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Special Bets on Film: Tips and Film Betting Markets

There are a host of novelty bets on the best sports books. These range from special bets on top sports, to bets on film. If you can’t tell your Cleveland Cavilers from your Chelsea FC, but you know your Citizen Kane from your Casablanca, then these bets could be for you. They are NOT quite as abundant or as diverse as sports bets, but they are there if you know where to look.

Where to Find Specialty Film Betting Markets

These bets are often found under the “Specials” section, which is listed under “Sports”. You can also find them under sections like “Film and TV”. If you’re unable to find anything using the menus, simply use the site’s search function instead. A search for “Film” or “Movies” should point you in the right direction.

As for the sites that offer them, most bookmakers have some form of speciality film betting markets. However, the better and bigger markets can be found on the better and bigger sites. These sites aren’t always available for Canadian gamblers, but there are a few that are, including BetWay.

Common Film Betting Prop Bets

A prop bet is simply a bet on a specific outcome. There are a number of different film prop bets. One of the ones that makes a regular appearance is “Who Will be the Next James Bond?”. This is something that gets talked about a lot in the media and with the general public. Everyone has their own idea of who should get the role and who will get the role, which makes it a great choice. This is one of those things where a little knowledge does go someway, but only so far. Unless you have insider information then there’s no way of getting an edge on the bookies. It’s still worth playing though—like all gambling, it’s just a bit of fun.

In the last few years we have begun seeing more bets for actors to take on certain iconic roles. This often follows speculation that there is going to be a remake of a Hollywood classic, or that a certain popular book or TV show is going to be made into a film. In most cases, these bets show up in the superhero genre, which has dominated the Box Office for the last decade, but it also pops-up in Sci-Fi and YA, as well as in films like 50 Shades of Gray.

Rare Film Betting Prop Bets

Although rare, there exists a certain subset of film prop bets where you can wager your money on all kinds of obscure outcomes. These are more commonly found in “RequestABet” sections of major European sports books like WilliamHill and SkyBet, but they can also be found over here.

One such bet can be placed on the success of your own child and grandchild. There have been many such bets over the years, and when they succeed it often makes the news. Such was the case with one Welsh gentleman who placed a bet that his grandson, Harry Wilson, would one day play for his country.

He received 2,500-1 for this bet, which is actually quite small when you consider that his grandson was just 18 months old at the time and therefore barely old enough to kick a ball, let alone display any footballing prowess.

The same would apply if you thought (or hoped) that your child would one day star in a major motion picture. Just get in touch, request the bet and see what they can offer you. If your child is old enough to walk, talk and act, they’ll probably ask a few questions and make sure that they’re not already proficient actors (which would drastically reduce the odds). If they’re very young like Mr. Wilson’s grandson, then it’s unlikely they will ask any.

Wilson’s bet was placed in an offline bookmakers and was requested especially, something that you can do in most betting shops. However, you can also do the same online. You can request via social media or you can get in touch directly. They will discuss a price and will then give you proof of the bet.

Scandals, Marriages and Other Headline News

If you enjoy keeping up to date with the latest celebrity scandals, then why not bet on them? There are markets on everything from marriage to divorce and even whether or not certain celebrities will be arrested. The big celeb couples make the most appearances in these markets. But the ones who have appeared the most in the past are not film stars at all, but royalty.

In the years before and after the royal wedding between Kate and William, you could get odds on them to marry and break-up. There were also odds on what they would name their first and second child. Some betting sites were also offering odds on them to have a major falling out. However, these markets are more common with other celebs, especially those not particularly well known for living a quiet and private life.

These bets are often settled on headlines. There are some upsides and downsides to this. On the one hand, if it’s not true but appears all over the tabloids, then your bet might be settled. On the other hand, if it happens secretly and away from the spotlight, it probably won’t be.

Film Betting: Award Shows

The Academy Awards is by far the biggest film award show in the world. It attracts more visitors and more bets than any other. As a result, there is no shortage of markets on this award show. You can bet on the winner(s) of each award and you can even bet on certain things to be said during speeches; certain people to trip or fall; and more.

The Oscars offers by far the most bets. But there are also plenty of bets on other top award shows if you look in the right place. These include the bigger award shows like the American Film Institute in the US and the BAFTA in the UK, to the Canadian Screen Awards, Toronto Film Critics Association and the Vancouver Film Critics Circle all here in Canada.

The bigger the award show, the more likely you’ll find markets on it.

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