

A moderate sports fan enjoys betting because it heightens the entertainment level of watching the games. For a few dollars, they experience elevated emotions, for better or worse.

The odd man out is the sports bettor who doesn’t watch sports, but still participates in things like office pools when a big event is coming up. March Madness, for example, gives people a chance to get involved in something on a social level, spending a small amount of money with the hopes of winning a huge pot.

Magnetism of Casino Gambling Games

When it comes to casino games, there’s are basically two types of players. Those who play the slot machines, and those who do not. The reasoning behind each player’s decision can be based on risk versus reward, or a simple matter of mental aptitude.

Blackjack is considered one of the most popular gambling games of all, but there aren’t many people who excel at it. Players who genuinely love blackjack tend to have a more acute sense of mathematics and memory skills. They enjoy to challenge of applying perfect strategic, and are often rewarded for doing so.

Slot machines, on the other hand, are a magnet for players seeking sheer entertainment. Slots fans don’t want to spend too much time thinking about the games they play. This is not to say that they are of lower intelligence. They simply prefer to spend their entertainment dollars on entertainment, rather than mentally strenuous execution of game play.

Slots are also popular among players looking to reap a huge reward for a small investment. Progressive jackpots can pay hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Trading a few coins for the chance to win a life-altering payout isn’t a bad deal.

Lure of the Lottery

People who play the lottery are a lot like those who are drawn to slot machines. They are lured by the low-risk/high-reward factor. When a national lottery draw is worth half a billion dollars or more, the incentive to purchase $1 or $2 ticket is intense. The odds of winning are astronomically slim, but the number of people willing to toss a few dollars into the pot for a shot at the ultimate reward rises higher and higher with each new digit tacked onto the prize.


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